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Real (Side) Work From Home Jobs For Parents

Real (Side) Work From Home Jobs For Parents

Here are a few real jobs you can take if you want a little work on the side. These are jobs for parents specifically because they can be worked around your family responsibilities. In fact, there are a few of these work from home jobs where being a parent is an advantage, such as if you want to write a blog about how to clean up children’s messes, or if you want to tutor kids for their parent’s cash. These side jobs do not require the commitment of a full-time job, and each allows you to work from home.

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Manage Marketing And Social Media Accounts As You Work From Home

There are companies out there that simply cannot be bothered to update their social media accounts. Many smaller companies consider social media to be a time vampire*, and they deeply begrudge allowing their staff to work on social media and draw a wage for doing it.

* A time vampire is a process or task that takes up lots of productive time that could be better spent elsewhere.

They can pay their staff minimum wage to manage their social media accounts, or they can pay you a third of the price and you can do it for them.

Make no mistake, being a social media marketer and manager is very low paid, which is why you should do what you can to keep your overheads low if you work from home. Even some of the posts that are created for big branded companies have been created by a low-paid freelancer working from home.

Posting on social media for a company, and managing a company’s social media accounts is very low paid work, but it is something you can do almost anywhere. You can tweet while you are waiting for your kid to come out of nursery, and you can whip up a quick post on Google+ while your kids are quite and watching TV. There are plenty of times during the day that you can sneak a few quiet minutes alone. You can create collage images for Pinterest on your phone while attending one of your kid’s school play; you can do it whenever your kid is off stage so they don’t know you are on your phone.

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Blogging And Selling Links

This side job and accountancy side jobs are probably the hardest for parents to do. They both require a great deal of privacy and silence, which is something that parents do not have in abundance. You may find yourself being unproductive, and you may find that you have to take on far less work than you can handle because you have to plan for unexpected interruptions.

Write a blog based on something that you know intimately well. You do not have the time to do a lot (if any) research. You need to be able to write every post off the top of your head. If the subject is something that is up-to-date or newsworthy, then pick a topic and genre about which you are already up to date. For example, if you keep yourself up to date with the world of politics, then by all means write about politics, but if you “want” to write about politics, but you do not keep yourself up to date on it—then do not do it. Again, you cannot afford to write about things you need to research.

In the introduction, the idea of blogs about how to clean up children’s mess was suggested (how do you get old hardened banana out of a carpet?), and that is a topic you probably wouldn’t have to research as a parent.

Once you have been at it for a few months, you may be found on Google, and you have a reasonable page view number, you may start selling links. Simply place a post on your blog saying that you will accept guest posts in return for a followed link. When they send you a message, you may say that you charge for followed links, and that they could do better by having you link to them from one of your posts. Come up with a reasonable price, and if people keep refusing, then lower the price for the next person that sends you a message.

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Audio Typist And/Or Data Entry

Some companies would like their recorded sessions to be written up, and you can type it up as you work from home. They may have meetings where they record themselves and have somebody else write it up, or they may host seminars and want what was said to be in text form. Finding them can be tricky, so start by posting a few adverts for your services on social media.

Consider soliciting companies and asking if they would like your services. Some people have more success by soliciting YouTube posters. You may offer to write up what was said on their video. Tell them that they may post it on their website, or they may post it on their YouTube description. Tell them that it makes their videos more search engine friendly, and that it will help attract and keep more deaf YouTube users.

Dog is a shop assistant

Customer Service And Sales Jobs

There are customer service and sales jobs that you may do at home over the phone and over the internet, and there are jobs you may try in stores, call centers and malls. The great thing about customer service and sales jobs is the there are always part-time positions available. You can work two days for a total of sixteen hours without it affecting your day-to-day lives too much. You can work while the kids are at school, or you may take a weekend sales job and ask your mother to babysit during the weekend. They should probably spend time with their grandparents anyway.

