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  1. Marisa

    There are several free online ckng accts that are free, FDIC insured (who isn’t nowadays?) and many that don’t require ANY amount to open an account. But not having a mobile app doesn’t make for an easy to use account plus it’s just outdated… I mean why the hell not??? Paying bills online takes a little bit of work? Zero excuse for that and that IS a huge headache. Why all the footwork? Why do I have to be stuck in 1998? No automatic transfers? Lacks rapid updates? Again…why?? That is a pain in the ass and no excuse to not have something that is so basic and common now.

    These are fundamental features that, whether you utilize them or not, makes you wonder what they ARE doing if not making an easy to use, feature rich banking experience for their customers? You might as well just have an MC PayPal account linked with your PayPal (which offers cash back, free txfrs from paypal, super easy to use app, free svngs, transfers, photo deposits, no invasive credit check questions. …and it’s not even a checking acct even though you have a routing number for free direct deposits!!)

    Those high fees you speak of are not uncommon at all. $25 for a stop check is what wells fargo & BofA charge. $33 overdraft fee is what I was always charged at BofA (after 3 ODs). Refunded arm SURCHARGE fees for non-customers is a MEDIOCRE benefit when most people are going to ATMs in gas stations, airports, grocery stores, casinos, malls, etc. And most of those charge anywhere from $0.35 to $2.50 a transaction.

    This review almost certainly guarantees I won’t be considering this account as an option. I already requested an invite to open a new Aspiration account and am also considering Ally.

    • Ash The Great

      Thank you for your comment.

      At the time of writing, they did not have a mobile app, but they now have one for the IOS and Android. They also have BillPay and automatic transfers now, which they also didn’t have in the year 2016. The opening deposit is only $10, and they have a $0 minimum balance requirement.

      We agree with Money Magazine that it is one of the best online accounts at the moment because of its new features that I mentioned, and because there are very few fees, they have transparent pricing policies, and a very nice interest rate on your balance.

      I am pleased our review helped you figure out if you should get a Summit Checking Account or not. We are not paid to promote accounts, and it is always a good idea to read as many reviews as you can before making a decision on which account to choose.

      We do our best to present you with the facts, and leave it up to our readers to decide how impressed (or not) they are with the account. Here is a link to their website that contains all the new features that were absent when I wrote this review in 2016. It may be worth a second look.


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