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How To Get People To Actually Order Your Direct Mail Marketing Using Social Media

How To Get People To Actually Order Your Direct Mail Marketing Using Social Media

In this article, you will find out how to have your target audience order your direct mail via your social media channels. You will have to have them follow through to an order form, which may be hosted on your social media profile or on your website. In this article, you will find examples of how other companies have used this technique to have people order direct mail that is both usable and branded.

Sending A Chinese Calendar

A Chinese restaurant received a fair amount of attention via its social media profiles and online ordering platform. They offered to give away free Chinese calendars to anybody who visited their social media profiles.

It is a risky move, but you have to understand that there were far fewer spam contacts than one may expect. People on social media are a little like kids with attention deficit. It takes a great deal of effort to get people to stop and do something such as fill out a contact form. The people who did take the time to fill out a contact form were people who really wanted the calendar and who are likely to put it up in their house.

chinese calendar for chinese resturant

Notice on the calendar how the Chinese takeaway’s name and information takes up a big space in the center of the calendar. The takeaway’s name and graphics were in the same style as the calendar, so they didn’t look out of place.

Consider This Point

At first, it seemed that this strategy was flawed because people only asked for the calendars at the beginning of the year. However, all you need is something that people will display all year round. Get people to put something on their wall, and they will see your advert or branding message every day.

Diet Recipe Cards

A weight loss company had people sign up to their newsletter where they posted a new diet recipe every week. On one side of the card is the recipe, and on the other side are adverts for a weight loss company’s products. They were printing cards similar to the picture example below, and they were doing it before companies such as Hello Fresh starting doing it.

diet food recipe card

The company started by posting the recipes out to people for free, but they had a very poor return. They needed a way of targeting their customers. Simply sending out recipes to everybody was too expensive. By having people request these free recipes cards over social media, they greatly increased their success rate.

In other words, the weight-loss company used social media as a targeting tool. They sent their marketing out to the people who were most receptive to it. Social media is a place where a company can mention weight loss without the user instantly clicking off the page.

In addition, since the company was not asking for money for the recipe cards, people were less skeptical about the whole thing being a scam. This helped to build consumer trust so that people were more likely to buy the weight-loss products advertised on the back of the recipe cards.

Consider This Point

If you have a situation where your direct mail takes on a consumable role, aka, people want your direct mail over and over again, then sell advertising space on your direct mail. People are requesting your direct mail, which means they are warm leads at the worst. You could sell advertising space on your direct mail to help cover some of your costs. For example, with the recipe example, they could strike a deal with a local gym or exercise equipment company where they may sell to your consumers without negatively effecting your sales.

Sending People Japanese Posters

When people are learning a language, it helps to be immersed in the language as much as possible so that the learner’s brain is forced to process the new language as much as possible. That is why living in a country where a language is the native tongue is a good idea.

Some language-teaching websites offer a series of online and digital tools such as flip cards, apps, and even email updates with a word-of-the-day on them. However, people spend most of their time offline, so a Japanese-teaching company had people send off for posters and leaflets with the Japanese language on them along with translations.

Basic Kanji Chart

Whenever the Japanese company came up with a new poster, they posted it on social media and asked people to order a full pack of posters for free. People put up the posters around their houses, and they repeatedly reminded people to keep learning Japanese. The posters didn’t buy the language company a great deal of extra business, but their student dropout rate was dramatically reduced.

Consider This Point

Part of the beauty of this idea is not because it makes future sales in the way the Chinese calendar does. The beauty is that it helps to keep customers, and many teaching websites have a hard time retaining their students because most students drop out and stop buying their services. The posters don’t sell directly, they simply remind recipients that they are learning a language so that they are less likely to forget their studies and/or drop out.

Conclusion – This Article Doesn’t Spoon Feed You The Answers

What you have seen on this article are three examples where companies have actually had social media users make a request for direct mail. These are examples where people have seen a company on social media and have purposefully contacted the company in order to receive direct mail.

The very idea that people would contact you and ask you for junk mail is a little unbelievable, but take a look at the three examples listed above. Each company used the very same idea with great effectiveness. Even without meeting the company owners in person, you can see how their ideas worked and how logical their methods really were.

Where does this leave you? It leaves you with three sources of inspiration. It is now up to you to figure out how to get people to order your direct mail via social media. Don’t copy the examples you saw here. Come up with your own brilliant ideas so that this article features your example next year.

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