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How to Start A Business Or Pursue a Career in the Meditation Industry

How to Start A Business Or Pursue a Career in the Meditation Industry

Just like with any marketable skill, it is operating system to pursue a career in the meditation industry. How you pursue your career is really up to you, but you should start by at least looking for a few accredited meditation courses. After that point, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Finding Accredited Meditation Courses

It turns out that different countries have different rules and names for meditation qualifications and courses. Just like how a jeweler may be diploma qualified in one country and the qualification doesn’t carry over to another country, you are able to earn meditation qualifications in one country and them not carry over to another. Luckily, meditation is not like being a heart surgeon, and nobody is going to turn you away because you were trained in a different country. Just so long as your qualification isn’t “Made Up,” then you should be fine.

Add Your Qualifications to LinkedIN

One of the benefits of online resumes is that it is easy to add your new skills and qualifications for all the world to see. Since you are pursuing a career in the meditation industry, you should work to put your qualifications online. Maybe try to market yourself as a bit of a meditation guru. Offer people advice on places like Facebook and Twitter. Try to build a brand as an expert in the field of meditation. It will help your career in the short term, and will help your branding and promotion if you set up a business, become a sole trader, or become some sort of freelance meditation expert.

Try to avoid things such as YouTube videos because the most popular channels dominate in this area. There are so few that the bigger branded channels hold all the cards. Your videos will not appear on searches or in suggested videos unless you are paying for it, and you are looking at prices of at least 10 cents per view, which is way too costly to be worth your while.

Avoid Touting The Benefits Of Meditation

Be very careful of touting the benefits of meditation. A person who teaches car repair doesn’t have to tout the merits of owing or using a car, so you shouldn’t have to tout the benefits of meditation.

There are many reasons for this, with the most obvious being that you are going to attract negative comments online from people who do not believe in meditation, and from the significant portion of the population who receive no benefit from meditation.

Plus, there are a whole bunch of YouTube videos that offer tips on success that explicitly include meditation, and they are unintentionally trashing the reputation of meditation because the tips they offer never work, (after all, what self-respecting and genuine successful person would tell people how to be successful on YouTube). Do not lump yourself in with the losers who give success and motivation advice on YouTube, do not tout the merits of meditation. Your job is to chase a career in the meditation industry and maybe become an expert in it, your job is not to sell the idea of meditation.

Don’t Tout The Benefits Of Meditation – Can You Exploit Them Instead

There are plenty of hurrah Henry’s and know-it-all Noras who tout the benefits of meditation and then leave people hanging, but there is a good career to be made in doing the opposite. Instead of touting the benefits of meditation, you work backwards and exploit them instead.

For example, a book may say that meditation improves one’s sex life and then gives five or six meditation tips. You would do the opposite, you would offer in-depth instructions on how to mediate and then gear it towards helping somebody with their sex life. Maybe it can be geared towards helping lovers take it more slowly, or even helping lovers relax a little more during intercourse.

Working in this way is like showing somebody how to bake a cake and then letting them experience how filling and delicious the cake is, rather than telling somebody how delicious a cake is and then giving them a quickly written recipe.

Getting a Career in Meditation

Jobs in the meditation industry are not common. There are far more meditation experts than there are jobs in the field. That is why you need to seek them out. Check out any companies or organizations near you that are part of the meditation industry. Tell them about your qualifications and ask if they have any jobs.

You will have to do the legwork on this one because the company may not realize it is looking for new staff, so you have to sell yourself a little harder. They may not realize the benefits of having another employee unless they tell them about the benefits. It sounds like a strange thing to read, but Meditation as a paid industry is still a new concept to many people, so much so that even meditation centers do not post adverts, they try to hire from within from the people who attend.

Take Meditation Courses Online to Qualify for a Rewarding Career

It is quite possible and common to take a career in the meditation industry The phenomenon has such a large following that it is now a rather competitive area in which to market your skills. Many people are taking to having advanced meditation training so that they may compete in a serine and yet cutthroat industry. Meditation is so widespread that you can even get a job on an airline if you have meditation qualifications.

Taking It To The Next Level With Advanced Meditation Training

Earning meditation qualifications is a good way to help ensure your career in the meditation industry gets off to a flying start. If you are looking to compete with other people, then you may start your own business, or get a job in the field and take advanced meditation training qualifications. Some employers are looking upon advanced training in the same way that other businesses look upon bachelor degrees. Entering the job market with advanced qualifications helps put you ahead of the competition.

Social Media And Meditation

You can use social media to build up a reputation for meditation. You may use Twitter and Facebook to spread meditation tips and help market yourself as a guru expert. Add information into LinkedIn about your new qualifications, and make sure people know that your dedication to meditation is significant. Some people post very relaxing photos of themselves on Instagram; usually in some sort of zen or very difficult pose. Follow a few yoga experts to see the sorts of shots that appeal to people who meditate.

Finding New Places For Meditation

As mentioned in the introduction, there are now meditation courses that you can take on airlines, which just goes to show how meditation is spreading around the globe and becoming more popular. Yet, what most people do not realize is that meditation is not very adaptable. There is still lots of work to be done by meditation enthusiasts if meditation is to become as popular as smoking, coffee, and numerous other of life’s little pleasures.

There are many apps and online tools that revolve around meditation, but the fact is that only a small minority of them are any good. There is still plenty of room for meditation experts to create good and useful apps that focus on meditation.

There is still a great deal of work to be done in the realms of teaching people how to meditate, and there is still work to be done in finding ways to have meditation fit into a modern life. For example, look at modern parents who only really get time to themselves after 9pm when the kids are in bed. Many parents stay up too late just to grab a few more minutes of joy before they wake up to their kids stuff and work stuff. How can you help parents get more out of their time? How can you convince them to meditate during their few hours of relaxation? Is there a way to help such people sneak a little meditation into their regular day?

Try to Solicit For Jobs

A career in the meditation industry is not likely to appear in your local job center or work exchange. They are not the sorts of jobs that are often advertised where plumbing and building jobs are advertised. Instead, you have to visit websites and grab a job with both hands.

If you are lucky, then you will visit the website of a local company and their website will have a “Vacancies” section where you may check for and apply for jobs. If that is the case, then keep checking the website until they have a job for you.

If you find websites that do not have a vacancies section, then email and/or call them and ask them if there are positions open. Always lead with your qualifications. For example, do not call and say, “Hey, my name is XXXXX, do you have any jobs.” Instead, you say, “Hey, my name is XXXXX, I have XXXXX qualifications, do you have any positions open?”

Are Meditation Courses Easy?

For some people, a meditation course is easy, just like a piano lesson is easy. For other people, a meditation course is difficult simply because the course content is not for them. Some people can take a few piano lessons and get good, and others can take hundreds of lessons and still be terrible. Are some people more talented when it comes to all things meditation? Yes. Are some people going to find meditation courses far more difficult than other people? Double yes.

If you do find the course very difficult, then maybe a career in the meditation industry is not for you. If the course is very easy for you, then maybe you have chosen the correct career. Meditation is not for everybody, and not everybody feels the benefits, but if you think you have what it takes, then a rewarding career in the meditation industry awaits you.

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