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Is Plastc The Best Credit Card? Why This Electronic Smart Card Rules

Is Plastc The Best Credit Card? Why This Electronic Smart Card Rules

Believe it or not, but Plastc is not a credit card. So, why do so many reviewers and online commenters suggest that it is? It is because you may use it like a credit card, but it is actually a digital wallet with a real-life payment implement.

You do not need to apply for credit to get a Plastc card, you do not need to have a good credit rating, and no financial service needs to insure your card use. The Plastc Smart Card is a tool that allows you to load your credit cards, bankcards and loyalty cards onto it. Once it has your card information, it is able to act like each card you have loaded onto it.

For example, you may load your credit card and your bankcard. Select your bank card on the Smart Card and run its magnetic slip through a shop’s card terminal, and the purchase you make will come off your bankcard. Take your Smart Card, select your credit card, make a purchase at the same shop, and that transaction will be paid by your credit card.

There Are Three Ponies In The Smart Card Race

Shows three active smart cards on the marketRealistically, there are only three companies producing genuine Smart Cards. These are SmartCards that are able to do the same things as credit cards while they are in fact digital wallets.

If you Google the word “Smart Card” or “SmartCard,” you will see a great many varied results, but the cards we are interested in are the ones that act as digital wallets are produced by Plastc, Coin and Swyp.

Stratos was the first company to produce genuine SmartCards, but they went out of business and now only offer support for existing companies. Coin and Swyp have their own version of the Smart Card that allows people to load their many cards onto a single card so that they may carry that Smart Card around instead of carrying all their cards around.

There are other companies that claim to have their own digital cards that they call SmartCards, but they are currently dreams, in development, or wishful thinking from companies wishing to get in on the Smart Card action.

Of all three SmartCards, the Plastc card is certainly the most advanced, the most sophisticated, the best designed and the most impressive. The Plastc Smart Card is more like a miniature computer, whereas the Coin and Swyp Smart Cards are rather plain and clinically functional.

Plastc Certainly Has An Impressive Look About It

If you were to place the Coin Smart Card, the Swyp Smart Card, and the now defunct Stratos Smart Card next to the Plastc Smart Card, you would pick the Plastc Smart Card without hesitation.

It looks better and it operates in a more sophisticated manner. The others have tactile clickable buttons, whereas the Plastc Smart Card has its sleek e-ink interface, smooth swiping, tap functionality and even fancy graphics.

Choose which card your plastc smart card uses


If you had a choice between clicking the button to find your card, or quickly swiping through a series of great looking card descriptions, you would surely choose the latter.

Not to fawn over the Plastc Smart Card, but it certainly looks more sophisticated, it looks more advanced, it appears to be more fun, and it appears to offer better value for money. It doesn’t look like a cheap toy; it looks like something from the not-too-distant future.

Plastc Has More Security Features Than The Others

The Plastc Smart Card has a pin you must enter to activate it before you make a purchase or use the card. You may set your Plastc app on your phone to communicate with your Plastc and activate it for you. This same technology will tell you if you have left your card behind. If your phone goes beyond a certain distance threshold, your Smart Card will lock itself and delete all its information, and your phone will notify you that you have left your Smart Card behind.

The other Smart Card producers have similar features, but few have such a ready mix of security functions that double over as convenience features. The card may be locked remotely via your Smartphone if you wish, and you may create a selection lock.

A selection lock stops other people switching your cards around before putting a purchase through a terminal. For example, if you give your Smart Card to a waiter, you can lock it on the card you selected so the waiter cannot accidentally/purposefully charge another card.

Your Plastc card will have to be recharged every 30 days, but if your power is running low, it will drop into emergency mode that buys you a few more hours of juice. It will give you warnings that it is running low on power days before it needs to be recharged.

Accepted Wherever Your Credit Card Is Accepted

The Plastc Smart Card has the potential to utilize four payment/communication types, though it only uses three at the moment.Your Plastc Smart Card uses a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. It configures the magnetic stripe based on whichever card you choose. Cards that have a magnetic strip are accepted almost anywhere where the merchant has a card terminal.

The Plastc Smart Card also uses NFC technology, which is contactless technology. Far fewer merchants have contactless terminals, but the terminals are slowly growing in popularity.

Your Smart Card also produces barcodes, which are typically used by store cards and loyalty cards. The other payment method that the Plastc Smart Card is capable of using is EMV. However, even though the card has EMV technology, it doesn’t work yet, and it won’t work yet until the software is remotely updated in the future.

Closeup portrait of a beautiful young woman showing thumbs up signman thumbs up for plastc cardConclusion

The way the Plastc Smart Card works, the convenience tools it contains, and the security features it has, makes the Plastc Smart Card the best Smart Card on the market to date. Use it as if it was your credit card by loading up your Smart Card via the card reader that Plastc supplies you with. You need never leave your house with a pocket full of cards again because now you have your Smart Card from Plastc.

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