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Legit Grants for Senior Citizens Who Need Financial Assistance

Legit Grants for Senior Citizens Who Need Financial Assistance

Many seniors live on a fixed income, and could have trouble covering various costs, which puts them in a difficult position. Fortunately, there are several grants available for seniors that can assist them in different needs they might have, which could increase their quality of life. Grants for seniors come from different sources such as the federal government, non profit organizations and charities.

It is important to note that many of the grants that senior citizens can benefit from, are not given directly to the seniors themselves. The grants are given to various non profit organizations, and charities, to use the funds to assist the senior citizens in a variety of areas.

This article will list and describe the various grants available for seniors throughout the United States directly, and through non profit organizations and charities. Not all of these programs listed are directly grants (as in money or assistance directly given to an individual). We list a number of low income programs offered various sources too. But the programs do offer help of some sort — and all the programs target elderly or senior citizens directly.

Keep in mind that the availability of these grants will depend on your local government’s budget. Depending on where you live you might be able to access more grants if you are in an area that offers more local benefits for low income seniors. It is important for you to visit your local government office to see what regional assitance programs are avaialble to you.

1. Very Low Income Housing Repair Program

This is a federal grant administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (USDA) available to low income seniors to repair, improve or remodel a seniors home to remove health and safety hazards, as well as making the homes accessible for seniors with mobility issues. The maximum amount one can receive for this grant is $7500.

Eligibility: To be eligible for this grant you must:

  • be 62 years of age and older
  • have low income resulting in not having the ability to repay a home repair loan
  • you must live in certain areas rural areas with populations of 10 000 or lower

There are no deadlines or specified time frames to apply. To see if you live in a eligible area and to start the application process contact your local USDA office.

2. Section 202 Supportive Housing For The Elderly Program

This grant program is designed for seniors aged 62 years or above, with very low household income. This program is similar to the Very Low Income Housing Repair Program, as the program provides options that allow the seniors to live independently in an environment that provides support activities such as cooking, cleaning, and transportation. Basically this program prevents seniors from having to move into a nursing home, as it makes their home easy to perform basic tasks.

The program pays the difference between what the landlord is charging, and the 30% of the tenants income, so this program involves the federal government, landlord and the tenant.

To be eligible you must be 62 years or older and be a low income, at 50% of the areas median income. To benefit from this grant, select your local HUD office to set up a meeting.

3. Administration on Aging Nutrition Program

This program provides grants to local community centres and non profit organizations to provide seniors aged 60 and above with adequate nutrition. The goals of this program are to:

  • reduce hunger
  • promote the health and well being of older individuals
  • provide healthy, nutritious food for the elderly

To benefit from this program in your area, visit the Eldercare Locator

4. Capital Assistance Program for Elderly People

This program issues grants to non profit organizations to meet the transportation needs of senior citizens where public transportation is either unavailable, or insufficient. The funding is available in rural, urbanized, and small urban centers throughout the United States. If you are a senior who feel your area needs better transpiration alternatives for seniors, you can contact the Federal Transit Administration or your local administration on aging.

5. Foster Grandparent Program

This is a federal level grant that promotes volunteer services to individuals aged 55 and up with limited incomes, to spend time and mentor children in the community. This program keeps older individuals active in the community which can go a long way in maintaining good health. The individuals will help the children by:

  • help children learn to read
  • mentor and provide advice to troubled teenagers
  • help children who have been abused or neglected

The Foster grandparent will usually spend anywhere from 15 to 40 hours per week in schools, day care centers, hospitals and community centers. The volunteers will receive:

  • pre service orientation
  • training from the specific orientation they will serve
  • accident and liability insurance
  • free meals
  • low income, eligible volunteers will receive small payments

To learn more about this program visit Foster Grandparents.

6. Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

This is a federal level grant program similar to the Foster Grandparent Program, as it allows seniors to volunteer in the community to keep seniors active and healthy. Seniors will volunteer in a variety of areas which include:

  • participating in neighborhood watch programs
  • help renovate and fix homes
  • teaching English to immigrants

The senior volunteers in this program get to choose where and how often they will volunteer, and will receive supplemental insurance while on duty. They will also be covered for costs incurred while on duty. To learn more visit RSVP Program

7. Pell Grants For Education

A Pell Grant is a need based grant which grants low income individuals money to use to pursue college or university education. Pell grants are available to individuals who are striving toward their first bachelor’s or professional degree. There are no age restrictions to apply for Pell Grants, making it ideal for seniors and older individuals to apply for.

