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Travel Guard Insurance User Reviews

Travel Guard Insurance User Reviews

AIG has a travel insurance company called Travel Guard. The AIG parent company is big, which is why they do their best to keep their reputation as positive as possible. Travel Guard processes claims quickly when compared to its competition, and they usually have a professional attitude. Still, there are some people who love Travel Guard and some who hate it, so here are a few Travel Guard insurance user reviews. The user reviews have been paraphrased and tidied up by me so that I may put them in this article.

They Paid For My Damaged Luggage

The airline smashed the case that carries my skis, and even though they didn’t harm the skis, the case itself was destroyed. I tried my best to get some sort of compensation from the airline, but the best I was offered was a third of the cost of the case in airline vouchers. After giving up on the airline, I tried Travel Guard and they paid for the case.

Our View

Travel Guard is yet another company that posts reviews in other people’s names, which makes finding real reviews more difficult. You can spot fake reviews by their overt infusion of emotion into positive reviews, by repeated turns of phrase, and by how much they fawn over factors that only marketing departments care about. The review I paraphrased above is a real one, and it demonstrates how the customer did the right thing. By trying the airline first and getting a response, the customer/claimant had a far stronger claim when it was time to deal with the travel insurance company. At the very least, the claimant reduced the amount of time needed to process the claim.

They Would Not Pay For My Return Flight

A hurricane hit during my vacation and my rental unit was damaged before I could get to it. I was unable to find any suitable lodgings, so I got a refund from the rental place and asked Travel Guard to refund my return flight. I was denied as they said I had to use the return flight to get home no matter what happened. It was upsetting to have my vacation cut short and also be unable to get a refund from my travel company.

Our View

One may feel no sympathy for this customer since she clearly had her vacation cut short, but the money she was owed was the money she got back. She got a refund from the rental place, which she could have put towards another rental place, and that is the money that the insurance company would have paid her. Obviously, she had to cut her vacation short because she couldn’t find another rental place, but her insurance company is not responsible for that. There was no need for the insurance company to pay her because she got her refund from the rental company, and they are not obliged to compensate her for the fact she had to come home early.

Travel Guard is at fault slightly for not making its terms and conditions clearer. I am not saying that the customer should have read the small print from paragraph to paragraph, I am saying that the travel insurance company should have made it clearer as to what is being covered and what is not.

No Extra Hoops To Jump Through

Travel Guard is on the expensive side, but I took two lengthy cruises and on one occasion I saw the ship doctor, and another two times I visited doctors in Europe. I kept all of my proof, paperwork and receipts and made my claims with Travel Guard. Filing was tricky, but there were no unnecessary hoops to jump through. Travel Guard paid my claims without challenging them.

Our View

We believed this review because it didn’t have any of the telltale signs that it was fake, and it sounds like what many have experienced when using a travel insurance company. People tend to write positive reviews if things are beyond expectations, and few people leave reviews just to say that a company is doing what it is supposed to. This review says that Travel Guard is doing what it is supposed to, which is the sort of thing that many people experience, even if few people write about.

They Wouldn’t Pay When A Hurricane Messed Up Our Babysitting Plans

We put our child with my parents and were ready to go on our trip when my parents house experienced a hurricane and it was no longer safe for our child to stay there. We had no other childcare arrangements, so we had to cancel our vacation. Our policy said that it covered hurricanes, but they wouldn’t pay our claim.

Our View

When you buy travel insurance with hurricane coverage, then you are paying to protect you from losses if there is a hurricane at your destination, and sometimes if your house experiences a hurricane and you cancel your trip. They do not cover you if your childcare plans are messed up, even if the childcare plans are messed up because of a hurricane. If the claimant’s house was damaged and their kid couldn’t be cared for in the family home, then they may have had a claim, but it was clearly the grandparents house that was damaged by the hurricane and not the claimants.

A Hurricane Hit My Home Town

While on my vacation, a hurricane hit my home town and my local airport was closed. Many flights in the area were canceled and there was a lot of disruption. My return flight was canceled, so I had to buy new tickets to take me to another airport in my state. I then needed to buy train tickets to get me home. It cost me a lot of extra money, but Travel Guard covered the extra travel costs, and they even gave me a little extra for the flights that were canceled.

Our View

There are few circumstances where you walk away with more than you paid, but this customer was reimbursed for his extra expenses, and compensated for the flight that was canceled. Our advice is that you try to get confirmation from your travel insurance company as to which forms of return transport they will pay you for. For example, if you decide to hire a car and drive home from the second airport, you may not be reimbursed for the cost. I was a little surprised that they also paid for train tickets when the traveler’s original mode of transportation was supposed to be flight.

