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Top 20 Freebies For Senior Citizens (Free Services & Goods for the Elderly)

Top 20 Freebies For Senior Citizens (Free Services & Goods for the Elderly)

Senior citizens have several different needs to continue to live a high quality of life. It can be difficult for seniors to accommodate all of their needs due to financial restrictions, and many other reasons. Fortunately, there are many free items and services available for seniors to use to increase their quality of life. This article will list and explain all the free items every senior should be taking advantage of.

1. Free Medical Alert System

Many seniors have health issues as well as mobility issues, which increase their chances of a medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack, and falls resulting in serious injury.

Many times this results in a big worry for both the seniors and the family of the senior. A very useful item to combat this issue is a medical alert system. Any senior can get a medical alert system for free which will be delivered right to their home. The senior will still have to pay the monthly fee for the service which is usually approximately $30 a month, however it is well worth it as it could save a life. To find more information on this please click here.

2. Free Counselling

There can be a lot of confusion for the elderly, as well as the family of the elderly when it comes to finding the right help that a senior needs or qualifies for. Free counselling for seniors is available from a few different sources that can prove be very helpful.

A great counselling source is the Senior Medicare Hotline. This service will perform an assessment of the senior, and based on the results, they will be educated on programs and sources to assist them in saving money on their medical bills. To contact the Senior Medicare Hotline, contact them by their toll free phone number at 1-800-333-4114.

3. Free Legal Assistance

Many seniors will face money problems such as debt, government disability benefits, and handling their finances. Seniors can find free legal advice that will guide them in the right direction when it comes to a legal issue. There are many free legal sources that operate at a national, state, and community level that will provide the advice.

A popular legal advice source is a database named This website will allow you to search for free legal advice based on your location.

4. Free Caregiver Support Programs

Many seniors need daily assistance to ensure the live a high quality of life. This assistance comes in the form of caregivers, whom are usually family members that take care of the seniors on a daily basis. As a result there are many programs available that offer free caregiver services from volunteers. Furthermore, there are support groups that will assist caregivers with support and advice on being caregiver.

A good data base of caregiver support programs can be found at

5. Free Hearing Aids

Many seniors have issues with their hearing resulting in the need for hearing aids. These hearing aids can be expensive, which can make it difficult for low income seniors to afford the hearing aids that they have a high need for. Many community support centers, as well as your local lions club will provide free hearing aids. Furthermore, some hospitals have hearing aids that they will give out for free that they would otherwise dispose of.

Most of the hearing aids will be used, although some might be new, regardless, you can possibly find free hearing aids if you look in the right places. Contact your local lions club by using this this Lions Club locator to see if they offer free hearing aids.

6. Senior Checking Accounts

A very common benefit that financial institutions offer is free checking account for seniors. The checking accounts will differ based on the financial institution, however most of the major U.S. banks offer them. Many times the accounts will come with free checks as well.

If you are a senior who is currently paying a fee for their checking account, inquire with your financial institution to see if they offer free checking accounts for seniors.

7. Home Repair Services

Many seniors are unable to repair an issue that might arise in their home. Also many seniors might not  be able to afford any repairs and maintenance that needs attention. Fortunately, many Offices of the Aging offer a free repair service for minor issues in a seniors house.

The senior might have to pay for the items that need fixing, however the labor portion will be completely free. Keep in mind that many times the free repair services will only be available to low income seniors. To find a free senior repair service in your area click here.

8. Free Internet Service

Some seniors will use the internet occasionally to email family members etc. There is a free internet service at that offers free internet service, however it is limited to 10 hours per month. Many internet service providers might provide a senior discount, so there is no harm in asking.

9. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP is a federally instated food program which assists with food payments for the needy and low income families across the country, as well as senior citizens. The benefits are received in the form of a plastic card called an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card which works similar to a debit card. The card is used to buy groceries at participating locations in the area the family or individual is located.

It is quite easy for seniors to be eligible for this program. Households can have $3250 in countable resources if at least one person in the household is 60 years or older. However the home and vehicles as well as any other resources counted for supplemental security income are not included.

Normally to apply for SNAP you must have a face to face interview, however for the elderly, if you are not able to do so, a telephone or in home interview will take place instead. For SNAP, a person is considered elderly if he or she is 60 years of age or older.

