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How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

There are plenty of websites about this topic too, but most of them cover generic information to the point where the information people read becomes repetitive. You could drill down the subject and make it specific to a certain country or area. Or, you could drill it down to certain professions, such as how to get a job in the medical industry overseas.

We have a “How to Become a Travel Blogger” that you may like to look at for inspiration if you are thinking about becoming a travel blogger and want to get an idea where to start.

When it comes to HOW to make money though as a travel blogger (being a travel blogger and making money as a travel blogger don’t always go together), here are some things that work.

So…How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

It is not easy. This is especially true if you have the expense of traveling added into your overhead costs. On the other hand, if you do not travel to the locations you write about, then you may find it more difficult to gain niche appeal. After all, why would people read your information when they could easily skim the Internet and find it for themselves? People may demand more intimate knowledge if they are going to visit your blog regularly. Here are a few ways you can make an income from a travel blog.

Make Money with Affiliate Advertising

This is where you have an affiliate company place adverts on your website. You get money if people click the adverts (Pay Per Click) or you may get money if they see your adverts (Pay Per Impression).

Be forewarned that affiliate advertising is not a big earner. Affiliate advertising on your website only pays a tiny amount of passive income. You need a website that is attended by hundreds of thousands just to make a living wage from affiliate advertising. In addition, they tend to anger and annoy your readers, which makes them less inclined to keep visiting.

If you are planning to use affiliate advertising to generate the bulk of your income, then you need to play it very cleverly. For example, there is a website on the net that dedicates itself only to household faucets. It has reviews of almost every kind of faucet, and under each review is an advert for that faucet and/or an advert for a company that sells the faucet–and they make a lot of money through affiliate advertising. Their adverts are un-intrusive and at the bottom of their website where only those that have read the reviews may see.

Make Money with E-Books And Guides

You may find it difficult to sell your e-books and guides because people are often unwilling to pay for information they can get off the Internet for free. You will really have to find a treasure-trove of information that is difficult to find elsewhere, and then find a ready group of people that are desperate for the information. This is difficult, but not impossible. Just make sure you are giving people the information you promise. If you burn people by selling e-books and guides that are a rip off, then you will receive a dreadful online reputation and your blog will bomb. Basically, you need to give people $1000 worth of fantastic information in one e-book, and then sell it for $3.50.

Make Money with Referral Money From Travel Companies

This is a very lucrative way to make money, but it is also very difficult. Firstly, you need to convince travel companies, airlines and travel agencies to give you a referral fee. Many of them will not allow you to have affiliate adverts or referral deals with other companies, which may restrict your earning potential significantly.

Many are unwilling to make a deal with you unless you can prove that your website/blog is both popular and highly attended (which is tough). Furthermore, many of them will insist you only get paid if your readers are referred to them and make a purchase. There are very few companies that will pay you simply to direct traffic their way because they can get that sort of thing from affiliate companies.

However, if you are able to make deals with travel companies, airlines and travel agencies so that they pay you referral money, then it is possible to make a reasonably good income if you have enough purchase-hungry traffic.

Make Money with Sponsorships

There are some travel companies, airlines, travel agencies, booking companies and accommodation companies that will pay you to post blog posts. If you can prove that your blog is heavily attended by travel seekers, you may be able to gain sponsorship.

It works in three ways. One way is that they sponsor you in general and you have their banners and adverts on your website. You are not paid for clicks; you are simply paid for having them there. Another way is where one company pays you for promotional content on your blog. The third way is where different companies pay you to post positive content about them and/or their services.

There is also a chance your viewers will give you donations, or you may sign up to a company such as, where the general public offers to sponsor your blog to keep it active.

Make Money Selling Your Travel Goods

Do you often come back from strange places with even stranger objects? You could sell them on eBay, or you could avoid the fees and sell them directly from your website. Do you have cursed pieces of jewelry or fertility statues? You may be able to make money from them, especially if your blog posts show photos of you acquiring them and your posts explain the history of them.

Make Money Selling Your Travel Writing

Become something of a freelance travel blogger. You go places and write about it. You then hunt for clients that would like travel writers. Use your knowledge and experience about the location to write about it for other blog masters and web masters. If you can show and prove that you have firsthand experience within the country or location, then your clients may be willing to pay you a little more than they usually pay travel writers (which is not much at all).

Make Money Selling Your Photographs Or Videos

If you have taken professional-looking photos, then you may be able to get a fair amount of money for your shots. However, even if you are a keen amateur, there are plenty of locations where it is difficult to get a modern, new or original photograph. Even your amateur shots may earn a little money. What’s more, you may set up your own gallery on your blog so that people may read your content and so that web masters may buy the rights to your images.

It’s possible if you have enough photos (quantity is key here) about travel that you can sell your images to stock photo companies and make commissions.

If you take a few good videos, you may also sell them. For example, your scenery shots may be spliced into the videos of another web master. If you are able to find clients, then selling your video clips may be rather lucrative.

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