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Should I Believe Positive Or Negative Reviews About Allianz Travel Insurance?

Should I Believe Positive Or Negative Reviews About Allianz Travel Insurance?

What is so special about Allianz Travel Insurance that we decided to write an article on if you should believe reviews about Allianz Travel Insurance? The fact is that Allianz’s online reputation is complex and diverse enough for us to hold them up as an example. On the one hand, they have a stunning reputation, and on the other hand they have the reputation of blood parasite. We explain why you should and shouldn’t believe reviews about Allianz Travel Insurance, and we teach you how to spot fake reviews and overly biased reviews.

Are We Supporting Allianz Travel Insurance Or Are We Warning Against Them?

Yes, you should try Allianz Travel Insurance if you are going on vacation and if you are a frequent traveler. In our experience, Allianz Travel Insurance only fall short in two areas. Firstly, they fall short if you have a pre-existing condition that causes you problems while abroad. Secondly, if you suffer a problem that requires you to have surgery, then you do not get much bang for your buck. They will pay to replace a tooth and stuff like that, but if you need to go under the knife in another country, then things turn ugly.

Are we saying you should try Allianz Travel Insurance? Yes we are, but beware that they are not perfect. We feature a few of their positive and negative sides in this review, but that is not the point of this article, we hope to show you how online reviews differ and why they differ so wildly.

The Biggest Reason Why You Should Not Trust Positive Online Reviews

The Allianz Travel Insurance company has a very juicy affiliate program. If you have a website and you have a suitably high number of monthly visitors, you may sign up for the Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program. This means that you may put Allianz Travel Insurance adverts on your website and that you may post paid links on your website. Allianz will not pay you if people click your adverts, which is the way many affiliate programs work, but instead, they will pay out if a visitor makes a purchase.

Pay Per Action and pay per click definitions ppa ppc cpc cpa.gif

The amount that Allianz pays if your website leads somebody to buy is negligible, but over time, the amounts add up to a sizable amount for popular websites. Ergo, you can see why you shouldn’t trust positive reviews because the reviewer may be trying to cash in on Allianz’s affiliate program.

Does This Mean You Should Trust Negative Reviews About Allianz Travel Insurance?

You need to be just as skeptical about negative reviews about companies as you are about positive reviews. There are plenty of reasons why online reviewers may post negative reviews just to attack a company.

Reputation Management Companies Will Commission Negative Reviews

If a reviewer posts a negative review online about Allianz Travel Insurance, then you need to treat it with equal skepticism. Reputation management companies will pay writers, (writers like me), to post negative reviews about a company. One of Allianz’s competitors may be losing money to Allianz, so their reputation manager spreads a little dirt about Allianz in order to make the other travel insurance company look good.

What does this have to do with Allianz Travel Insurance? The fact is that Allianz is a very large insurance company with many competitors who would do far better if people stopped using Allianz. It is in their interest to collectively criticize and pull down Allianz so that people stop using Allianz and go elsewhere.

The Consumer With A Grudge

People with a grudge will often write negative reviews about a company. People have even been known to set up websites for the sole purpose of getting back at a company. When people are treated well, they often forget after a while because being treated well by a company is what is expected. However, when a company is treat very poorly by a company, and when a person feels cheated or is made to feel foolish, then that scar will sting for a long time. People will go to a lot of effort and trouble in order to get back at a company that wronged them.

What does this have to do with Allianz Travel Insurance? People with a grudge will go the extra mile when trying to kick a company. The fact is that some people have had their claims rejected by Allianz Travel Insurance and it has ruined a chunk of their life, so they go online and they write professional reviews, they write user reviews, they down-vote the company on social media, and they exaggerate to try to get more attention. People with grudges should be heard, but consider their motivation and do not take them at their word.

