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Apps That Make Your iPhone More Social-Media Friendly

Apps That Make Your iPhone More Social-Media Friendly

If you have an iPhone then you can make it more social-network friendly. The process involves installing apps that make uploading content easier and quicker. It involves downloading and installing apps that are going to make connecting to the social networks easier. Here is a list of apps that you should try. Here is how you make your iPhone more social-media friendly.

The Blogger iPhone app

Blogger app logo

Blogger is the content management system set up by Google. It allows people to create their own blog, even if they have no programming or web design experience at all. You will be able to access your Blogger blog via this app, and you will find that sharing things on the Google+ network is very easy too. You are given access to some of the free Blogger tools and are able to reply to any comments that have been left on your blog.

The Camera Awesome iPhone app

camera awesome app logo

You may use this app to post your video and images to different social media sites. Instead of having to visit each profile separately, you can access and upload from a single app. The social media sites include SmugMug, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, YouTube and Facebook. Your iPhone is already loaded with a video camera and image capture camera, so you may as well make the most of it. Using this app makes uploading a lot easier, to the point where you need not even save the images and movie to your Smartphone’s local memory, you can just save them on the social networks.

The Facebook Messenger iPhone app

Facebook messenger logo

It is a great app that allows you to contact anyone on your Facebook profile if they are logged in right at that moment. It connects you to the desktop messenger service, except that you may access it exclusively on your mobile phone. Instead of downloading an app for an instant messenger and then convincing people to use it with you, you are connected to all the people on your Facebook profile. You may leave the app running so that you can catch people when they log on.

The WordPress blogging iPhone app

WordPress blogging iphone app

This app gives you many of the free features that you will find on the desktop version of the website. It allows you to gain semi-instant access to your blog in order to make edits and reply to the comments that people have left on the blog. It is actually quicker to log into your blog via the app than it is if you open up your mobile web browser and log in that way.

The Google+ iPhone app

google plus

This app will allow you to connect to the Google+ social media network. You may gain access to your profile and communicate with other members or simply read the posts of others. If you download and install the Google Hangouts app, you will be able to connect with even more people.

The Twitter iPhone app

Twitter logo app

The size of a Twitter post is no bigger than an SMS message, which is one of the reasons the Twitter app is so popular. People are able to write posts very quickly on their phone and post them quickly within a few minutes. The other great thing about the app is that it allows people to post throughout the day because most people have their phone on their person throughout the day.

The Facebook iPhone app

Facebook logo

This app plugs you straight into the Facebook network so that you do not need to access the site via a mobile web browser. It also allows you to easily upload your videos and images. You may read and write posts and share things with your friends.

The Tumblr iPhone app

Tumblr Logo app

Instead of simply creating a blog, Tumblr has created a form of social blogging. This means that numerous blogs appear on one social network. The network is then regarded as any other, so people may use it to connect with other people and they may even use Tumblr widgets to help integrate the social network into their website. You can access your social blogging Tumblr profile via your iPhone and start uploading or reading without needing to go through a web browser first.

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