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Is Payoneer Better Than Paypal? Payoneer or Paypal?

Is Payoneer Better Than Paypal? Payoneer or Paypal?

Should you choose Payoneer or PayPal? I offer the pros and cons of Payoneer and PayPal. However, to start with, let us consider a few things that PayPal and Payoneer have in common.

  • Both are rather easy to use
  • They allow you to receive money with very little fuss
  • Both have a fairly friendly user interface
  • Payment processing is simplified with both of these companies
  • Both offer a global payment and transfer system
  • Many times you are able to send and receive money in minutes
  • They both offer an international MasterCard
  • Both are supported by popular companies
  • You are able to withdraw directly to your bank
  • Both are well-known and popular companies

In my opinion, PayPal beats Payoneer out of sight like a boxer beats a punchbag, but my humble opinion is (as mighty as it is) irrelevant in this case. In this article, I offer pros and cons of Payoneer and PayPal. You may decide for yourself which is best, Payoneer or Paypal.

The Advantages Of Using PayPal

PayPal is easier to set up than a white guy with a tattoo on his face. There is a verification process, but it is not intrusive and/or difficult. The verification process simply allows you to use your PayPal account more fully and with fewer limits. The company covers itself by putting a hold on new customer’s funds so that are unable to con and run.

Most People Know About PayPal

These days, people are as familiar with PayPal as they were with Britney Spear’s hind end in the late 2000s. Most of your customers and most of your friends, clients, and bosses are going to know about PayPal and most are already going to have an account. Making arrangements for payment with PayPal usually happen very quickly because the other party usually has at least one PayPal account.

No Subscription Or Use Fees

Unlike the best boxing channels, you don’t need a subscription to get your greasy hands on the best bits. For all you readers who have not nodded off by this point, our editor insisted that I added the word “Boxing” into that sentence to replace what I originally wrote. Ho Hum. You don’t need to pay a subscription or maintenance fee with PayPal, and that includes if you sign up as a business user.

Others Don’t Have To Have An Account In Order To Pay You

Your clients do not need a PayPal account to pay you through PayPal. One of the greatest things about PayPal is that people can use it to pay you with their credit card or their debit card by simply making a payment as a guest. In addition, if you put a checkout on your website, it is free to add and use. In the old days, things such as free payment methods were as rare as mermaids. Also, I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid movie by Disney, but I was told it was about a guy who meets a naked mute woman on the beach and marries her—sounds a bit odd to me.

Requesting Money And Demanding Payments

Sending and receiving invoices is free. You can create and send invoices like a thieving sailor with an eBay account. Not all sailors are thieves; most of them are great singers because they can hit the high Cs. Sending money requests is easy, and you can even set up your own “Pay Me” link. If you are running a business, then you may send detailed invoices, otherwise you can send a simple payment request.

The Fees Are Pretty Sweet

Some say that PayPal’s fees suck, but I honestly don’t think they are that bad. At the moment, their fees for receiving money are currently 2.9% + $0.30 USD. I know many banks, transfer companies and payment companies that charge far more. I sent a wire transfer from one of my banks last night and the brass-moles charged me far more than 3%. Personally, I like seeing the heads of banks during a bleak frost…it is the only time I see them with their hands in their own pockets.

Integration Is Undeniably Easy

PayPal may be easily integrated into a wide variety of shopping cart systems, and PayPal also allows you to set up recurring payments like the ones you may set up with your bank. Use them to set up things such as paying your student loans. Remember your student loans? Where you went to college and paid fees that were over 600% profit for the college, and then the cheeky bastards also tell you to spend a fortune on books and study guides that you could have bought and read at home without spending $100,000 to have a broken-English speaking professor read it out to you.

PayPal Is Incredibly Secure

The company has a very secure website, system, app and network. They have literally millions of cracking and hacking programs that knock on their cyber doors every day, and yet the company has managed to avoid catastrophe. PayPal spends epic amounts of money on security, which is why your money is safe with PayPal unless you yourself are scammed or give away your password. If you often forget your password, then change it to the word, “Incorrect.” When you type in the wrong password, it will say, “Your password is incorrect.”

The Downside To Using PayPal

People have been known to con others by using charge backs. It is usually with relation to digital products where it is difficult for PayPal to verify or disprove a claim, in which case they will side with the buyer. For example, some people buy bitcoin and have it sent to their wallet, and then go to PayPal and claim they never received it. PayPal is getting wise to this by agreeing to read people’s communication with sellers. Nevertheless, it still has holes in this seller and buyer protection policies, and those holes are difficult to fix for any transfer and payment company.