When you work in a store, you get to meet new people, and the part-time hours are not too grueling. Plus, the periods where your kids are at their most annoying are often the periods when stores ask you to work more hours. For example, the summer holidays and the Christmas holidays are great for working extra hours. You may be able to send your kids off to camp during the summer holidays, but you may have to have your partner or family members look after your kid around the winter holidays.

Accountancy Or Bookkeeping

You need the skills, the qualifications, the time, insurance, a business account, and maybe even a license to be a bookkeeper or an accountant. However, it is a side job that requires very little commitment. You have weeks and months to complete tasks, you can take on as much or as little work as you like, and you put off your work until you have a few minutes to yourself.

The good thing about this job is that you can continue it on to become a full-time job after your kids leave home if you wish. You can also work it around a full-time job that you already have if it is convenient. It is also a highly paid job, even if you are only doing the bookkeeping for a local fashion website.

Graphic Design Or Artist

This is another work from home job where you need the skills, but you do not need licenses, insurance, and you can get away without having qualifications. It helps you pull in more clients if you have qualifications, but you don’t need them to win people’s trust.

Just like accountancy and bookkeeping, you can work on your projects whenever you like. You may have slightly tighter deadlines than you do with an accountancy job, but they are often long and very flexible deadlines. You can work it around your kids, disruptions, and even your full-time job if you have one.

Man web developing and building a website

Web Design Or Web Development

This is another job where you do not need qualifications, and you can work to your own schedule. The only difference is that the deadlines are a little tighter than they are with graphic design and accountancy. However, there are people that will accept longer deadlines if you can promise them low prices and great quality.

Sell your services as web design, and then continue to sell your services as a web developer after the fact. Your clients will need their website’s changing and updating as time goes on, as their brand grows, and as technology changes, so sell yourself as a developer and they will re-hire you in the future.

Get as many referrals as you can because they make selling your services very easy. Make honest human connections with your clients and ask them if there are people that may be interested in your services. Ask if they would mind recommending you to the people in their email contacts list.

Editing And Proofreading

Good text editors are very difficult to find because it is not all about technical skill. You need the ability to read your client’s mind, and then alter the text to make it exactly what they want.

Proofreaders are not difficult to find because there are two types. There are cheap ones that mostly use spelling and grammar checkers to do 90% of the work, and then they read it to catch a few correctly-spelled typos. Then there are the very expensive ones that actually proofread, but they charge a small fortune to do it and they are almost always busy. I suggest that you be a cheap proofreader unless you have a degree in English.

Tutor or school teacher in math lesson

Work From Home As A Translator Or Tutor

It is hard to find genuine translators for written text, so if you stick with it, find clients and build relationships with them, then there will always be a demand for your services. Written translator jobs may become a profitable part-time profession, but your part-time career will be very slow burning. It may take you months to find reliable clients and a good wage, but your time will come because your competition is so awful. Your clients will often tell tales of how they hired Mr. X, then Mrs. Y, then Mr. P, and so forth, and how each one of them simply used Google Translate and tidied up the text thinking that they wouldn’t notice.

Being a tutor is tough because you often need qualifications, but if you have them (any qualifications), then you may find that tutoring is a good side job to earn money. The biggest benefit of being a parent and a tutor is that you are exposed to parents all the time, and most of them are worried that Sally is failing math and Timmy is failing chemistry. They cannot help their child with their homework…but you can. You can sell your services by word of mouth and earn plenty of money on the side.

Conclusion – Jobs For Parents Need To Be Flexible

The whole point of working a part-time or side job is to work in a flexible environment. The idea is that the jobs are as non-committal as possible. A little commitment is fine, so long as the people you work for are okay with being flexible. If they are, you will be able to work your side job around your full-time job and your childcare and family commitments.

If this article didn’t inspire you, then try our article, “Easy Ways to Make Money on the side” for extra tips. This article features side jobs that are suitable for parents. They are job for parents where being a parent is not a hindrance and/or may even be beneficial. The article about earning side money includes jobs for everybody.

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