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How to Improve Performance Marketing For Your Business

How to Improve Performance Marketing For Your Business

What is performance marketing? These days, it refers to the use of things such as affiliate advertising, where payment is only issued if there is a measurable result. There are numerous ways you may use performance marketing, but the primary goal is to optimize your performance marketing to ensure you are getting more for your money.

Sometimes, It Is Worth Targeting Impressions Simply To Get The Ball Rolling

Most of your adverts will not contain a branding message, especially the text-based adverts you put out, so you are probably keen to keep impressions down and click-through rates very high. This may indicate that your performance based marketing is perfectly optimized and efficient. However, there is nothing wrong with shooting for many impressions. You may run the risk of getting more useless clicks from non-target demographics, but you have to remember that many search engines measure metrics such as page views (e.g. the measurements taken by Chrome, and YouTube page views). Plus, there is a chance your many impressions will lead to greater exposure for your company if your company name is present on the advert, or your name is visibly present in the link on your advert.

Past-Keyword Searches Offer New Ideas

Obviously, we have all taken a look at our performance first marketing, we have seen which sorts of searches led to our pages, and we have taken their advice, but past searches may offer more insights than it first appearances.

Take the example of a YouTube video being marketed just after the Justin Roiland game is released. Many of the keyword searches that lead people to the video are obvious, such as searches for the game’s name, game guides, final boss guides, puzzle guides and so forth. However, some of the searches said, “Is the game VR only” and “How long is Trover Saves The Universe length.”


Consider what these searches say about your targets? Firstly, they are obviously from people who have not bought the game yet, so there is obviously room for PPC affiliate sales if you were to link up with a gaming merchant/platform. There is also an indication that the game’s marketing is lacking in very important details, which means you may be able to draw more people to your pages if your content and your adverts address some of those details. While your competitors are offering only guides for the game, you could be offering guides plus the sort of information that draws in people who are ready to buy the game. All of this can be discerned from simply examining the sorts of searches that your target audience are doing.

Outright Copy Your Competitors And Then Scale Up The Things That Work For “YOU”

Taking from the previous example, the YouTube video may have started out copying the keywords of its competitors, but eventually its campaign discovered that the words “Final Boss” drew far more attention than the name of the game itself. Ergo, the keywords surrounding “Final Boss” were given more emphasis, which helped to promote the video more thoroughly. In short, you should copy your competitors, but then take what you have learned and go in your own direction.

This point may be even more profound when dealing with b2b marketing because you have a smaller pool of targets and a wider opportunity to spread, demonstrate and promote your unique selling points. You may enter the b2b market in the shadow of your competitor’s marketing, use a little of what they do, and then run in your own direction using your own USPs as your driving power.

Never Dramatically Increase Your Bid Amounts To Get Things Rolling

Doing this sort of thing is playing into the hands of the affiliate platforms you are using, and you will end up paying more in the long run. This is especially true of learning platforms because it simply starts to optimize your campaigns for a larger budget. Think of it as entering the world of boxing. You can enter as a lightweight and be put in the ring with other lightweights, or you can start out a heavyweight and try to fight off the other huge monsters in the ring with you. Always start with a small bid amount and creep it up if needed, a fish doesn’t always need a bigger worm.

Experiment More With Your Keywords When Performance Marketing

Stop believing the likes of Google when it comes to the popularity of keywords. Google has an agenda in which it wants you to bid for the most expensive keywords. As IHOP proved with their burger/pancake stunt, you can call things whatever you like and use a whole bunch of unorthodox keywords and people will still come running if your marketing campaign is clever or creative enough. Forget affiliate advertising companies that say a keyword has a low search volume and use it anyway. It will be cheaper, and you may be surprised by the result.

Conclusion – Copying Your Competitors Up To A Point

There is nothing wrong with copying your competitors if you wish to improve your performance marketing, in fact, it is often the best way to get started so that you may collect a little data of your own. However, you have to remember that your competitor’s motivations may not be as transparent as they first appear, which is why you need to use your own data to slowly optimize your own campaign. Alter and grow your marketing over time, and allow it to evolve, even if it seems to veer away from the sort of thing that makes your competitors popular/successful.

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