Security Checks And Security Holds

They drop a security check on your account like a fingerless child dropping an apple. PayPal don’t do it often, and to my memory, they have only done it twice in the many years I have been using them. Nevertheless, they may freeze your withdrawal for between 12 hours and 4 days, and they do it for one of two reasons. One reason is that it is a random account security check, and the other is because the

Darn Their Crummy Exchange Rate

Their exchange rates are crappy. I would drop an example right here, but I would be fined for littering. It is such an ugly rate that it closes its eyes when it looks in the mirror. Its so ugly, even the tide wouldn’t take it out. The rate is so ugly that it walked into a haunted house and came out with an application form. Many exchange companies make their money by skimming a little from the exchange rate. For example, if you get GBP£0.70 for each US$1.00, then the company only gives you GBP£0.68. PayPal does the same, but the rate they give is not a good one.

Scammers Think PayPal Customers Are Dumb

PayPal is a very big company that some scammers seem to think is an easy mark. We all get emails from accounts that claim to be from our bank, but many of them are hit and miss because usually the sender has no idea which banks we bank with. However, most people have a PayPal account, which is why fake PayPal emails are so common. The same reason is true as to why so many fake Twitter and Facebook spam emails exist. My cousin was tricked by a scammer and he was so upset that he took a full bottle of sleeping pills. His doctor told him to get plenty of fluid and rest.

Are Their Negative Reviews A Sign Of Something Rotten?

Some say you know you have a poor company when you have many negative reviews online, but it is not true in some cases. You know you are a bad lover when your partner starts to boo you in bed. The other night, even the peeping Tom stated to boo. PayPal is a massive company with millions of customers, and yet these customers are not prone to finding review websites to compliment the company. Yet if something goes wrong, they are very likely to go online and complain about it. As a result, when a minority of people have a problem, they go online and complain, but when the bulk of people have a good experience, they do not go online and praise PayPal. That is why PayPal has a seemingly high number of complaints on user review websites.

The Advantages Of Using Payoneer

Payoneer or Paypal? We now move on to Payoneer and its odd online reputation. Review websites and review articles written by single professional writers are often very complimentary and positive with regards to Payoneer, and yet user review websites are highly critical and negative. I explained away PayPals negative standing on user review websites a little earlier, and maybe a similar reason applies to Payoneer, but there is another reason why Payoneer is so popular with professional bloggers and writers. It is because of the easy-to-join Payoneer affiliate program. Writers are paid affiliate money if people click their Payoneer links, so writers talk the company up so that more people click their links. This doesn’t mean that positive reviews of Payoneer are lies, but it does suggest that you shouldn’t take them all at face value. There is no official PayPal affiliate program.

Available In 200 Countries

Some tout the benefits of PayPal because it is available in most countries, but Payoneer is not far behind given that it is used in 200 countries, and just like PayPal, it exists in countries that some larger institutions do not cover. Maybe it doesn’t cover as many countries as PayPal or McDonalds, but 200 is a pretty good number (unless you are looking down at your bathroom scales).

A Cost Effective Tool

Like a pointed stick used for poking pedestrians as you pass by them on the bus, Payoneer is pretty cost effective. In other words, their fees are not stupidly high. There are plenty of other companies that do similar things to Payoneer and yet feel like they can charge a fortune for it. If you are looking for low transfer fees, then Payoneer is probably the one for you. I remember when Obama was plunging the country into further debt, and one of his advisers suggested a $100K study into overspending. Before anybody comments saying that I am being unfair, please read this article on how Obama’s government spent more than any government in history. Plus, the O-man never actually agreed to fund the study.

A Prepaid Credit Card Is Always On Offer

It is not a credit card, which means you can only spend as much as you have on your card. I know this is true for PayPal too, but I mention it with Payoneer because the creators of the company are trying to push for more use of its prepaid card. They are aiming to be best known for their prepaid card services, and in effect, you are able to manage your money by only spending what is on the card. However, you could do a similar thing with PayPal, or even with your bank if you remove overdraft protection from your account. If you can’t control your spending, then play the lottery. Statistically, you are more likely to die before the numbers are drawn, which means somebody’s number is up every week either way.

A Very Secure Payment And Transfer Company

Payoneer is as secure as a duck’s legs in a frozen pond. The company doesn’t have as many cyber attacks as PayPal, but it is a big company and has its fair share of nasty people trying to break in. Payoneer spends a fair amount on security, which makes them a relatively safe money transfer company. A few of their security issues have made it into the disadvantages list below, so do not take this paragraph as a sure sign that your money is 100% locked-up-and-tied down safe with Payoneer. On a similar note, don’t add a weak password like “Beef Stew” because I don’t think it is stroganoff.

Quick Transfers And Local-Currency Paper Checks

Payoneer offers fast transfers that range from a few seconds to five days. Most transfers are quick if you have a verified account. In your country, you may be allowed to write paper checks with your Payoneer account. I have written books on marketing…check books (quote from a business tycoon called Alan Sugar).