Furthermore, a national study on postsecondary education showed that non traditional students (older individuals) are more likely to receive a Pell Grant then traditional students.

You can apply for a Pell Grant three different ways:

  • You can apply online with the Department of Education’s website at
  • You can apply by downloading and completing the PDF version which can be found at the above website
  • You can apply by completing a paper version of the application which is mailed to you when call the Department of Education’s toll free number.

Along with the PELL grants, there are also some Federal grants for education for specific circumstances, such as the TEACH GRANT which covers part of your schooling if you study in sectors approved by the government (usually to do with education and teaching). If you do not complete your education, the grant becomes a loan and you must pay it back.

Keep in mind, as a Senior Citizen, you may qualify for free education at universities, so education grants may be unnecessary when it comes to subsidizing your tuition.

8. Foundation Grants

Foundation grants are grant / assistance given out by non profits.

Various Non Profit Foundation Grants

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation awards grants that help support and care for older adults and seniors. The grants are awarded to community centers, nursing homes, and assisted living homes, to use the funds to improve their facilities and to assist seniors in a variety of ways.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation strives to improve the health of Americans, with a large number of the grants being awarded to organizations for the care for the elderly as well as universities and colleges.

The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation awards grants to improve the well being of the elderly across the United States. Non profit organizations and charities must submit a formal application to be considered.

The Met Life Foundation offers grants to support research for Alzheimers disease, as well as healthy aging. Non profit organizations are invited to apply online.

AARP Foundation Grants

The AARP provides a variety of grants available to non profit organizations and charities which are used to assist seniors in areas of need. The following list some of the grants the AARP has to offer.

Habitat For Humanity 50+ Repair Program

The AARP provides grants to the Habitat For Humanity, which use the funds to assist homeowners aged 50 and older to make the necessary repairs to their homes, so they can remain living in their homes as they age. To see how you can benefit from this grant, and to find your local Habitat for Humanity, please visit

AARP Back to Work 50+ Program

The AARP provides income grants to any interested non profit organizations and charities as well as community colleges to help seniors secure and maintain financial assets through the Back To Work 50+ program. This program offers the following :

  • skills training to individuals for in demand jobs
  • supports institutions that have strong ties with potential employers
  • assists 50+ job seekers in building skills and connecting that can lead to full time jobs and job security
  • career counselling and job coaching and skills development for job seekers

This program targets individuals aged 50-64 years of age. If interested click here for a list of Back to Work 50+ program locations.

AARP Tax Aide Program

The AARP provides grants to various organizations to assist low to moderate income seniors aged 60 and over in completing their taxes, as well as giving financial advice. This program also helps seniors ensure they have more discretionary income for everyday expenses, including food and housing, by ensuring they receive the proper tax credits and deductions. To find out more please visit AARP Tax Aide.

Grant Databases

There are some grant databases which allow you to search for specific grants by location, age, and areas of interest. Some of the grants are educational grants for seniors wishing to go back to college or university, while others are assistance grants to improve the qualify of life for seniors. The following are some of the best grant databases available:

  • this website is the best federal online database to find and apply for grants, as it has thousands of different grants. Note that most of the grants are for businesses and non profits, though you may be able to find some personal grants for certain sectors you may qualify for if you meet that criteria.
  • this database allows you to search all the different grants available for senior citizens throughout the U.S., clicking here will take you to the page of grants specifically for seniors.
  • this database will display grants available specifically for senior citizens.

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    Is there any possible way for a senior citizen to get financial help for moving to another state?

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    Im 64 years old. Cared for my parents till they passed in 2014 Thier home was left to me in a will. The will was lost attorney said he never filled nor had a copy. I later found the will but 4 years passed on my mother my dads was probated. I have no money. Im on social security 806.00 monthly my home is still in my parents name 2100 taxes due ropf leaks holes mold floor coming up I cannot afford water bill 100 a month leaks no fsucet in kitchen its freezing my siblings wont help or cant every monthI worry how will i get utilities paid very depressed any suggestions city of san antonio will only assist with repair if its in my name. Thank you Rachael Susan Wheeler

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    I have elderly parents. Are they entitled to a grant for windows and doors.
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    I am a disabled senior who is in desperate need to pay my home owners taxes a grant from the government would allow me to keep my home which i am currently rehabbing there has got to be some sort of help out there for people in my.situation if so i would more than welcome any help or guidance that could eleviate this problem

  8. Donald Lands

    I am a 51 y/o disabled man who just got his disability. I am about $8000 behind on rent and being evicted. I have checked with every housing authority in ala.i believe trying for hud section 8 or something. Please help i am running out of time everything I have is going to be put on the streets. My car is down and really don’t think it could get any worse. So please thank you and god bless!