Trolling And Complaining Is Fun

You cannot rule out that some reviewers like pulling companies and services down because it is fun. People enjoy getting on their high horse about things. They even complained in epic numbers because Apu on the Simpsons was being voiced by a white guy. Who cares about skin color enough to raise hell about something as dumb as that? What difference does it make what color a person’s skin is if he has a job doing a cartoon voice? Do they ask that the people who voice Bart and Lisa be yellow skinned? Luckily, Matt Groening replied to the controversy by telling the trollers and complainers to get a life, but the fact is that the complainers and trollers were having fun complaining about the voice of Apu from the Simpsons. Some people will tear apart a service or company through online reviews because it is fun.

I admit that trolling an insurance company is not as fun as trolling and complaining about something such as Family Guy or The Simpsons, but the fact is that some people still do it.

Some People Do It For Political Reasons

I know this from experience because we had a troll or two who blamed me (personally) for President Trump being elected. They said that I went too easy on him and that I shouldn’t criticize leftists. I pointed out that each candidate spent around 230 million each on their campaigns, so I hardly think I can’t be blamed for Hillary’s failure, but reasoning with a troll is like licking butter off the edge of a razor.

The sad part is that I am softer on the liberal left than most others in the niche-media industry. I’m softer on the liberal lefts because I know that there are leftists out there who are just as frustrated by their fellow progressive-leftists as I am. I know there are people on the left who furrow their brow in frustration when they read news reports about new leftist laws to ban fat-dog shaming. There are liberal leftists out there who care more about why the homeless man is homeless rather than arguing over which public bathroom his gender permits him to use. I do not tar all leftists with the same brush. I do not look at Michael Moore and think everybody on the left is as dumb as him (he is the one who is photographed with signs saying we are all Muslim); just like I do not look at Richard Mourdock and tar all republicans with the same brush (Richard said that “…rape is something that god intended to happen”). I do not judge a group by the extremists in their group.

Lionel Hutz that was a right perdy speech

Would my Right Perdy Speech (the paragraph above) calm my trollers down? No. Any reply I gave was wasted web page space. Some people will attack a company for political reasons, which means there are some negative reviews you simply cannot trust.

Some People Have Nothing Better To Do

Other people post negative online reviews because they have nothing better to do. You will often see negative user reviews and comments about almost any service where the comments were placed by people who have nothing better to do than complain about things. These include well written and large reviews, and they include negative comments in comment sections, and negative user reviews on consumer websites.

I once read a review about a tooth whitening product that avoided the topic in hand. Instead, it focused on the fact that some people had made jokes about the black female presenter’s teeth and how wide they were. The reviewer talked about how beautiful the black woman was and how empowered she was, and how her white gappy teeth made her attractive and unique. I cannot remember the name of the product, I just remember the reviewer riding her high horse because somebody dared to make a joke about a black woman. The fact is that the female presenter didn’t care that people were making jokes about her gappy teeth otherwise she would have deleted the comments, but the reviewer just couldn’t help getting on her high horse about it and patting herself on the back about how righteous she was. The reviewer had nothing better to do than go online looking for people to berate.

The Biggest Reason Why You Should Not Trust Positive Consumer Websites

May I first request that you look at the image below. It shows a Google search for Allianz Travel Insurance reviews, and it points out the different star ratings that each website has given Allianz Travel Insurance.

Allianz Travel Insurance reviews are so different

Look at the star ratings. How can the company appear so great on some websites and so terrible on others?

How is it possible that these different consumer review websites have given such different ratings? The reason is that the consumer websites with 4+ stars are curated, and the websites with between 1 and 2 stars are not.

In other words, the administrator of the website has deleted or ignored most negative reviews and has only published or recognized the positive reviews. The website administrators did this because they need to make Allianz Travel Insurance look good.

They need to make Allianz Travel Insurance look good because they have affiliate links and are paid a nice chunk of money whenever people visit the Allianz Travel Insurance website and buy insurance via their web page links. The websites with low ratings for Allianz Travel Insurance either do not have affiliate links with Allianz Travel Insurance, or they do not care if people click on them and buy through them.