The Downside To Using Payoneer

Before I continue my Payoneer or Paypal review, allow me to reiterate how some online reviewers will lie to make Payoneer sound good because they want affiliate money. I have read numerous lies about how you get 25% of your money back when you transfer, and how they have a global trade service that allows them to deposit money in any bank account. Remember that as I comment on the downsides of using Payoneer, you need to consider the fact that other reviewers’ positive points may lack verisimilitude. Now, I am going to moan on about their downsides like a horny werewolf barking at Kate Upton’s boobs (this is another line that I had to edit before I was able to publish).

Picture of a dog looking at the camera

It Is Not As Flexible As Some Of Its Competitors

Payoneer is more geared towards being a prepaid credit card than it is being a transfer company and an online wallet. The fact that it is aiming more towards being a prepaid credit card is not a bad thing, in fact it is more to its credit, but when you ask which is more flexible, Payoneer or Paypal, then I have to say that PayPal wins in this case. I had a lawyer who was pretty flexible. He could stuff his foot in his mouth while simultaneously having his head up his ass.

Their Competitive Rates Are Not That Competitive

The exchange rate you get with Payoneer is better than what you get with PayPal, but even if you made an exchange every week, you would only save pennies compared to if you used PayPal. Don’t let other reviewers fool you about Payoneer’s exchange rate because even though it is better than PayPal’s, it is still the numeric version of the fat stripper who can’t dance that nobody wants to take out. PayPal skims just under 3% for exchanging money and then it is free to withdraw. Payoneer skims just under 2% to exchange, and then charges 0.8% to 1.8% to spend on your card, or 2% to withdraw.

It takes A Long Time To Get Approved

Getting approved for a Payoneer account is like waiting to lose your virginity. You spend a lot of time waiting, only to discover that it isn’t as great as you thought it would be. It can take between one to five weeks to be verified where you are a fully approved Payoneer user.

The Payoneer MasterCard Has An Annual Fee

This fact really put me off Payoneer, and is probably one of the reason why I am overly critical of it. They want $29.95 each year for the priviliage of having a Payoneer MasterCard. You can get a PayPal Access MasterCard for free and it won’t cost you anything on a monthly or yearly basis. There are also loading charges, but they didn’t charge me. I guess it must be a regional thing, or maybe there are fees for certain loading methods.

Renewal And Support

There is a hefty old card renewal fee with Payoneer, and they do not offer 24/7 customer support. I am not going to cry into my silk pajamas because of their fee and support, but they are negative points against using Payoneer—albeit rather weak negative points. Their customer service department is absolutely terrible, which means your money is pretty much a write off if you come across a problem. To reiterate, if you have any sort of problem, there is a very good chance that their customer service department will be unable to fix it for you and so you will lose whatever money you had in your account.

Putting You On Hold

I thought HSBC were pretty terrible when I spent a total of 45 minutes one time, but Payoneer is happy to put you on hold for however long it takes for you to hang up. As a mark of stubborn persistence, I stayed on hold and I was held so long that I considered proposing. I haven’t been held that much since I told the women in my college dorm that my very rich father had died. Ask a question that the customer service department worker doesn’t know the answer to, and expect to be put on hold until you hang up.

3-4 Days To Reply To Emails And 5-6 Days Waiting For Results

If you accidentally lock your account by putting in your password incorrectly too many times, then don’t email them about it because it takes them 3-4 days to reply by email and their reply is usually a template reply. Want your account unlocking, then give them a call and they will say it takes 5-6 days to unlock, and when you call back a week later, they tell you it is another 5-6 days. I have tried to make a joke in every paragraph of this article, but this sort of shitty customer service just ain’t funny.

They Don’t Close Accounts, They Only Block Them

If you want to close your account, then think again because Payoneer are going to keep your details and your account on file. All they do is block your account when you ask to close your account down. They retain all your bank details. Plus, if you do not live in the USA, then they are going to take your bank account details and fill out the USA tax forms, which is going to lead to a few raised eyebrows if you do not declare a foreign income on your tax return (even though you may not be receiving foreign income). There are a lot of negative reviews about Payoneer on user review websites such as TrustPilot, and I am not saying that you should cave in to peer pressure about not liking Payoneer because only the coolest people dislike Payoneer.

Conclusion – So Similar And Yet So Different


In my opinion, PayPal is the outright winner, but this is not a beauty pageant. If you have read this article and you are still not sure which to choose, then why not choose both? It is not as if you need a good credit rating in order to sign up for these services. You may sign up for both if you are still having trouble deciding if you should go for Payoneer or PayPal. Nobody said you have to choose one over the other.

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After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


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