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    I’m disabled and on SSDI I rent my home I have thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills and my SSDI barely covers money utilities leaving nothing for food. Aren’t there any personal grants out there that just take care of an overabundance of bills Aston Martin

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    Im in need of Dental help. Leukemia and chemo along with 2 stem cell transplants have ruined my teeth. Dentures would be awesome. but im on a disability income. Abcesses ate going to kill me if something isnt done soon.
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    I’m 57 on SSDI. Recently remarried only to find out he’s became medically disabled. Doesn’t have enough workcredits. But recently found out he was 2 1099 that might or might not help. Can’t draw ssi because I make 1224.00 on my disability which they say is too much for to people. We rent a ran down trailer for 450.00 and pay electric, phone and insurance plus I had a car payment before we met. He is 56. And in pretty bad shape as well. we need help with his taxes and our one and only dream is to have a live if land that’s ours with a small home. But we get shot down everywhere we turn. Security told us to give separate addresses so he could get SSI which is fraud. Told us we should have never got married. He applied in 2016 and approved in 2018. Something is seriously wrong with this system especially when to older people have found their soul mate and never have anything at all because of the system. We read about habitat for humanity and the work they do. Please help. I feel helpless and that it’s my fault because I said I do. Now he’s having to pay the price. I would rather let him have and walk away as much as I love this old man for the rest of my life that u have left then to watch him to never gave anything.

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    I need a grant for,to buy a place to live

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    My name is John Livingston I am a single man 66 years old unemployed and I am living on social security $966.00 a month. I am a native New Yorker presently living in ABQ New Mexico I am also paying $168.00 a month to a storage facility in Queens, New York that is holding all of my personal belongings for me. Over Four years ago in 2015 I had to fly out here from New York to ABQ New Mexico to take care of my mother as she had stage 4 cancer. My mother died a year ago she was 85 years old and a widow for 20 years. I also had a sister who had cancer I had to take care of her also she died of cancer as of last year. I devoted four years of my life taking care of my mother and sister. Presently I am still living in ABQ, NM and my other sister helped me to acquire a studio apartment in 909 Apartments on Tijeras Avenue NW ABQ NM 87102 ( Apt. # 323 ). My rent is $650.00 a month however with my expenses and monthly payments to my storage facility in New York I can only pay half rent and I am requesting Rent Assistance of $300.00 a month. My lease is for Oct. 2018 to Oct. 2019.which is when my lease ends. Until I acquire another means of support I am requesting your help. Please contact me on this matter via Phone and / or email.
    I have been served twice in past months Thursday 6-6-2019 and Wed 7-31 2019 and presently with a three day notice to pay my outstanding rent or my landlord will begin legal proceedings.

    For the past few months I have been paying my rent in installments. Half one month and the second half the following month. I have contacted several organizations for financial help but no one can help me.
    For the record my back rent owed comes to $1,600.00 / I could manage at the present time with $3,000.00 or ( Whatever is standard issue )until I can get back on my feet again. ( See P.S. Below ).
    Please help me to stop this eviction process !
    My lease ends October 31 2019 and I want to renew my lease I have been given a temporary hold but now my hold time is about to end.
    Thank You

    With your assistance I want to begin a new life so that I may pursue and work in my chosen career as a public lecturer / teacher ! As I have been unemployed for a long period of time I need to be self sufficient again. And to be able to pay all of my debts past and present and to have the financial means to pursue my career as a Public Lecturer / Teacher which I had to postpone because of my family responsibility. I am a former member of Toastmasters International for four years and I am rated as a Competent Communicator and have won 20 awards.

  14. Leslie prater

    I need a grant to move back from new York to Tennessee. I will be homeless at end of March 2020.

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    My husband and I are both seniors in Tennessee. we are looking for a grant to help us get a newer mobile home. Ours is 45 years old. It has been repaired many times. we own our land to put it on.


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