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How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Paxful

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Paxful

Want to buy bitcoin with PayPal using Paxful, then you are going to have to buy from their sellers, and their sellers are not selling cheap. Some of the exchange rates on Paxful are pretty good, but it depends upon which payment type you choose. Paxful has good rates if you are looking the buy with one of the most common buying methods, such as bank transfers and credit cards. If you are looking to buy with PayPal, then you may suffer a little. There are tens of different ways to pay for bitcoin, and different sellers accept different methods. However, the people who accept PayPal will usually offer a terrible exchange rate, so you have been warned. Here is how you buy bitcoin with PayPal using Paxful.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Paxful

You start on the Paxful home page and click on the link where it says “Buy Bitcoin Now.” You can do it a different way by signing up first, but this is the way I did it.

Paxful Home Page

It starts by asking you an amount that you would like to spend. If you are looking for an amount of bitcoin to buy, then you may click the small link that says, “Show in bitcoin.” Otherwise, you type in your amount, select your desired currency, and click the continue button at the bottom of the page.

Paxful choose an amount screenshotThe image below shows you what you will see when you authenticate your account. You have to give your email address one time and click continue. You then have to enter it again to confirm it, and you have to complete a Captcha puzzle to confirm it too.


Paxful authenticate

The image below is a screenshot showing what you will see when you try to buy bitcoin with Paypal using Paxful. It asks you how you would like to pay, and since this article is explaining how to buy bitcoin with Paypal, I have selected the PayPal option. Click continue after selecting it.

Paxful - Pick To Pay With Paypal

As you can see from the image below, I received just one offer where the seller was willing to sell via PayPal within the realms of the amount I wished to spend. However, I firstly didn’t like the rate he was giving me because it was terrible, and his offer said that my first trade must only contain $25. Instead of making the trade, I clicked the link that said, “Click here to find another offer.”

Paxful - First offer was crappy

Just to check, I had a good look at the offer the guy had sent, and he was only going to give me $61.69 worth of bitcoin for my $100, which was crappy, so I declined and went looking for another offer. You can see what his offer was in the screenshot below.

Paxful - another look at the crap offer

You may use the Paxful tool for buying and selling bitcoin to find a better deal. Click the “Buy Bitcoins” option that is shown below with an arrow pointing to it. Again, this article is called, “How to buy bitcoin with Paypal using Paxful,” so I selected the PayPal payment option. The image below also has an arrow pointing to the PayPal payment option.

Paxful Tool for buying and selling bitcoin

In the image above, I have also highlighted the section that shows you what the current exchange rate is for bitcoin. I have also highlighted parts of the seller’s adverts that are interesting. It shows the amounts that the seller is willing to trade with, and it shows you how much bitcoin you are getting for your dollar in two ways. The first way shows how much of your US dollar will actually be spent on bitcoin, and the other part shows you how the seller’s exchange rate differs from that of the current exchange rate.

Setting Up Your Account If You Wish To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Using Paxful

The image below shows you a few things you should think about when you sign up with Paxful. Enter the settings page and start setting things up. You are able to set a new username, which is highly recommended because a good one will help other people trust you. At some point, the company is going to send you an email that allows you to activate your account. The email gives you clear access to your account for a short while where you do not have to log in. Use that time to set up your security so that you may log out and log in again without fear of losing your account.

You should also set up your phone number so that you may go to your security settings and create 2-step authentication to better secure your account. Set your two secret questions, and then set up your password. If you try to change your password from your setting page, then you may have trouble because you probably don’t know your original password.

If you are having troubling setting a new password, then sign out, click to log in again and click the forgotten password link. When and if you try to do this on Internet Explorer, then the capcha puzzle will not show up and you will be unable to continue. Make sure to fully secure your account before you continue.

Change your settings and security too with paxful

Conclusion – A Good Place To Sell And An Okay Place To Buy

I am not thrilled about the exchange rates on Paxful. The people on there are charging silly amounts because they accept PayPal. If you pay another way, then you may get bitcoin for a lot cheaper. Nevertheless, if you wish to buy bitcoin with PayPal, then you are going to have to suck up the low value trades that you receive. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell bitcoin, then you may also go onto Paxful and gouge people. There are tens of ways that people may pay and send money, so you have plenty of options. I do like the fact that there are some sellers who do not ask for ID when you make a purchase. The convenience of the system, the fact you can pay in so many different ways, and the fact you do not need to submit ID are all great reasons why you may like to consider Paxful.

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    First of all I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question in which I’d
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    • Ash The Great

      If you are a writer for long enough, then you will start having to endure a form of low-level depression due to the isolation, silence and sedentary lifestyle that the writing profession demands. The problem with creativity and clearing your mind at the very beginning of your sessions is a sign that this form of low-level depression is taking hold. Other signs are that you find yourself having to “Find” motivation or inspiration to write. It is your body and mind trying to stop you from writing because it is starting to associate psychological pain with the process. If you want to be a writer for a great many years, then the only thing that will keep you going is routine. Take a tip from Stephen King who writes ten pages every day, (even on Christmas day and his birthday). He is set in such an unbreakable routine that motivation and inspiration are never an issue. My advice is to never seek inspiration, never find motivation, forget centering yourself, and forget clearing your mind. Simply get into a routine of writing every day, even if it is just 700 words per day, and stick to it. If you have a day where your output is terrible, where you cannot center yourself, where you cannot find inspiration, then just laugh it off and take another run at it tomorrow. Embrace the fact that sometimes you cannot clear your mind, and be prepared to dump some of your less-successful work/content if you have an off day. As Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) says, “If three out of four attempts are failures, then I call that a win.”


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