I Only Wanted $40 And They Wouldn’t Give It To Me

I had to cancel my trip because I became violently ill. I managed to regain most of the money I had spent on the trip, but I was still short $40, so I got in contact with Travel Guard. I made my claim and even spoke to a rep, but I heard nothing back from them. I made contact again, but never received a call back, no claim confirmation email, and no letters. It is almost as if they looked at my claim, saw it was so small, and figured I would forget all about it.

Our View

Whether there is a Travel Guard policy that rewards customer support for ignoring smaller claims, or whether there is no negative repercussions for agents ignoring smaller claims, it is still unfair on the customer who eventually abandons his or her claim. Sadly, Travel Guard is one of the many travel insurance companies where they may ignore your smaller claim and you will have to keep chasing them to get any action on it. These sorts of complaints are quite common within the travel insurance industry, and Travel Guard is sadly a relatively frequent offender when it comes to ignoring smaller claims.

My Claims Were Complex And I Still Got Paid

I had two problems during my trip. The first was due to a car accident where my health insurance paid most of the bill, and the rest was paid by Travel Guard. The second was due to extra hotel expenses because of a flight delay where Travel Guard paid for two nights in a hotel. My claim had lots of paperwork and lots of mixing between one department and another, and I was still paid my claim with no hassle.

Our View

I think this is another case where if you try to get your money back from other places first, then the travel insurance company processes your claim a little quicker and is more likely to pay you. It is obvious that this customer filed with his health insurance before going to Travel Guard, and I think that is why his relatively complex cases had a happy ending.

My Wife Was Having Pregnancy Complications

My wife was pregnant and we were having complications, so I canceled the trip and told Travel Guard. They denied my claim on two points. The first reason they denied it was because they said my wife’s complications were not severe enough to stop us taking the trip unless we could prove it with a doctors note. The second reason was because we canceled the trip two months before we were set to travel, and my wife may have fully recovered by them. I feel that Travel Guard was very insensitive to our problem and my wife’s state of health.

Our View

It does appear that Travel Guard phrased their reasons for denial a little insensitively, however, many travel insurance policies state that pregnancy compilations are not valid reasons for canceling a flight unless the claimant can get it in writing that the woman is putting her safety or her unborn child’s safety at risk if she flies. Advice from a doctor that a pregnant woman shouldn’t fly is often looked upon as advice only rather than instructions unless the doctor is prepared to give written proof (which is submitted to the insurance company) saying that the woman’s or her unborn baby’s health is at risk if she flies.

On the second point, even if the complication is one that only gets worse and not better, the fact that the trip was canceled two months before the flight does weaken the claimant’s case. The insurance company is right with its suggestion that the woman may recover before the first flight. Plus, if the complication does get worse over time, then canceling closer to the date and getting a doctors note may have made their claim a slam dunk. Unfortunate circumstances and timing seem to have damaged this couple’s chances of claiming.

A Few Of Travel Guards Pros and Cons

We couldn’t cover it all with our Travel Guard insurance user reviews, so we thought we would add in two short lists of what we think is great about Travel Guard travel insurance, and what we think is not so great.

Travel Guard Travel Insurance – Pros

[+] Travel Guard have been known to pay up if an airline goes bankrupt
[+] We have had many occasions where refund claims were paid that include booking fees
[+] They have been known to contribute to your treatment costs when you get home too
[+] Their coverage for lost and stolen baggage seems very fair
[+] They allow you to file online and upload whatever documents you have online
[+] Some of the customer support team are sympathetic and demonstrate human caring
[+] Their more expensive polices are far more likely to pay out
[+] Despite its mixed reputation, it does have millions of satisfied customers

Travel Guard Travel Insurance – Cons

[-] Travel Guard insurance is on the expensive side
[-] Your value for money is okay, but is not great
[-] The cheapest insurance they provide offers very little cover
[-] Limits on how much you may claim should be better shown and highlighted
[-] Smaller claims are sometimes ignored and/or take too long to process
[-] They make you contact them before telling you they need extra documents uploading
[-] Emails seem to be ignored if you are asking how long the processing procedure will take
[-] The way they present their policies makes it appear like you are getting more coverage than you are
[-] Saying they didn’t receive your documents seems to be one of their most common excuses
[-] Getting medical reimbursement involves epic amounts of paperwork and document uploading
[-] Winning claims for missed layovers is difficult because of their 3+ hour delay rule

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