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Milestone Mastercard Review – (Milestone Gold MasterCard)

Milestone Mastercard Review – (Milestone Gold MasterCard)

The Milestone Mastercard credit card was not built initially for people with bad credit, but time and changes in company policy have led to Milestone Mastercard being known as a credit card for people with poor credit. The company says their policy is one where poor credit customers are considered. There are no processing fees, but there is an annual fee. Milestone Mastercard has been known to give cards to people with bad credit, which includes people who have gone bankrupt in the past. Milestone Mastercard offers a high APR rate, but it is low-to-average when compared with other bad-credit credit cards. At the time of writing, the annual fee is between $35 and $99.

A Maximum Credit Limit Of $300

Before You apply for the Milestone Mastercard, you should be aware that your credit limit will only be $300 and there is no way to increase your credit limit. In addition, depending upon your credit rating, your credit limit may be even lower than $300.

If you are trying to rebuild your credit, then there may be better credit cards available to you than this one. Still, there are things you can do with a $300 credit limit credit card. For example, it may be useful if you frequently rent a vehicle and they demand that you use a credit card. It may also be useful for online shopping because of the protection that MasterCard credit cards often come with.

The APR Rate Is Pretty Good

Typically, an APR rate for a poor credit score credit card is going to be foolishly high. Yet, the Milestone Mastercard has is on the low-to-average side at 23.90%. In my personal experience, 23.90% for a person with terrible credit is fantastic, but there are downsides that come with this fantastic poor-credit rate.

The first downside is that Milestone Mastercard has a few issues here and there, and those issues have caused inconveniences for a number of customers. Those inconveniences are covered in the “Downsides of using Milestone Mastercard” section that is featured later in this article.

The other thing to consider is the way the Milestone Mastercard credit card policy works. With most credit cards, if you have a terrible credit rating, then the APR rate on offer is worse and worse in line with how bad your credit rating is. Milestone Mastercard does things a little differently. With Milestone Mastercard, your APR rate stays the same, but the terms and conditions for your credit card get worse. The list below shows you the worst to the best.

  • 23.90% APR and a $75 fee for your first year with Milestone Mastercard, and the annual fee becomes $99 going onward. These are the fees you have to pay if you have a terrible credit rating that is just good enough to qualify for a Milestone Mastercard credit card.
  • 23.90% APR and a $70 fee for your first year with Milestone Mastercard, and the annual fee becomes $99 going onward. There is also a $5 opening fee that is non refundable.
  • 23.90% APR and a $50 fee for your first year with Milestone Mastercard, and the annual fee becomes $99 going onward. There is also a $25 opening fee that is non refundable.
  • 23.90% APR and a $25 fee for your first year with Milestone Mastercard, and the annual fee becomes $99 going onward. There is also a $50 opening fee that is non refundable.
  • 23.90% APR and your annual fee is only $59. There is no opening fee and no introductory rate. You will not be able to lower your subscription amount even if your credit rating improves.
  • 23.90% APR and your annual fee is only $35. This is annual fee you have to pay if you apply for a Milestone Mastercard and you have a good credit rating.

Other Milestone Mastercard Fees And Conditions

As you know, the APR is 23.90% for purchases. If you make a cash advance, then you have to pay an APR of 29.90%, which is still pretty good for a poor credit score credit card. That is also the penalty APR rate that is applied to your account if you make a late payment.

No matter how low your balance, you will be charged interest unless your balance is $0, in which case you will only have to pay the annual fee. The minimum amount of interest that may be applied to your account is $0.50. That means even if you have a $0.01 balance on your Milestone Mastercard, you will still be charged $0.50 per month.

Cash advances are free for the first you in terms of transactions, but you will still be charged the higher rate of 29.90% for your cash-advance debt. You are not charged a fee for cash advances on your first year, but after that you are charged $5 or 5% of the transaction amount. You are charged every time you make a cash advance. Do not forget that some transactions are considered to be cash advances, such as when you load money into a gambling account.

Foreign transactions will cost you 1% of the amount. That is just the fee for the transaction. There are other rates associated with currency conversions. There is a penalty fee for late payments, for going over your limit, and for returned payments. The penalty fee is $38.

Are There Restirctions On Who May Apply For Milestone Gold Mastercards?

Anyone can apply for a Milestone Gold Mastercard, if they are interested in re-establishing or establishing their credit. You must be at least 18 years old to apply or 19 years old in Alabama. You will be automatically rejected if you have tried to apply within the last 60 days.

What Are The Credit Score Benefits Of A Milestone Gold Mastercard?

If you have a poor credit rating, then you are probably having trouble getting a credit card in order to start rebuilding your credit. This credit card gives you the chance to have and manage a credit card so that you may slowly rebuild your credit. The company behind Milestone Mastercard send reports to all three credit scoring bureaus, which means your good behavior will be reported and will help raise your credit score.

Are There Any Additional Benefits To a Milestone Mastercard?