That is why you cannot trust consumer review websites. They are just as corrupted as single-author reviews. On the same note, you should not trust this review to the fullest because I may have a grudge against Allianz Travel Insurance, I may be working for their competitor, or I may have been screwed over by them personally. Everybody has an agenda for writing something online, including myself, and you need to consider that fact when you are reading reviews online.

The Reasons Why You Should “Try” Consumer Websites Full Of User Reviews

Let’s say you look online for user reviews and you find several different review and consumer-review websites that give very varied opinions about Allianz Travel Insurance. Should you even trust or try the websites with user reviews?

Yes you should because they can be very helpful to you if you know how to spot fake reviews and real reviews. It is in your interest to be as skeptical as possible. Negative reviews can be just as fake and false as positive reviews. The trick is to look numerous reviewers who complain or praise the same things.

How To Tell If A User Review Is Fake Or Genuine

Be aware of consumer review websites full of user reviews because many of them may be lies, paid reviews, and/or may have been edited and curated by the website owner. You may come across some genuine positive and negative reviews when you try consumer websites, and you may come across many fake user reviews, so consider these following points when you use consumer websites:

Plausible Stories
Ask yourself if the story sounds real. The thing about fake reviews is that they are usually done without care and consideration, which usually means stories are generic, dull, or just plain unbelievable.

A Checkable Profile
Does the user have a profile, and can you look into it to see how many other reviews have been posted and what the reviews were for. A profile that you can check through goes a long way to establishing mistrust or trust.

Is The Complaint Or Story A Common One?
Somebody saying that a HelloFresh vegetarian meal was the best is quite common for a positive review, which makes it easier to believe. That way, if one of the reviews says that Hello Fresh’s vegetarian meals taste like they are dipped in petrol, you may treat it with cautious disbelief. If several people praise or complain about the same issue, then there may be a level of truth to the story.

What Reaction Did The Company Give To The Review?
How truthful a review is may be hinted at by the company’s reaction. An honest explanation for a fault on the company’s side may go a long way to showing the review is real and that the company cares. If the company replies with something such as “Contact us please” on a public website, then the negative review is probably real and the company in hand is going to do all it can to censor and bully the person who put the review up there.

Friends Or Followers Who Appear Genuine
Companies that post fake reviews will often do it on mass, which means they use new profiles or untended/unloved profiles. New profiles and untended profiles are lacking in followers or friends. If the review website has a friend or follower system, then reviewers with more followers or friends may be more believable.

Other Reviews Besides Just This One
Again, a reputation management or a promotional company will use numerous new and/or fake profiles to post their reviews. Not only will they lack friends and such, but they will also lack further activity, which often means they only have a low number of reviews. People who have reviewed many places/companies on the website are a little more believable.

Believable Reviews Of Other Companies
A real person who has posted numerous reviews on a single user review (consumer) website will have reviewed companies in different industries and in nestled-together locations. For example, a person on Yelp may review the many restaurants in one location while on vacation. An odd and unlikely scattering of reviews ranging from cat dental work to sandblasting services may be the result of a spamming or promotional company using the same profiles to promote many different types of business.

Other Reviews That Differ Between Long And Short And Positive And Negative
Look at person’s other reviews and see that they are all positive and/or all negative, and you should grow suspicious that the profile you are looking at is in the hands of a promotional company or a reputation management company that is selling reviews to the highest bidders.

The Review Date
A company has few reviews and then in June it has loads of them and then in July it is back to just a few people posting reviews. Such clustering may indicate that the company paid a few people to post a batch of fake reviews in June. Plus, there are times when older reviews are no longer relevant. Plus, you should always look at the most recent reviews because the chances of you checking their reviews just after their reputation management team has posted reviews is very slight. This happens on Amazon where fake reviews are posted saying a book is good, and then the most recent reviews are all negative and say things such as, “I cannot believe this crap has such a high rating.”

