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How To Start A Business With No Money

How To Start A Business With No Money

If you have spare time, but no money, then it is possible to set up a business with no money. The process is very slow and very labor intensive, but as you will see by this article, it can be done.

You Need A Full-Time Job Or Way Of Supporting Yourself

If you have a full-time job, then it is possible to start business in your spare time. If you do not have a full-time job, then you cannot start a business because you need money to live.

Your business is not going to generate profit for a long time. Even businesses with multimillion-dollar startup budgets take a few years before they start making a profit.

Support yourself with a full-time job, and spend your time (but not money) on your part-time business. When you are generating a consistent profit, then you may expand and start working on your business on a more full-time basis.

This Article Assumes:

Before we start, we need to make a few things clear so that you do not misunderstand the content, and so that you get the most out of this article.

1 – You already have a full-time job that pays your everyday bills

Starting a business with money means you are able to operate without profit. If you have money when you start your business, then there is no immediate need to turn a profit. If you are starting a business with no money, then you cannot cover your bills until you turn a profit, which means your full-time job must pay your bills if you wish to start a business with no money.

2 – You are doing or starting your business in your spare time

Starting a business with no money is tough. You need to spend your working day working on your full-time job. Only use your spare time while setting up. When you are turning a solid and predictable profit, then you may start using more than just your spare time.

3 – You do not need a large investment to start your business

One assumes that you already have some of the tools and equipment needed to start your business. For example, you may be starting a web design business with no money, but one assumes you already have a PC. Even if you have no tools or equipment, you are not going to be able to start a business that requires tools or equipment if you do not have it and cannot afford to buy it.

4 – You are declaring every penny on your tax return

Side businesses, side jobs, and work in your spare time will still count as taxable income. If you want to avoid tax, then find another website to read because you are not welcome here. Your country is your home, and you owe it its due.

5 – You are looking to earn an honest buck

There are plenty of side jobs that break the law and are immoral, but you will find none of them here. We are not here to teach you how to sell glass as diamond or sausage as steak. Make your millions honestly, and you be able to sleep at night.

Start a business with no money

Start A Business With No Money And No Assets

In other words, if you wish to start a business with no money, then pick a business where you do not have to have any assets (other than what is needed to stay alive and healthy), and where you need no equipment or tools in advance. To remain in business, you must operate without tools, or expand using the money you earn. You could set up a business by becoming a sole trader that offers a single service and go from there.


A delightful woman I knew when I worked at a now defunct grocery store had a wine stain down one side of her face, which (for some reason) made her a more convincing psychic. She had a knack for supposedly talking to the dead, and as skeptical as you may be, she had a habit of getting names and insulated facts correct without cold reading. She would visit a person’s house and give a reading without needing equipment or tools.


A verbal translator needs no tools or equipment, and there is a variety of work options, from translating during police interviews, to helping foreign exchange students find housing. Failing that, if you are not too hot with language, you could always become a part-time mime.

Start Slow With Funding From Your Full Time Job

Siphon off a little from your full-time wage and invest it in your business. It takes a long time for any business to turn a profit, so prop up and support you part-time business with money from your full-time job. When your part-time business is turning its own profit and is self-sustaining, then you may think about expanding slowly to see if you can make more profit by investing more time.


Selling pewter trinkets for christenings, birthdays and special events was tough because they require a hard sell. When items were lost in the post or returned, it would damage the small business, so Mary-Anne would prop her part-time pewter business up with her full-time wages. She did this until she sold the business and its product line to a larger company for a reasonable profit.


John used to fix bikes during his weekends. His business went from working on bicycles to motorbikes, but each minor expansion required more money than the part-time business was earning, so he would fund the micro-expansions with money from his full-time job.

Use What You Already Have In Your House

You may not have much money to start your business, but you may have the tools and equipment you need in your house already. Consider starting small. Your business may have the potential to provide a wide range of services, but since you do not have the funding or tools, you may start by offering just one service.


On young man wanted to start a landscaping business but he only had spades and clippers in his house. Using word-of-mouth marketing, he sold his hedge clipping and flowerbed digging services until he could afford a gas-powered mower, at which point he started offering lawn mowing too. It was less than two years before he bought a van and expanded the reach of his service.


Jerry wanted to start an animation company but he couldn’t afford the staff, tech or software. He started on his PC and he used the free Blender program to make animated shorts for YouTube adverts. He used his profits to invest in animation tech, more 3D animation editing software, sound equipment and employees to help him.

