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Nine Reasons To Start A Blog – Promote, Grow And Optimize

Nine Reasons To Start A Blog – Promote, Grow And Optimize

This article gives nine reasons why a person may want to start a blog. It details nine things that are not immediately obvious as benefits that bloggers may enjoy. The article starts out by saying that most people blog as a hobby, and then proceeds on to explain nine ways it may be used as more of a hobby activity.

There are a few reasons why you may wish to start a blog, with one of the most common being that it is a hobby activity. There are not many benefits to be had from blogging, but below are a few reasons why you may wish to start one and the possible benefits of starting one.

1 – Keep An Online Diary As Original Bloggers Did

man writing in his diary

When blogging was first created, it was only done by the “nerd” community, and was an online diary (a web log). It is a good place to post a diary, which you may make as candid as you like. The more personal details and information you give, then the more engaging your blog will be to read. Do not give out sensitive information, but do feel free to write things that you would normally write in a paper-based diary.

2 – Show Your Future Employer What You Learned In University

Lots of people come out of university and quickly forget what they have learned. This is understandable since their lessons began three years ago. By creating a log of what you learn week-after-week, you then have some form of proof that you paid attention during your studies and that the information you learned was comprehended and internalized.

3 – It Can Be Used As An SEO Tool

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the act of making your website more search engine friendly. Links from other websites are called backlinks, and they are very good at making your website more search engine friendly. Search engines such as Google will look upon backlinks as if they were little votes for your website. The more “Votes” your website has, then the more likely it is to rise up through the search engine results pages (SERPs).

On Page and Off Page SEO

4 – Use It As A Revision Tool

Write down a summary of each of your textbook chapters and sections, and then post them online. Not only will this help you remember what you are learning, it will also provide you with a nice revision summary for when you want to refresh the information in your mind.

5 – Sell Your Ebay Items On Your Blog

If you have an eBay store, then you may be aware that you can link to it. You may add backlinks to your blog post that point to your eBay store. You may even mock up adverts that look like affiliate adverts, but that simply point to your eBay store/products. But, be careful because once a product listing expires, you will have a broken link on your blog. That is why it is better to add links to your eBay storefront, or eBay store categories, as they will stay put for as long as you maintain your eBay store.

6 – Write Reviews For Other Peoples’ Products

There are websites that will pay you to add a blog post about a certain product or service. Many of these websites are not on the level, so be sceptical as you sign up for them. You could solicit companies and ask them to pay you to add a review to your blog. Alternatively, you could review your own items or services in an attempt to build your own marketing campaign.

7 – Show Your Expertise Online

You may talk the talk, but with a blog you may also walk the walk (at least a little). Saying that you are an expert in a certain field is okay, but people are going to want some sort of proof. The proof may come through what you write on your blog post. At the very least, it will help prove that you are not completely inept within your chosen field of expertise, unless you are silly enough to upload poorly written and amateur blog posts.

8 – You May Install Affiliate Advertising Onto Your Blog

If you have already decided to be a blogger, then making a little bit of money via affiliate advertising is not a sin. The adverts themselves may cheapen your blog a little, and you may lose a little bit of traffic, but it is a nice little monthly reward for your blogging efforts.

9 – Use It To Practice Writing On Subjects You Enjoy

a cat cannot start a blog because it has writers block

Practicing writing is not the most fun activity you can partake of, but if you write blog posts about the things that you enjoy, you may find that it becomes easier. You may improve your writing skills and writing speed by simply writing a blog every week. It will also help you if you are pretty bad a planning the things you write, as you may also practice your blog post planning too.

Two Factors You Should Consider When Starting A Blog

Most blogs do not last much longer than six months because people experience burnout, or simply lose interest in their blog. Other’s quit because they have trouble gaining very much blog traffic. Before starting your blog, you should consider the advice given below.

One – Run Your Blog According To Your Own Rules

The blogging world is sinking into a pit of similarity, so take a look at other people’s work before you start a blog. It is hard to tell one blog post from the next because they are all becoming so uniform. People are taking advice on format, font, topics, sentence syntax blog structure, etc, and it is slowly draining the originality out of blogging. Do not make the same mistake.

If you want to write 350 words one week and 800 words the next–then you should do it. If you want to use foul language, then use it and if you want to address the audience directly as yourself then do that too. If you want to write some sentences with the caps lock on, and change the subject sharply, then do that too.

If your blog posts are engaging enough, then not only will people tolerate your flaunting of blog and English rules, they will see it as part of your charm. For example, the Vlog (video blog) called “Zero Punctuation” on the escapist magazine website breaks the rules by talking fast and merging sentences. He talks a little bit like Joe Friday in the Dragnet movie (and series), except that Zero Punctuation is not such a fan of pausing. This video blogging paradigm may not work 99 times out of 100, but it works for Zero Punctuation, and is even part of Vlogs charm.

Two – Your Loyal Viewers Make Up Most Of Your Traffic

You are not going to get hundreds of new viewers every week. Some people may have looked at your blog in the past and do not want to visit again, and most are simply not interested enough to click the links pointing to your blog. The new viewers that you get every week are not going to make up the bulk of your traffic. The people who really make up your traffic numbers are the loyal viewers that return week after week. This means that your strategy should revolve around keeping your viewers instead of getting new ones. You can do this in a number of ways, and one of those methods includes having an RSS feed.

An RSS feed is going to show people that your blog still exists because it is right there on their RSS feed list. The fact that it keeps showing new posts means that the blog is still being maintained, which will help stop people from writing it off. The fact that the RSS feed will often say the word “new” next to your blog will often tickle the readers’ interest.

People may like your blog, but simply do not remember to look at your blog every week or month. With an RSS feed you can give them a reminder that your blog exists, you can inform them when a new blog post has been created and you can give them a link directly to your newest blog post. Metaphorically speaking, if your marketing were the bait and your blog were the hook, then the RSS feed would be the keep net.

blogging statistics

Conclusion – Only Start A Blog If You Can Find The Time

Most blogs are abandoned very quickly, so consider writing up to ten blog posts before you start a blog or even buy the blog domain and content management system because if you cannot manage ten, then you will probably not go the distance. Try not to become an approval addict. There are plenty of times when your content will rile people up, or people will simply not like it. That is a fact of life. I am a writer myself, and even the big boss of the echeck company doesn’t like one or two articles that I create. What you have to remember is that it is a numbers game. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, says that he is happy if only one out of every five of his cartoons are good because the good stuff will carry a creator through any rough patches. Don’t become an approval junkie.

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