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Udemy Review – Questions & Answers

Udemy Review – Questions & Answers

This Udemy review covers the many questions that people have about Udemy. The Udemy website offers a series of teaching courses. They teach you things that you can maybe use in your life or as part of your job. Some people use Udemy courses to add to their CV. Others use the courses to pick up new skills. The company does give out certificates that prove you have completed a course, which one may show to a current or future employer.

Are Udemy Courses Accredited?

In other words, can you get real qualifications from Udemy? No you can not. Udemy courses come with completion certificates, and those certificates are suitable for adding to your CV, but they are not qualifications in the strictest legal sense.

Certificates of Completion help to demonstrate your accomplishments. However, Udemy is not an accredited institution. This means that Udemy certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

Why Does The Udemy Website And Service Exist?

Some of the answers in this article are going to seem very negative. Some of the points made in this article are counter-selling points in that they offer good reasons why you shouldn’t use the Udemy service. However, in an attempt to add balance, I should mention that Udemy offers an online location where you may learn different skills from structured courses. The service gives you a place to go if you wish to learn new skills.

For example, maybe you want to learn about hacking, but you do not want to go to college or pay for an online qualification. Maybe you cannot afford a real qualification in hacking (security testing), or maybe you do not want to dedicate months or years to learning about security testing. In addition, you may be wary about visiting websites that say they will teach you how to hack because who could trust a website that was created by a hacker. After all, following instructions given by a known hacker is pretty dumb. In such a case, you may visit the Udemy website and learn a little about hacking. You could learn the basics so that your further research is more productive and so that you are more aware of what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you learn from other websites.

What Is Udemy’s Main Selling Point?

The Udemy website says their main selling point is that they offer you the chance to learn new skills at reasonable prices. However, the biggest selling point in our opinion is that they offer you a brand-named area where you may learn new skills without having to dedicate months of your time.

Their courses are like starter courses for different skilled areas. There are plenty of websites that offer you courses in a number of different things, and Udemy is one of them. Some online services are accredited and some are not, and Udemy is not accredited. Udemy is one of a number of online services that offers short courses. They are a little like YouTube courses in different skill areas except that Udemy courses also have interactive elements, exams and certificates. Udemy allows you to learn a little about a certain area without having to pay thousands or dedicate months of effort.

It is not a massive selling point, but there are plenty of free courses on the Internet that claim to be fantastic when they are not. I am not saying that free courses are bad. In fact, I learned programming from with their 31 hours of free content, and their course were better than any paid course I have ever tried. All I am saying is that when companies such as Udemy have a financial incentive, then they are more likely to produce more useful content.

Are The Certificates Easy To Forge?

Anybody with photoshop can forge a Udemy certificate. If your employer asks to look at your account, then he or she will see if you did or did not complete the course. On the other hand, since Udemy certificates are not qualifications, your boss may simply test you on what you have learned and leave it at that. A future employer may see a Udemy certification on your CV, and take your word for it.

Can Much Of What You See Can Be Learned Online For Free?

All of what you may learn from Udemy may be learned for free on. Everything you read and learn on websites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, Linda, and so forth, may be learned online for free via other websites. However, Udemy is not selling itself on the uniqueness of its content. Udemy sells itself as being a place where you may find reliable information. It sells itself on being a place where you may learn via structured sessions.

Is It True That Udemy Uses Cheap And Sleazy Marketing Methods?

In my opinion, Udemy uses cheap and sleazy marketing methods. For example, they are always having a sale on where they claim their courses costs hundreds and yet they are on sale for just over ten or under twenty dollars/Euros/Pounds. They use terms such as “Master Class” when such courses are starter courses at the most. Udemy use an Amazon stars system that ranks their courses and shows how many people have reviewed them, and the stars are all engineered both in rank and review number. They offer a number of disgracefully valueless courses such as one on how to become a super leaner, how to choose things, and life coaching certifications.

Are Some Of The Udemy Courses Are Good And Some Terrible?

In my opinion and the opinion of our research team, Udemy courses are fine starter courses. As mentioned in the section above, there are pointless courses that are a waste of your time, but the courses that offer genuine use are fine starter courses. Do not be taken in by terms such as “Complete X Course” and “X Masterclass” because there are no advanced classes with Udemy. For example, you cannot become an Internet marketing master if you take their 6-hour course for $11.99, and it is insulting that they think people would believe such a claim .

Does Udemy Charge Monthly?

You pay for the courses you pick. You do not have to pay for a subscription, and there is no form of maintenance fee. Once you are signed up and once you have paid for your course, you are able to access it via your account online and via the Udemy app.

