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10 Ways How to Make a Passive Income Online

10 Ways How to Make a Passive Income Online

What really grinds my gears are web posts that claim you can earn a passive income, and then proceed to tell me that I can sell things on eBay or write sponsored blog posts. They are not passive in any way, shape or form. Things like that require a lot of action in order to be paid. There are few instances where you may write a blog post and have somebody repeatedly pay you for it, and there are very few (if any) circumstances where you can put something on eBay and leave it there without doing anything and still earn money.

These are passive methods for earning money. They involve a little bit of effort at first, but they then require very little (if any) effort other than a bit of maintenance.

1. Affiliate Advertising

This is where you sign up for an affiliate advertising company such as Google Adwords and they place adverts on your website. You keep doing whatever it is you are already doing with your website, and if your viewers click the adverts then you are paid a tiny bit of money. The idea is that the money adds up over time so that you are paid.

2. Paid Referral Links On Your Website

These are adverts or links that your put on your website, blog, emails or whatever. People click on them and they are taken to a website. If they make a purchase within a certain time frame or if they sign up, then you are given a one-off referral payment that can sometimes be very large. There are often qualifying conditions, but sometimes it is just a case of setting it up correctly with a legitimate company.

3. Invest In Peer-To-Peer Lending Schemes

This is where you put your money in and other people borrow it. The peer lending company fixes up all of the lending and borrowing actions, all you have to do is put your money in and decide how long you keep it in for. Just make sure you use a legitimate and trusted company. It is a little like a savings account except that you have more control over your money and exactly how much interest you are going to earn.

4. Sell an eBook on your website or blog

It is a little unfair putting this as a tip because selling an e-book is viciously difficult. When was the last time you bought an e-book from a regular website or blog? How many books are you planning to buy from blogs in the near future? The fact is that very few people buy them, but you may be able to squeeze a sale or two if you are lucky.

5. Commission an app to be created

It takes a lot of money to create a really great app that people are going to use and love. However, if you are able to make a good selling app that is featured on Apple iTunes and Google Play, then you will be able to make a passive income for years and years if you are lucky.

6. Create cartoons or take photographs

Selling digital products such as your own cartoons or your photography is tough, but it is a passive way of making money over the long term. It will mean you have to spend a lot of time building your website and getting it ranked up on the search engines, but it may be worth your while in the long run if you are able to get people buying from it.

7. Give stuff away and ask for donations

There are different degrees of active involvement with this idea. You may become activity involved and give away free betting tips every day, and all you ask in return are a bunch of donations. Or, you may take a more passive role and upload all of the digital content that you own the copyright to (your photos, videos, etc.) and give it away for free with a request for donations.

8. Have people pay for your advice again and again

You offer to solve problems for a fee. For example, you may be an expert when it comes to fixing cars. You offer your advice for a fee. Once you have given your advice, you place it on your website. If other people want the same advice, they have to sign up for an account and pay you via your website so they may see the advice. The initial questions quality require a little work from you, but the more questions you answer, then the more money you make in the long-run as passive income because your library of answers builds up.

9. Become a silent partner for an eCommerce website

This is where you invest in another company and they do all the work while paying you a portion of the profits. Finding a good company to invest in will be tough, and there is a lot of legal work to be done. In addition, you will need some way of verifying their verisimilitude when it comes to their accounting and their ability to make a profit. After all, what is the point in investing in a company when the people who run it are taking all the money for themselves and are not declaring it so that you do not get your fair share?

10. Create online guides and sell them for a low price

The best ones you may create are gaming guides because people want them and they are fun to make. It is fun researching a game that you are already playing a lot, plus you are able to find your own ways to beat the game that you can show people with your guides. In addition, it is easy to create screenshots of funny and interesting things with your PC, and some games are played for years after they come out, so there will be a good demand for your guide if the game you choose is popular. In addition, you may keep adding to and updating your guide, or you may leave it on your website and allow it to passively make money without actively updating it.

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