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How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Virwox

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Virwox

There are a few ways to buy bitcoin with Paypal, but it is not a very common payment method for buying bitcoin. That is a shame because I like using PayPal to buy bitcoin because the sellers are unable to gain access to my bank details or credit card details. Here is how you buy bitcoin with PayPal using Virwox.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Virwox

You start with the Virwox home page. It will look something like the image you see below. Click on one of the links or buttons to register a new account. The button and link is highlighted in red in the image below.

Virwox Home Page

Enter a new username. You can pick almost anything you like. They only allow underscores to separate the words in your account. Enter your email address too. The next section you are able to leave alone. You can leave it as SL (Second Life) and you can enter an avatar name, or you can leave it as “No Avatar.”

Enter your first name, your last name, your country, and your preferred language. Click the agree button, fill out the reCAPTCHA and click to register. As you can see on the registration screen below, there are some parts I have left blank because I don’t fancy giving away my real email address and such. You should fill in all of these parts in full.

Virwox registration screen

Once you have finished, you will see a registration screen where your user properties are all laid out. Again, for my own security, I have deleted a few things from the screenshot below. You will see a full version when you register with the company yourself. There is also something called the, “Secret TIN.” I don’t know what it is, but I wrote it down on notepaper anyway along with my password and username.

Virwox registration new user properties

As you can see on the image above, there is a message at the bottom saying that they are going to send me an email to activate my account. The image below shows you the email they sent me. I copied the temporary password and logged back into the website.

Virwox Confirm Email

The image below simply shows me logging into Virwox using the login panel at the top left of the home page.

Logging in to Virwox With temp password

Once I logged in for the first time, I saw the activation screen that confirmed my account was now active. Since I only had a temporary password, I went over to link highlighted on the image below in order to create a new password.

Virwox confirm my account is active

It is a good idea to change your password after the first time you log on and before you buy any digital currency. The settings screen will look similar to the one pictured below.

Change your password on Virwox

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Virwox

Go back to the Viwox home page and look to the left of the screen. You will see a sidebar if you are correctly logged in. Click on the link that says, “Deposit.”

The deposit link on the Virwox website

When you get to the deposit screen, you should use the PayPal express deposit section. Enter how much money you want to deposit. Since it was a brand new account, the most they allowed me to deposit was $99.

Paypal express deposit on virwox

Click the PayPal button and it will take you to the PayPal website where you may log into your account and make your purchase.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Virwox - paypal confirmation screen

The image below shows you the screen you see when you have finally deposited your USD. You now need to turn your USD into bitcoin, but it is not as easy as it seems. You first need to buy SLL.

USD confirmation deposit with Virwox

You need to click on the USD/SLL link that is shown on the image below. That will take you to the market order page. Enter the amount of USD that you wish to see in exchange for SLL. Click the next button.

USD to SLL in Virwox

I then received a warning notification saying that the rate had changed a little. You may not receive such a warning. I clicked to place the order.

Virwox buying SLL but estimated proceeds changed

After clicking to place the order, I saw a confirmation screen with Virwox showing I bought SLL.

Confirmation screen with Virox showing I bought SLL

Now, we have to turn our SLL into BTC. Click the link highlighted in the image below and this takes you back to the market order page for BTC/SLL. Luckily for me, the exchange tool had already figured out the maximum amount of bitcoin I can buy with my current SLL balance, and it entered it into the tool for me. All I had to do was click the Next button.

VirWox market order turning SLL to BTC

As you can see by the image below, they asked me to confirm the order, so I clicked the “Place Order!” button.

Confirm SLL to BTC order on Virwox

I then received the message, “An error occurred” on Virwox. I went back to the home page and I logged out. I was using Internet Explorer at the time, so I gave Microsoft Edge a try. I went to the Virwox homepage and I logged in again. I then followed the same steps I gave you above for turning SLL into BTC. I clicked on the “BTC/SLL” link, and I made my order for Bitcoin.

This time, instead of receiving an error message, I was taken to the confirmation page shown on the image before. Either, the system doesn’t like it if you use Internet Explorer when you make BTC and SLL purchases. Or, it was a temporary problem that fixed itself. Either way, I have seen posts online where people say they get the same error, but luckily I got around it somehow and all I did was log out and log back in using Microsoft Edge instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Confirmation that I turned SLL into BTC with Virwox

The image above confirms that I have bought bitcoin, and you can also see from my account balance that BTC has appeared. Now, it is time to withdraw, so click the “Withdraw button” and it takes you to the withdrawal page. Enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to withdraw, and enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Click the “Request Withdrawal” button and you are done.

withdrawing bitcoin to a wallet from Virwox

Sadly, since this is my first withdrawal from the company, they are making me wait 48 hours so that they may manually approve the transfer. That sucks a little, but I suppose it is okay if they don’t make a habit of it.

Conclusion – It Is A Long Way To Go For Bitcoin

The process of turning your US dollars into bitcoin is far from simple with Virwox, but it is a legitimate way of buying bitcoin with PayPal. I spent $99 at Virwox and got back 0.019 BTC. At this rate, the cost of a full bitcoin will cost me $5112, though it will probably be less when I am able to make larger order through Virwox. The current rate on Google for one full bitcoin is $4073.23. As I say, it is probably possible to buy a full bitcoin with Virwox for less than $5000, but you are still paying more than the conversion rate shown on Google. That is the price you pay for buying bitcoin with PayPal. Nevertheless, I agree that it is safer for the consumer to buy bitcoin with PayPal because it means the buyer cannot see or gain access to your bank or credit card details.

About The Author

Ash The Great

After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


  1. Smach Olivier

    Unable to add fund to my virwox account with Paypal.
    I have USD 100 on my paypal and I want to add USD 40 in virwox but while paying with Paypal I get the message “Card -XXXX rejected”.
    What can be the problem ?
    Note : I’m able to make purchases on other sites

    • Ash The Great

      I have had this problem too. There are a few reasons.

      The first is that the Virwox website sometimes has issues where it won’t let me load money into my account. Sometimes, I can use Skrill instead, and sometimes I have to wait a few days until the issue is fixed. My understanding is that it is a technical issue on Virwox’s end.

      Another reason why one of my cards was rejected was because PayPal wanted extra verification. After trying several times, I logged into my PayPal account independently and not through Virwox. PayPal said they wanted me to verify my card again. I did it, followed PayPal’s instructions, and was still received the “Card Rejected” message. After about 2 days I tried again and it was fine since.

      Another problem is that sometimes the Verified By Visa (or whatever you use) does not load or it malfunctions. In this case I usually change web browser, log in again, and try again. Sometimes that works. Other times, the Verified By Visa thing doesn’t work because of internet issues on my part, so I turn off the internet on my phone and my girlfriend’s phone, and the signal to my computer improves so that the Verified By Visa bit loads correctly.

      Other times, I am not sure why they reject my card. Maybe I have reached spending limits on my PayPal or the card itself. I know there is a spending limit on Virwox, but they usually tell me how much I can put into my account before I even start the deposit process.

      Those are the reasons I have encountered so far, and those are the fixes I have found so far. I still use Virwox because I do not have to give out my bank details, real name, or verify with photo identification. I know they have slightly higher fees, but I would pay double that for the safety that comes with not sharing my personal information with these websites.


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