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Ten Hot Tips For Creating The Best Domain Name

Ten Hot Tips For Creating The Best Domain Name

Here are ten tips that will help you pick the most suitable and best domain name for your website. This article assumes that you the user are going to want to promote your website in some way, which is why some of the tips are built around gaining customer support and getting more traffic. As you probably know, the domain name is the primary URL location, or index location for your website. For example, our domain name is: and this page’s URL is

The domain name is also commonly referred to as the homepage. The list is based upon the notion that the webmaster will want to promote the website in order to gain traffic, otherwise, you the webmaster may as well pick any old name because it won’t matter either way.

A Note On The Pictures – They are a few examples of very poor and unfortunate domain names to pick. The pictures show examples of how not to pick the best domain names. The web masters should have double checked their domain names for unexpected meanings before they choose them.

Not the best domain name

IT Scrap – It’s Crap

1 – A Domain Name That Is Easy To Recall

This is an important marketing point, as people are going to need to remember your website. The best domain name is one that is easy to recall. They will need to remember it so that they may revisit you or recommend you to others. You may also make your website so memorable that people think of you before they think of your competition ( used this to great success).


N O B J S – Nob Js

2 – Keep It Short, But Suitable For Your Website Theme

You should keep your domain name short in order to avoid confusion, misspellings and complication. A shorter domain name is sometimes easier to remember, but if you are going to go for a very short domain name, then you will have to work harder to link it to your company. If your company has a short name, then you are in luck, just so long as nobody is using that domain name already.


Old Mans Haven – Old Man Shaven

3 – It Has To Be Easy And Simple To Spell

You do not want to make it any harder for your web visitor to find you Therefore, creating a difficult to spell domain name is simply shooting yourself in the foot. Make it easy to spell and remember that people are going to search for your domain name on search engines too, and if they are spelling it incorrectly, then there is a chance that they are going to come across your competitors website before they come across yours.


Pen Island – Penis Land

4 – Make Sure It Is Suitably Different From Your Competition

You may be tempted to have a domain name that is very similar to your biggest competitors because people may drift over to your website through a simple misunderstanding. This is a very bad long-term strategy and is going to cause you more problems than a new website can handle. It is also harder to sell any unique selling points or brand principles.


PowerGen Italia – Power Genitalia

5 – A Domain Name That May Be Spelled Phonetically (Pronunciation Spelling)

Your domain name needs to sound the way that it is spelled. You need to make sure it is very easy to convert from spoken word to text because people are going to recommend your company by word of mouth and you are going to lose traffic if the address does not sound the way it is spelled. This is also going to help you out later down the line too if you start advertising on audio platforms. The best domain name is one that makes your viewer’s life easier.


Speed Of Art – Speed O Fart

6 – Possibly A Domain Name That Reminds People Of Your Business, Products Or Services

The word “possibly” should be taken into consideration here. Having a domain name that makes it sound as if your business or website does something it does not is a bad idea. Keeping it neutral is a good idea. If you do make your domain name sound related to what you do then do not be too specific. Keep the range of interpretations vague or broad so that you can safely scale your website up as time goes by.


Les Bo Cages – Lesbo Cages (Les Bo Cages actually translates to The Boxes)

7 – Steer Clear Of Domain Names That Need Explaining

If your domain name causes people to ask questions then it is going to waste a lot of your valuable time. You may have built your website domain name from an acronym that does not relate to your business, and this is going to cause questions so you need to avoid it. Any form of domain name that provokes questions should be avoided. For example, a website such as “Kids Exchange” comes out as “Kidsexchange,” which is a website you are going to have to explain over again and again.


Mole Station Nursery – Molestation Nursery

8 – A Domain Name That Ends With A Popular Domain Ending

The most popular domain ending in America is “.com” and the most popular in Britain is “”. So, you need to make sure your website ends with one of those. If your chosen domain name has already been taken, and there are only things such as “.net” or “.org” left, then you need to choose another domain ending. This is because people are going to assume that you have the popular domain ending and they are going to land on somebody else’s website instead of yours.


Mp3s Hits – Mp3 Shits

9 – Do Not Insert Special Characters

This is still done with websites that feel their domain name is too long or too complex. If you run some longer words together in a domain name then it often comes out incomprehensible, so people will insert numbers or special characters in order to separate the words. But, this is going to lose your website a lot of traffic and may even make your website less search engine friendly. If you feel the need to insert special characters then you are going to have to come up with a whole new domain name instead. Usually, the best domain name is not one that has special characters in it.


SwizzBit.Ch – Swiss Bitch

10 – A Domain Name That Will Work In The Short And Long-term

Do not add keywords to your domain name. You should only consider this if your business name has a keyword in it. Add keywords to your page URLs and not the domain name. If you add keywords to your domain name then your website is less likely to stand the test of time. The words people use to find your business or website are going to evolve over time, and the last thing you want to do is optimize for old keywords.

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