Does Udemy Give Certificates?

You get a digital certificate when you complete a Udemy course. The company will not post it out to you. When you show off your certificate, you can simply show off your digital image file. If you really want a paper copy of your certificate, then you are free to download and print your certificate.

Are The Udemy Reviews On Their Website Fake?

I have already mentioned that the reviews you see on their website are fake. We already suspected this, but we tested it by ranking the courses tried and our reviews did not appear on their website. In addition, there are ex-employees that have spoken out on and said that the reviews are engineered by the Udemy company.

Who Are Their Instructors?

Anybody can become an instructor on Udemy. The company does ask that you have qualifications if you claim to be giving out information on qualified subjects, but you can get around their requests for qualifications. For example, you may create a screenprint of a stranger’s qualifications, set up a free email account in that name, and sign up using that person’s name and credentials. Or, you can photoshop your name into the qualifications you screen printed. Plus, there are numerous courses you may create where you do not need a qualification, such as there many personal development courses.

We are not saying that their courses are created by completely inept and unqualified people, but given the lax checking and vetting systems that Udemy has in place, you have to assume that some poor quality instructors have sneaked through. This is especially true in areas where qualifications are not a strict requirement.

Does Udemy Always Have Sales?

A common marketing trick is to create a sense of urgency, and what better way to create a sense of urgency than to have a limited-time offer. Yet, as you may have noticed if you keep visiting the website (clear your cookies and temp files beforehand) that Udemy almost always has a sale on. Do not be fooled by their sales, they always have some sort of sale on. Their prices are almost always the same (between 10 to 15 USD/GBP/EUR). Their “Sales” are based on fabricated prices, such as telling you that you can buy a course worth $194.50 for $11.99.

Does Udemy Work?

The website is well maintained, and there are quite a few courses that will add real value and teach you useful skills. The trick is to find the courses that were created by genuine professionals who have genuine value to add. There are times when the website is going to crap out on you, and there are a few negative online user reviews claiming that the website glitched out on them. However, in our experience, such technical hitches are uncommon. For example, where one person claims he or she is unable to complete a course, most others on the system are able to complete the course without any issues.

Does Udemy Accept Bitcoin?

No, Udemy does not accept Bitcoin. It is not because Udemy is behind the times, it is because Bitcoin is currently rather volatile, and Udemy has to pay instructors. For example, you may buy a course with $12 worth of bitcoin, and by the time the bitcoin is converted in order to be paid to an instructor, the value of your bitcoin may have dropped by 30%. Like most online services, Udemy will probably start accepting cryptocurrency at some point, but not just yet.

Why Are The Website Prices And App Prices Different?

The reason given by the Udemy website is that the website is managed exclusively by the Udemy company, but the apps and their prices are controlled by each’s respective web store. They say that Google set the price structures for Android apps and Apple set the price structures for iOS apps. These are very unsatisfying answers, but those are the reasons why prices seem to differ between the website and the Udemy apps. In addition, the Udemy administrators say there is no way to enter discount codes into the mobile apps, which also results in pricing differences. We found these answers to be very unsatisfying, but common sense suggests that you try the website, Android app and iOS app and find the cheapest course available to you. In other words, exploit their odd pricing system to get lower prices. If you are paying more than $20 per course, then you are paying way too much; keep that in mind when you are searching for the best price.

Will The Customer Service Department Help Me?

If you have a problem with the system, such as if you cannot get your certificate or if you have been locked out from the rest of your course, then cut your losses and run. We have had no success with the customer service department for anything other than simple questions. If you have a problem such as you were taking your course very slowly and it has now expired, then you may try the customer service department for a refund or to reactivate your course, but do not hold your breath. When dealing with the Udemy customer service department, you should set your expectations low and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Does Udemy Have A Roku Channel?

You cannot watch Udemy videos on Roku. There are videos from Udemy that have found their way onto Roku, YouTube and Daily Motion, but there is no official Roku channel for Udemy.

Will Udemy Provide Certificates For Free Courses?

If you can snag a free course, and if you complete it, then Udemy will offer a completion certificate. It will also show as completed on your Udemy account. If you wish to show your employer that you have completed a bunch of courses, then you may curate a bunch of screenshots showing your online account and the courses you have completed.

Does Udemy Have An App?

Yes, Udemy has an Android app and an iOS app. There is an app for the Android Smartphone and tablet. There is an app for the iOS Smartphone, but not for their iPads. You can take a look on the Google Play and iTunes websites for the Udemy apps, but Udemy prefers that you use their website. They ask for your phone number, and then send you a one-time link to the mobile app of you choice.

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