A Full And Finished User-Review Profile
If the user review website allows people to post bios and allows people to fill out full profiles, then check for ones that are full and complete. Spammers and reputation managers are unlikely to spend a lot of time coming up with a backstory, locations, pictures, and minutiae details whereas real people are more likely to take the time to fill out their profile to the full.

Purchase Proof Means Nothing
Amazon shows you who is reviewing a product after buying from Amazon, and who is reviewing after buying from somewhere else. Amazon is not purposefully trying to deceive people by doing this, but many other user review websites are trying to deceive you by using this very same technique. Other websites allow fake reviews and put things such as “Verified Purchase” on their reviews to make them look more genuine when they are not genuine at all.

What Does It Look Like Compared To The Others?
I offer an example of review comparison later in the article, but as a quick point, you have to look at the reviews against each other. There are times when the real reviews are more obvious because they are so viciously different to all the fake reviews. Simple examples may be how the real reviews do not give a top rating each time, or how the real reviews are more descriptive than 80% of the rest of the (fake) reviews on the website.

Examples Of Real User Reviews About Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance Review by Corrine B

Corrine B has a plausible story because quite a few travel insurance companies will not refund your money if you cancel it because of a terrorist act. She is also angry and says the word “SCAM,” but doesn’t exaggerate, which suggests real emotions without trolling or bearing an unquenchable grudge. Her review is recent, and she has 224 friends on the site, and she has posted other reviews. I checked the other reviews and they were for a variety of different venues with very different review lengths, types and scores. This was her only review of a travel insurance agency. Besides the small chance that she has been paid to enter a negative review, it is safe to assume that this review is genuine.

[O] Plenty of friends on the website who appear genuine
[O] Numerous reviews of very different industries and nestled-together locations
[O] Other reviews range from long and short and positive and negative
[O] Her story is plausible
[O] Her story is not unusual and is similar to reviews by others
[O] The review was fairly recent
[O] Her reaction to what happened has emotion without being over the top
[O] Her profile is full, comprehensive, believable and finished

Real Review Compared To Fake Ones

The image above shows three different reviews, and when compared with each other, it seems obvious which are the fakes and which is the real one. The real reviews in this case are obvious because of the many fake reviews that exist. The image is just a sample, but it is a fairly good representation of the rest of the website. The consumer website (user review website) is loaded with fake reviews where all the fake ones have these qualities:

[-] Very short reviews
[-] Single named profiles
[-] No picture on profiles
[-] All have “Verified Order” on them
[-] Quickly written reviews with little detail
[-] Only one review from each fake reviewer

None of the qualities listed above are proof that the reviews are fake, but the fact that so many of the positive reviews have so many similar qualities suggests that they are probably fake. They were obviously produced on mass by a reputation management company to help bring the ranking score of Allianz Travel Insurance a little higher. The real review was written by a reviewer who has reviewed three things already, has a first and last name, has a profile picture, has more detail in the review, and who didn’t score a perfect five.

[O] Has a finished profile with a picture
[O] Three reviews whereas most reviews have one
[O] Not a top score like most of the others
[O] Verified order means nothing as with the fake reviews
[O] The review is descriptive and larger than the others

Conclusion – Are We Supporting Allianz Travel Insurance Or Are We Warning Against Them?

We say you should try Allianz Travel Insurance because they offer a good deal, and that is why they are so big and have been able to stay so big for so long. You should try Allianz Travel Insurance if you are going on vacation and if you are a frequent traveller. You should probably try another company if you have a pre-existing condition that causes you problems while abroad. Plus, people who need surgery after injuries suffered abroad are often dissatisfied with the payments that Allianz Travel Insurance gives. Otherwise, you should try Allianz Travel Insurance. However, it is up to you to do your research and read between the lines of what you see online. Use what you have learned in this article and remember that “Marketing” is not all about flashy adverts and jingles…it is often about online reputation, about social media manipulation and about affiliate fees and fake reviews. Be smart, be skeptical, and never fall for a “Limited Time” offer because they are always less of a great deal than they first appear.

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