The Milestone Gold Mastercard offers cardholders different benefits that include price protection, extended warranty coverage and identity theft resolutions services. When you choose to go with Milestone Gold Mastercard, you will be given a complete Guide to Benefits and it will include all of the terms and conditions when you get your card though the post.

What If I Have Limited Credit/Bad Credit/No Credit?

The Milestone Gold Mastercard is a great choice for anyone who has limited credit/bad credit/no credit. All you need to do is go onto their website and click on their link to get per-qualified. The per-qualification process is simply a soft search on your credit rating to see if they can offer you a credit card.

Is There A Specific Way To Use This Card In Order To Increase My Credit Rating?

In order to build a good payment record, you will need to make regular payments on time, every month so that you will become more creditworthy. Milestone Gold Mastercard reports to all three major credit bureaus. If you manage your account sensibly and do not make mistakes such as overdrawing. If you are very conscientious about the way you handle your account, then you should see a gradual improvement of your credit rating within three or four months. Having a good payment record with this credit card may help improve your credit rating. This will allow you to qualify for better rates on car loans, mortgages and other forms of credit.

Who Issues The Milestone Mastercard?

Mid America Bank & Trust Company is company that will issue your Milestone Gold Mastercard. This is a FDIC insured institution. Those are the issuers and the ones lending you the money.

Is There A Customer Service Department Phone Number?

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the customer services team on 1-866-453-2636. They will be available for 6.00am to 6.00pm, seven days a week on Pacific Time.

Are People Able To Apply Over The Phone?

At the moment Milestone Gold Mastercard does not offer that option. You will need to apply online and follow their instructions. After they take a few details, they will let you know if you are eligible for one of their credit cards. If you are not, then in most cases, they will pass you on to a company that offers prepaid debit cards.

Will I Be Approved For A Credit Card?

Just like any credit card, Milestone Gold Mastercard’s can not guarantee 100% that you will be approved. If you are not approved, then stop looking for a credit card and simply manage your finances sensibly for a few years and forget about credit cards.

How long Does It Take To Receive Your Milestone MasterCard?

Once you have been approved you should get the credit card within 14 business days. If you don’t get your card within 21 days after being approved, you will need to call the stolen/ lost department straight away on 1-888-260-4532. They are a 24 hour service that are open seven days a week.

What will my credit line be?

With Milestone Gold Mastercard the maximum credit line is $300 but for more information on this you can see it in the Terms and Conditions. You will have to wait and see once you application has been approved and reviewed.

Can I Have More Than One Milestone Card?

With Milestone Gold Mastercard, they will only allow you to open up one account. Once accepted you can then create a login and password on their website and manage your new account.

Is There A Balance Transfer Option?

Milestone Gold Mastercard do not offer a balance transfer at this time.

Where Is The Milestone Gold Mastercard Accepted?

You are able to use Milestone Gold Mastercard for purchases in 210 countries and over 33 million locations.

Does Milestone Gold Mastercard Allow Cash Advances?

Yes, you may use your Milestone Gold Mastercard to get a cash advance. This will cost you $5 or 5% of your advance, and the debt it creates will cost you 29.90% APR instead of the usual 23.90%.

Why Didn’t We Link To The Milestone Gold MasterCard?

Our philosophy at is to help you build wealth and help you become financially stable. We are trying to do a good thing while also making a little money from the adverts you see stuffed in between the text. It is your choice as to if you get and use a Milestone Gold MasterCard, but there is always a better way to manage your credit rating than getting into debt with a company such as this one. In short, I didn’t link to it because i didn’t want to. This company has enough exposure; they don’t need the search engine benefit of a link from our website.

The Downsides of using Milestone Mastercard

Milestone Mastercard is a credit card that mostly targets people with a low credit score. In most cases, these types of credit card have a terrible online reputation for a variety of fair and unfair reasons. To help you figure out which complaints are reasonable and which are not, here are a few legitimate downsides to having a Milestone Mastercard.

[–] It takes an average of two business days for your payment to post to your account. Usually it only takes one working day with other credit cards. If you pay at certain times of the day, then it may take slightly longer than two working days. For example, if you pay on Friday after 3:30pm, then your payment will not appear on your account until Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week.

[–] It can take a long time for you to receive your card and there is nothing much you can do about it besides complain to the lackluster customer service department. People online say that the card issuer and the company that runs the customer service department are different. As a result, they say their complaints about not receiving their card fall on deaf ears. We couldn’t confirm this claim.

[–] Since many people complain about how their payments are not posted on their account for days at a time, it may be worth paying your bill a week in advance of the payment date just to be on the safe side. Purchase transactions also take a while to show up, so keep track of what you spend and do not trust what it says as your current balance.

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[–] The customer service department sucks. I feel like I am always saying that the customer service department sucks when I write about credit cards and certain banks and credit unions. Maybe a good customer service department isn’t a big selling point for companies in this ilk. Maybe that is why so few of them offer a good customer support service.

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