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The Hidden Benefits Of Google+ And Why You Should Be A Part Of It

The Hidden Benefits Of Google+ And Why You Should Be A Part Of It

Google+ has been growing for years. It now has more users than ever, it is one of the most highly refined and effective social media networks on the Internet, but it is still trailing behind the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, which is why you don’t read as many articles about it. However, Google+ now has a number of hidden benefits that a great many people are unaware of. Become part of Google+ and you can enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Here are the benefits of Google+.

Get your web content listed on Google faster than any other method by posting links to it on Google+

Submit a link with Google Webmaster Tools, submit an XML sitemap, register a followed link with an authority site, and generate a surge of backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube, and your web page will eventually appear on the Google search engine results a little faster than if you simply published your page and waited.

However, there is a much faster way of getting your new web page crawled and indexed by Google. You simply hop onto Google+ using your well-maintained Google+ account (your account must be old enough to be listed on the Google search engine results itself), you share your link within one of their communities, let it snag a few shares, and your web page will appear on the Google search engine results. It is genuinely as quick as that.

If you have a well maintained Google+ account with a few hundred followers, you only need to have your link generate a few like and/or shares, and it appears on the Google search engine results. It is the ultimate back door to getting your new pages listed on the Google search engine results. Try experimenting a little to see how fast you can get your page listed on Google. The more popular your Google+ share is, then the faster your web page is crawled and indexed by the Google search engine.

Google+ is the most malware-free social media network ever to exist

Don’t forget that Google has some of the finest programmers in the world working for it, and Google has invested a lot of time into making Google+ malware free. They are playing a long game.

We have seen things such as Heart Bleed make Facebook and Twitter look far less trustworthy, and the new ransomware scourge has people scared too. Whenever social media platforms are hacked or whenever malware and viruses are spread with popular social media networks, the safe networks such as Google+ gain new members.

Notice how many paid antivirus programs have a Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook malware sweeper. Notice how they don’t offer similar services for social media networks such as YouTube and Google+ that are owned by Google. It is because such tools are not needed. It would be like calling the police when a robber is trying to rob Superman’s house (it is pointless).

Use communities to target people for free

You may join communities with Google+ where people with certain interests are encouraged to join and contribute. There is a community for almost anything. There are communities for things such as Lego movies, card gambling fans, shoe fanatics, people who love dogs, and much more.

Do not be dissuaded by the numbers that communities have. For example, the teenage groups and the Marvel communities have millions of people in, whereas blogging communities only have around 100K people in them. Yet, if you need to get your branding message out to bloggers, you can use Twitter and get your message out to 500,000 people where only 1% are bloggers, or you can use Google+ to get your message out to 100K people where 100% are bloggers.

Expertly manage your brand’s appearance by editing comments

Just like YouTube, you have full control over the comments that are placed on your posts. You have a little more control with Google+ because you may remove comments from the Google search engine screen using the notification icon, and you may remove them from your Google+ profile page too.

If you are posting to a community that is rife with trolls, or if you are posting something that may cause a stir, you may turn off re-shares and you may turn off comments too. Doing so will allow you to get your message out without having to manage the backlash of people who do not agree with you.

Engage with your audience with Twitter-esk efficiency

Commenting is quick and very efficient. There are numerous ways you may comment, such as from community pages, from your profile home page, from your profile posts page, and from the notifications icon via the search engine screen on Google.

Bounce comments back and forth from different posts, including other people’s posts that you commented on, and see their comments as soon as they make them.

Define key targets such as clicks, likes, views, comments, shares, page visits, follows, or conversions

These are the key metrics you may measure and aim for when you start your Google+ campaign. For example, if you want clicks, then post links to your web pages on Google+, make sure they include an image, a GIF or a video, and make sure you add a comment at the top when you make your post.

If you are looking for shares, then post to your own followers and to relevant communities. Give people something they want to share by making sure you target the correct group by posting to the most suitable community.

You may aim for clicks, likes, views, comments, shares, page visits, follows, or conversions. Each of these are key metrics you can measure and aim for, and each has its own benefit for your business and/or marketing campaign.

Leverage GIFs in a way that other social media networks do not allow

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No other social media networks uses GIFs as well as Google+. The social media network adapts how it works depending upon how your user’s computer works. If your user is using a mobile device, then it renders and starts GIFs one at a time. On the other hand, if your user is using a desktop computer with broadband Internet, then it sets off every GIF on the screen so that the screen looks like a circus of moving parts. If your user’s Internet starts to slow down, then it asks users to pick the GIFs they wish to see by clicking the ones they want to set off. GIFs are faster and require less streaming and loading than videos, which is why they are so popular.

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Conclusion – What are you waiting for?

Any one of these selling points is enough reason to join Google+ and start generating followers. The fact that Google+ has been virus and malware free for longer than any other social media network should be enough to convince you in an age where Russian and Chinese hacking groups are asserting themselves around the world. What’s more, Google+ doesn’t demand personal information, so hackers have less incentive to try to break into the system.

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