Join Another Company And Break Away

Get a full-time job, save your money from it, and start your own business with your savings. Work in the job that you wish to do yourself. Learn as much as you can during your years there, and use that information to help set up your own business. You may even be able to convince your boss to help you start your own business, so long as you promise to do it far away from his or her shop.


Bishop worked in a jewelry shop for six years and learned the trade. He also learned which were the best suppliers, which jewelry sold for the most profit, and how to advertise for the least amount of money. He saved up to set up his own shop and used what he knew to create a successful business. He also bought very cheap secondhand jewelry and saved up stock while he worked at the other shop.


One middle-aged man left his job at a frame store to set up his own frame store. He already knew all there was to know about starting a frame store, and his old manager allowed him to borrow tools and equipment to help him with his new business venture.

Man lights his cigar with money

Get A Partner That Has Money

You may not have money to set up a business, but another person may be willing to invest the money. Do not go for a silent partner deal–go for an active partner if you are able to find one. You need all the help you can get, and another pair of hands is always helpful. The investor may be displeased that you are investing no money at all, but if you can prove that your skills will pay the bills, then you may be able to convince people to partner up with you.

INSERT IMAGE – Another Pair Of Hands – hands with scary eyes


Like many people, Karen used her parent’s money to launch her business, which she started on the back of her modeling career, which ended abruptly after she publicly kicked a TV executive who kept feeling her up. She then started a photography company, in which she was the model in all its adverts. After her ungracious drop from modeling, her parents were more than happy to fund her business.


Jess was a 17yr old girl who was being hounded by the 40-year-old friend of her uncle for a date. During the date, she gave him a business proposition. She asked that he finance her cake shop by putting up the money the money, being a guarantor for the business rental, and did all the accounts. He willingly agreed and put up the money. The cake shop is still in business today, though her uncle’s friend’s marriage to 43-year-old Linda broke up because of his investment.

Sell What You Have And Start On A Shoe String

If you do not have money to set up your side business, and you are having trouble saving for it, then cut back on everything. Put all of your spare cash into your savings accounts, and slash almost all of your budgets. Wear your clothes until you have holes and stains, and cut your “going out” and entertainment budget to zero. Sell whatever you don’t need or don’t use and save up the money to start your business.


Mike wanted to sell subscriptions to his blog, but he needed to spend money on Google Adwords advertising to do it. He cut back his budget in a big way, which included only using his car to get to work. With the money he saved, he invested in online adverts to help sell subscriptions to his blog.


A young woman worked at a hair salon, but she wanted to set up her own hair salon. To work her way towards her dream, she was visiting people’s houses and cutting hair for cash on the side, but she could only fit in one or two people per day on Sunday because he had to use the bus service. She needed a way of visiting more customers on Sunday.

She sold her double bed and bought a cheap single bed, she sold her wardrobes, most of her shoes, much of her nightlife clothing, her old mobile phones, her dining room table and her unused birthday presents to buy a road scooter that she used to get from one appointment to another. Her side business increased its turnover on Sunday by 50%, and she was now able to visit people and cut hair late in the evening when the bus services were every hour instead of every 20 minutes.

Making lots of money - Cash all over a room

Sell Your Idea And Your Product Before You Start

Selling your product before you have even made it is one hell of a task, but if you have a good idea or a good product, and you have the gift of great salesmanship, then you may be able to sell your products before you produce them. You should make it very clear that you are a startup company and that your initial orders will help buy the tools and equipment needed to make the products. As an extra incentive, the people who contribute before you set up are given a 30% lifetime discount on your entire inventory.


A sculptor decided that selling one-time sculptors for a very high price was not a sustainable business model, so he decided to have molds made of his sculptures so he could pour concrete into them and make concrete versions of his garden sculptures. He gained a series of pre-orders by showing off his originals and taking orders on the ones people wanted. The money they paid was invested in the tools, equipment and materials needed to make molds and then make concrete copies of his sculptures.


Maggie wanted to set up a sexy DIY service. Her idea involved sexy workers completing household DIY tasks. She showed off her “Tantalizing tiling” videos and her “Rippling muscles and roofing” videos online to drum up support, but it didn’t work. Undeterred, she posted her idea and videos on kickstarter, where the online (pervert?) community helped to start her home DIY service.

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