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Is is More Secure Not to Provide a Signature on the Back of your Credit Card?

Bank accounts and credit cards are becoming much more susceptible to identity theft. Identity thieves have become experts at avoiding the security measures that department stores and credit card companies have enacted to try to protect your identity. In today’s society, it is impossible to have ample identity theft protection.

You may be wondering how you can safeguard your identity with increased security. Are there additional measures that you, personally, can take to keep thieves from using your credit card to make purchases? In the ever-changing environment of credit card security, here is one common option:

Do Not Provide Your Signature on the Back Of Your Card.

All credit cards provide an area for your signature on the back of each card. Vendors use this signature to compare to the signature given at the time of your purchase, to confirm that you are the owner of the credit card. Identity thieves can effortlessly imitate your signature when they obtain your credit card. How can the salesperson know for sure if the individual signing the touch pad or receipt, is the person whose signature appears on the back of the credit card?

To avoid possible forgery and enhance their credit card’s security, a large number of individuals are now writing, “Please Check ID” on the back of their card. This is an extra measure of protection that allows the vendor to validate the identity of the card holder. Checking your signature on your driver’s license, and verifying that the person making the purchase matches the photo ID, will certainly increase the security of your credit card.

There have been occasions when this option has caused individuals some difficulties. Giving the salesperson the opportunity to check you ID will only add a few extra seconds to your transaction time. This seems like a small price to pay for the added identity theft protection and piece of mind you will receive.

It is unfortunate that, at times, the salesperson won’t take the time to confirm you credit card’s signature. There may be occasions that your ID will not be requested at all. This negligent behavior on the part of cashiers or other workers, can be a source of unapproved purchases to your credit card. In the Event that Your Card Is Stolen…

Call your credit card company without delay. Secure a balance transfer from your lender immediately.

Alert the police. A police report should be filed as soon as possible. Create a written record of your actions in the time following the card being stolen.

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