To apply for the SNAP program you must fill out an application online by using this the local  SNAP locator or by calling your state’s SNAP hotline number.

10. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This program offers financial assistance to low income individuals and families including seniors who desperately need the free assistance.

This program also offers energy home repairs, energy crisis assistance as well as some weather protected services. The payments differ by state, however most states have a LIHEAP Direct Vendor Payment(DVP), which are one time payments to applicants who prove that they are low income, and responsible for the payment of their home heating an energy costs.

To apply for this program you can visit where you will find an abundance of information, as well as a state by state directory which allows you to contact your local LIHEAP center.

11. Free Dentures

A large portion of senior citizens require dentures, with many facing difficulties paying for the dentures. You will have to do a little bit of digging to find them, however you can start by by contacting your local Administration of Aging to see if they have any sources.

Furthermore you can contact your state’s dental association to see if they can guide you in the right direction. You can also contact a local dental college, as they might provide discounted dental care as well as dentures.

12. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels will deliver meals directly to your home. The meals are sometimes free, or sometimes you might be required to pay a low amount based on your income level. Regardless, you will get very affordable, healthy meals, without having to cook them yourself.

To be eligible, the participants usually have to be at least 60 years of age or older, and be of very low income. Furthermore, a meeting could be required to determine if the individual has a high need for meals. Depending on the program in your area, the qualifications might differ, or require criteria for qualifications.

To contact your local Meals on Wheels program, enter your zip code here.

13. Free or Discounted Cell Phones

A federal program called Lifeline can provide one free or highly discounted cell phone per household, to senior citizens across the United States.

To qualify for the free phone, participants must be receiving a form of government assistance such as :

  • Medicaid
  • Social Security Benefits
  • food programs, such as SNAP

To read more about this subject as well as finding a Life Line company in your location please visit

14. Free or Discounted Prescriptions

Many drug companies realize some seniors are faced with difficulties paying for their prescription medications, so as a result, they offer free or discounted prescriptions for low income seniors.

A great source to find out more on which drugs and drug companies offer this can be found at Prescription for Partnership Assistance.

15. Free Walkers

Many seniors require walkers that can be a big help for them. Some low income seniors might have difficulties paying for the walkers. Good places to look for highly discounted walkers could be your local Salvation Army, or local thrift shops such as your local Goodwill.

16. Ombudsman Services

These services are available for seniors who live at a nursing home and feel that they are possibly being treated unfairly. Your state’s Ombudsman service will help you address any concerns you might have, as well as helping you take the proper course of action.

If you feel you need this service, you can use this Ombudsman locator.

17. Free Adult Day Care

Adult day care is available for seniors who cannot remain alone all day, or seniors that need care when their caregiver is not available. Many of these day care centers are offered by community centers, as well as non profit organizations who have volunteers that care for the seniors.

Not all the day care centers will be free, however many of these do not charge a large fee.

A great source to locate these day care centers is your local Office for the Aging or by using this locator.

18. Free Product Samples

Many companies will offer seniors free products samples by filling out a request form online. There can be a wide variety of different free samples if you look in the right places. Some of these samples include skin care creams, free gardening seeds, as well as free foods.  A great source for locating product samples can be found by clicking here.

19. Free Tax Preparation
Many seniors find difficulties in preparing their tax returns, and are faced with having to pay to get them done. As a result, there is a free tax preparation service made specifically for seniors aged 60 or above, called Tax Counselling For The Elderly. The program is run by IRS certified volunteers who are willing to prepare you tax return free of charge. This program is operated by grants form the IRS to participating organizations. The program is also available to help address any concerns or questions you might have regarding your taxes.

To find a Tax Counselling For The Elderly program near you please click here.

20. Free Energy Company Evaluations

Many local energy companies will come to your house and perform a free energy assessment, as well as detailing things that can be done to save on your monthly energy bills. Furthermore, many of the companies will give out free items such as energy saving light bulbs, and more. To locate a free evaluation near you click here.

21. Free Prescription Medicine

This program offers free medicines to people of any age including senior citizens. There are over 54 000 different free medicines available through this program. This program also offers a free medicine discount card, that allows you to save on a wide variety of medicines. The application process can be difficult, however it is definitely worth it. To apply please click here.

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