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How To Get Photo Checks

How To Get Photo Checks

So…what are photo checks (also called artisan checks or designer checks, though photo checks specifically have a photo imprinted on them and usually are custom photos of your own making).

Photo checks are checks that have an image located somewhere on the them. You can get photo checks whether it be for business checks or personal checks. Some businesses like their logo on them, or some just like to add photos to their checks to add some flair. This article will outline where you can order photo checks, and how to print photo checks for yourself.

An example of a photo check:


Ordering Photo Checks

Photo checks can have some benefits, as you might want photo checks if your a salesman, as the checks can help establish your brand with your face on the check.  If you are an artist or designer, inputting your work on the checks could also be a good way to grow your business. Essentially for any business, it can be beneficial to put your business logo on the cheques to further establish your brand and give your business a more professional look.

Furthermore, photo checks would make it difficult for any fraud to occur if someone else gets a hold of your checks. It would obviously be more difficult for the thief to claim that those are his checks with your face right on the check next to your name and address.

The easiest way to get photo checks is to order them from check printing companies such as  or . With these sites, you simply upload the pictures you want on your checks. The pictures will be professionally formatted to fit the entire check or a portion of the check based on your preference, and the image will be faded to banking standards, so the photo doesn’t make the writing difficult to read.

Where to Get Photo Checks Online?

There are numerous other online check retailers that will do photo checks that include:

  • This site is highly customizable as you can choose the size and location of the photo on the check. You can choose one photo for all the checks, or upload up to 24 different checks that will be rotated throughout the checks. You can get 2 boxes of duplicate checks for only $37.99.
  • This site offers lower prices as you can get a box of photo checks starting at $15. Although this site features low prices, you can only upload one photo for all your checks.
  • : this site has an easy to use interface which makes inputting your banking information easy. You have the option of one photo that will be featured on all the checks or a rotating photo options that will have different photos on different checks.
  • this site allows you to not only add photos to just the checks themselves, but allows you to make photo labels and photo covers as well. Similarly to the above, you have the option of one photo for all the checks, or multiple photos on multiple checks. You can even get side tear rotation checks.
  • this site allows you to upload up to 4 photos to be featured on your checks. You can just used one photo for all the checks if your prefer. These checks also comes with side tear checks.

Keep in mind when ordering photo checks, processing could take a few days longer due to adding the photos to all the checks.

Uploading The Photo for Your Photo Check

This is fairly easy, but should be mentioned. If you go through a company that prints out your custom photo checks, you will need to send them your photo/s to put on the checks.

To upload a photo, the photo has to be saved on your computer. When you upload the photo, you will have to click browse and locate the saved location of the photo and click upload. Keep in mind the main file types accepted include : JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF files. The photos can generally be no larger then 4 MB in size.

The last thing to know is most photo check retailers will not accept copyrighted professional photos. They have to be your own photos.

Printing your own Photo Checks

Your next option if you want photo checks is to print them your self. Now this can be a bit of a difficult process. You will need special paper, as well as magnetic ink as explained below.

1. Magnetic Ink

First, you obviously need a printer, and you can use almost any inkjet or laser printer, however it is best to use a magnetic ink, especially if you are going to print your own checks from scratch. Magnetic ink should be used because some banks have magnetic readers on their computers that read the routing information and bank account number that is on the bottom of the check.

2. Paper

Legally, you can just use normal paper to print your checks, however if you use regular paper, the bank processing the check might think that the check could possibly by fake and so on. It is recommend to use security paper, or carbon paper which can be found at office retailers such as Staples or Office Max.This kind of paper makes it more difficult for anyone to tamper or alter the check any way

3. Software

You can technically print your own checks without any software, although it can be a lot easier and quicker to use some sort of software. The only software you need is any money management software that you could might already have such as Quicken, Microsoft Money, Office Time and more. With these programs its easier to use pre printed blank checks, however you can still print a check from scratch with these programs. Keep in mind not all of these programs will have the option to upload your own photos to the actual check

Once you have all this software you can upload the photos onto the programs when creating and printing your own checks.

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There can be some difficulties as previously mentioned when printing your own photo checks, especially with the ink, and another possible issue is  if the photo is faded enough so you can read the writing. Try ordering photo checks from one of the above mentioned check services first, before trying to print you own.

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