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How To Find Out If You are On The ChexSystems List

One of the questions we often get is how to determine if you are on the “chexsystems bad list.” It’s actually pretty easy to determine this.


Option 1: Call the ChexSystems number at 800-428-9623. There will be a list of automated instructions you must follow.

Option 2: Go to the official ChexSystems website,, and follow the online instructions to get your official (free) ChexSystems Consumer report.


  1. Wait about one week (5 business days) for your report to arrive in your mail.
  2. When the report arrives, take a good look at the report and check for any negative items (called “Reported Information”). If you see anything with “Reported Information” then you are likely on the ChexSystems list and will have a difficult time trying to open any new bank account in the US.
  3. Make sure the information is accurate. If you find inaccuracies, you can contact ChexSystems to fix it. In some cases, this may be enough to get you removed from the ChexSystems list.

Disputing Errors

If you find something that is wrong in our report, you can dispute the claim with chexsystems. First, you need to gather all the documents like your bank statements or payment records and then you can visit this link here to file a dispute.

Need a Bank Account but have ChexSystems problems or Bad Credit?

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The process of filing a dispute will take up to 30 days to process, unless you live in Maine where it is 21 days. You will be notified by Mail from Chexsystems the result of their findings and if your dispute was successful.

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  1. Zachary Harris

    How do usually find out which institutions have me black listed, so that I might contact them directly? I haven’t had a bank account in over 14 years but am still being denied


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