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How To Get a Credit Card with No Credit Check

How To Get a Credit Card with No Credit Check

If you have bad credit and need a credit card you might be wondering if you can get a credit card without the company running a credit check on you.

The answer is yes you can, and it can be done by applying for certain secured credit cards or prepaid credit cards.

Secured credit cards are designed specifically for people that have bad credit and for people who would like to build their credit back up, as well as for people with no credit at all. Prepaid credit cards on the other hand are easy and quick for everyone to get by purchasing the card at various retailers.

The easiest and most efficient method to receiving a no credit check credit card is to apply for a secured credit card. The following will explain how a secured credit card works and how and where to get secured credit cards.

How Does A Secured Credit Card Work?

These cards work by placing a security deposit to the card issuer, and in return you get a credit card. The amount of the deposit usually has to be close or equal to the credit limit of the card. The credit limits are usually very low, and can range from $250-$1000 dollars. After making payments regularly on the card, your credit limit increases and you will no longer need a secured card. The card issuer regularly reports your payments to the credit bureaus, and you can see your credit score improve dramatically in a short period of time. The secured card is used just like a regular credit card when you are making purchases, and making payments on those purchases. It is important to note that with most secured credit cards, you can only get one if your monthly income exceeds your monthly expenses. Some applications will require that you provide a copy of 1 or 2 weeks of pay stubs from your employer.

Where To Find Secured Credit Cards

Many but not all banks offer secured credit cards, however many times this isn’t something that you will see advertised. So ask your bank if they offer secured credit cards, if not call other banks and credit unions in your area and you will surely come across a bank that offers a secured credit card. Keep in mind not all secured credit cards are of no credit check status, some will check your credit but many times it is only checked to see what interest rate they will charge you.

Take a look at our list of the best secured credit cards — we go to great lengths to sort through all the card options and point you to the best ones. 

How To Pick The Best Secured Credit Card

There are a few important areas that need to be considered when choosing a secured card. The most important thing is to make sure that the card reports to all 3 major credit bureaus. This is essential so your credit can be assessed properly, and to allow your rating to improve. Next is to look at how to qualify for the cards you are interested in. Some cards do look at your past credit while some cards do not. Finally, take a close look at the interest rates. Some secured cards tend to have higher rates which is to be expected, however you can find some with lower interest rates. The following are some of the best no credit check secured credit cards available.

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card

It can sometimes be difficult getting approved even for a secured card, so if this is the case for you, then this is the card for you. This card is easily the best secured card for bad credit, as the bank does not even look at any of your past credit information at all.

To qualify, your monthly income has to exceed your monthly expenses. You can place the security deposit without even having a checking or savings account which is rare for a secured credit card. You can fund the card via a wire transfer, money order, or by writing a check.  Also, the annual fee is affordable at $35, the only downside is you cannot upgrade this card to a non secured card.


  • this card does not run any sort of credit check, and does not require a checking or savings account to qualify
  • card has an affordable fee of $35
  • regularly reports to 3 major credit bureaus
  • your credit limit is the amount of your deposit
  • variable A.P.R. at 17.99%


  • very easy to qualify (often in same day you apply)
  • great for someone with damaged credit


  • has an annual fee
  • usually you cannot upgrade to a non secured credit card

Is this card right for me?

  • This card is ideal if you have damaged credit, or or recovering from a bankruptcy, as your credit score is not reviewed when applying, and it does not require you to have a checking or savings account like most other secured credit cards.
  • You could also use this card if you are building credit for the first time, although it does not let you upgrade to a secured card so there are other secured cards that are a better for fit.

The following is another card that allows you to qualify even if you have bad or damaged credit:

Primor Secured Visa Gold Credit Card

You really can’t go wrong with this card as bad credit or bankruptcy is not considered at all with this card. When you first get this card, you have to make a security deposit from a range of $200 to $5000. The deposit is taken from your checking account and put into a savings account that will earn you interest. Your credit limit will be the amount of your deposit. To qualify your income has to exceed your expenses by a few hundred dollars.


  • credit ranges from $200 to $5000
  • annual fee of $49
  • low ongoing A.P.R. at 9.99%
  • guaranteed approval if your monthly income exceeds your monthly expenses by $100 or more
  • reports to all 3 major credit bureaus


  • low interest rate
  • very easy to be approved
  • can start with a deposit as low as $200


  • has an annual fee

Is this card right for me?

  • This card is ideal if you have a very bad credit history or bankruptcy, as none of that is considered when applying.
  • this card is ideal for anyone seeking a secured credit card, although if you are building your credit for the first time it might take longer then most secured cards to be able to move on to a non secured credit card.

Pre Paid Credit Cards

A simple, convenient method to getting a no credit check credit card is a prepaid credit card. Prepaid credit cards allows you to buy the card for a specified price, and the price you pay will be the amount of the credit limit of the card. For example, if you buy a $150 prepaid credit card, you will be able to use the card for $150 worth of purchases. These cards can be used anywhere that traditional credit cards are used and accepted, including online.

Where to Purchase A Pre Paid Credit Card

To purchase a pre paid credit card, you can head to any department store, or some larger convenient stores such as 7-11, and you can choose from a variety of cards ranging from $50 all the way up to $500 in some cases. When you purchase the card, there is obviously no credit check of any sort, as you are purchasing the card just like you would purchase any other item. The great thing about pre paid credit cards is they are reloadable. This means once you have used the balance up on the card, you can simply go on the credit card website and add funds to the card, and continue to use it.

Keep in mind that when purchasing the credit card, there is an additional activation fee that usually costs around the $5 mark. So if you purchases a $50 prepaid card the total would cost you $55.

Is this card right for me?

  • The one great advantage of using a prepaid credit card is there is no interest to be paid of any sort. This is because you already paid the entire amount of the balance of the credit card when you made the purchase. Also the process of getting a prepaid card only takes minutes.
  • The disadvantage of using a prepaid card is there is no way to build your credit score. If you want a no credit check credit card that will also help your credit score then you should go with a secured credit card such as the ones previously mentioned in this article. If you are not worried about building your score and just simply want to be able to make purchases with credit then a prepaid card is the way to go.

To sum things up, when choosing between a secured credit card and a prepaid credit card, keep in mind you will have a high interest rate with secured credit cards, while with prepaid cards you will pay no interest, but you will have no way of building your credit.

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Look at the situation you are in, if you have bad credit then choose a secured credit card to build your credit. If you still somehow cannot get a secured credit card, you can always resort to using  a prepaid card.

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