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6 Tips to Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

6 Tips to Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

This article has six tips that will help you the build a more successful affiliate advertising campaign. As a freelancer, it may help you create a more powerful marketing campaign.  It has tips that will benefit both beginner and intermediate affiliate advertisers. There are also tips that will help you save money on your affiliate marketing campaign.

Here are six tips that are going to help you build an effective affiliate advertising campaign. They will help you save money and improve your campaign so that you get more traffic and more conversions. An affiliate advertising (also known as Pay Per Click) campaign is where you have your adverts appear on other websites and search engines.

If you are a new starter and have never used affiliate advertising, then try Google Adwords. You can create text adverts very quickly, and it walks you through the image-advert process to make it easier.

Tip 1 – Your goal is to convert people

If you are getting a lot of traffic on your website, then it is a good thing, but it is not the end goal of your affiliate campaign. Your goal is to convert people, and this usually involves a sale or a sign up. If your traffic numbers are high, but conversion rate is low, then do not focus on getting more traffic. Instead, you should focus on converting more people.

Consider what your viewers are expecting when they click your adverts. Just because you have a price listed on your advert doesn’t mean they are looking for a purchase. They may be wondering what the catch is, or why you are cheaper than your competitor. Many luxury car adverts actually put the high price of their car on their image-affiliate adverts to scare poorer people away so they are less likely to click the advert (because clicks cost the car company money).

Tip 2 – Trial and error testing will help you improve your campaign

When you come across something that works on your PPC campaign, you should take that element and place it on a new advert. You may then see if the new advert does as well. Any factors that decrease your success may be identified and removed, which means that routine testing and adjustment will eventually yield a more successful affiliate advertising campaign. It is called trial and error testing, and it means you try something, measure the results, you learn, and then you try something else based on what you learned.

For example, you may have noticed that every time you write “Not A Sale” on your adverts that they attract more people. Therefore, the next time you are planning a new advert, you may like to try adding the line “Not A Sale” to see if you can replicate the success. This type of analysis and adaptation is good, but beware of paralysis by analysis, which is where a person concentrates so hard on data and statistics that it slows their marketing efforts down.

Tip 3 – Dissuade some customers within the affiliate advert

This is one way of lowering the amount you spend on affiliate advertising. You have to pay for every click, so you want to make sure that your target audience is the ones clicking your adverts. This means that you need to scare away some of the window shoppers and “Just looking” viewers before they click on your affiliate advert.

For example, you may mention some of the less desirable elements of your service in your affiliate advertising. If you are running a dating site, people may expect it to be free. You could mention that you have low-cost membership options in your advert to scare away people that are unwilling to pay, while attracting people that may consider paying.

Tip 4 – You do not have to be the highest bidder

If you are paying the average amount for each keyword, then that will be enough. Your advert will run enough times to satisfy your needs. If you are the highest bidder, then your advert will simply be in a more prominent position, it doesn’t guarantee a click.

Experiment with a lower click price and then raise it up every five or six days. The traffic numbers you receive will be low at first, but they will also be cheap. The ideal strategy is to go for efficiency over traffic numbers. Your job is to pay the lowest possible amount for the highest converting traffic.

Tip 5 -Your affiliate advert is the question that your landing page must answer

Some people think that the affiliate advert is more like a billboard advert that simply points people to a landing page. These people are wrong. An affiliate advert, or any online advert, is not there to point people to a web page. That is what spam adverts are. People need to have a reason for clicking on your affiliate advert. Your advert gives people a reason to click on it, and your landing page gives them a payoff for it. Think of it in terms of a question and an answer, your advert creates the question and your landing page gives you the answer.

For example, if your advert advertises your new graphic design studio, the questions that arise are, “How much are the services?”, “Do they have jobs on offer?”, “Will they only accept big-business requests?” If your advert cannot address all of these questions (which is usually the case), then your landing page must, otherwise people will click away very quickly.

Tip 6 – Continued success requires continued adaptation

As time goes on you will need to keep changing and updating your affiliate advertising campaign. Continual improvement will yield better and more consistent results, and it will help you to stay ahead of your competition. Part of your process could be to monitor your competition to see how they are achieving their targets. Where are their adverts, what keywords are they using, what are they saying on their adverts. You have to assume that many of your successful competitors are adapting and changing too.

If you see your competitors run the same type of advert numerous times, you can assume that it works. You may like to weave elements of their campaign into yours. Adapting can be done with trial and error testing, where you try different things, keep what works and scrap what doesn’t. Do not make the mistake of becoming idle about your affiliate marketing. Your customers will become immunized to your adverts very quickly, especially if they see them rather often.

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