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How to Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

How to Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

Many online and offline exchanges are happy to accept wire transfers, bank cards and bank transfers. They are common and trusted payment methods, but which bitcoin exchanges and marketplaces accept credit cards? You may be wondering where you may buy bitcoin with a credit card. Here we have a nice long list of exchanges that are going to accept your credit card payments. We start with the reasons for and against buying bitcoin with a credit card and then we have the longest list on the Internet of credit card accepting exchange and traders.

Why Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card?

[+] When you buy Bitcoin with your credit card, you are spending money you haven’t earned yet instead of spending your savings, which may work for some people, especially if you are buying with a credit card that offers a long interest-free period.

[+] Buy bitcoin with a credit card and you are not putting your bank details at risk. It would be easier and/or better if you were paying with PayPal so that you were not putting your credit card details at risk, but it is better to risk your credit card details than your bank details.

[+] If you make a tricky trade, you may be able to go back and contest inaccurate or questionable transactions. Distance selling laws still apply, even if you are buying something that many financial institutions are not comfortable with at this time.

[+] Despite the risk of giving away your credit card details, you are still releasing less information about yourself than you would be if you were using a bank card to pay for your bitcoin. For example, the other party may have a harder time figuring out your location or even your original country.

[+] Credit card companies and credit card issuers are trusted, especially when you consider Visa and MasterCard. For that reason, some exchanges and even some traders are happy to execute transactions right away. They may even transact quicker than if you provided them with bank details, but often it is the other way around.

[+] There are bitcoin exchanges, such as CEX that allow you to buy lower amounts for bitcoin if you use a credit card rather than another payment method. Some exchanges seem to believe that credit card payments offer less of a risk, which may be true if the trader/exchange is operating internationally.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card

[-] You may get into credit card debt, and credit card debt is the hardest type of debt to get out of. If you have savings, then you may be better off using your savings rather than using a credit card. You run the risk of spending a lot of time with credit card debt and its interest.

[-] When you pay for your bitcoin with a credit card, then you are exposing yourself to the risk of paying interest. Even if you find a really great price for your bitcoin, it will still be expensive because of the months you spend paying interest. If you are looking to buy bitcoin in order to sell it later for a profit, then your credit card interest is going to eat into that profit.

[-] Some people think it is a good idea to buy bitcoin with a credit card that offers no interest payments for a long time. They believe they are able to buy a few bitcoins and then wait for the 18 months of interest free time, then when it is time to start paying interest they think they can sell their bitcoin and repay their credit card. It makes sense, but what if the price of bitcoin drops near the final few months before you start paying interest. You will be stuck with potentially worthless bitcoin and a possibly large credit card bill.

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card

You simply find an exchange or a bitcoin marketplace that accepts credit cards as a possible payment method. You sign up for an account, you jump through their hurdles such as ID verification, and you make your purchase with your credit card.

The list below is in alphabetical order. The order they are all in has nothing to do with the quality of the service being provided. Also, don’t forget that this isn’t one of our best lists, which means the quality of these exchanges varies wildly. Make sure you do all your research before you start handing out your details.

Our list of websites/companies below is made up of exchange companies (brokers) and bitcoin marketplaces where you buy from traders. The list is almost comprehensive. There may be some we missed. We operate out of the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Thailand, so there are probably some in other countries that we missed.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the exchanges that accept credit card payments, but it is currently the largest list of credit card accepting bitcoin exchanges/traders on the Internet.


(Temporarily Out Of Service – August 2017)

At the time of writing, they were having some trouble with their bank and couldn’t trade, but they say they are working on it, so keep an eye on this one. Be careful when following links from other websites because you need to visit the home page first. It will tell you if the website is still running its exchange service.


The 99Bitcoins website talks a big game, but what they actually do is slightly similar to what we are doing, which is providing you with a list of websites that accept credit cards. They have specifically chosen companies that accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you cannot see their buying buttons, then try visiting their website with your phone’s browser. For example, when I used Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, I could not see the buttons I needed to press to access their buying section. I just saw the video of the smug looking guy.

Buying Bitcoin From 99Bitcoins


BitBay have made it explicitly clear that they are now accepting credit card payments. They say so right here on the BitBay website. The limits when using a credit card are a minimal amount of 50 EUR or 50 USD, a daily limit, as well as one transaction limit of 5000 EUR or 20,000 USD, and a monthly limit of 20,000 EUR or 20,000 USD. The credit card commission is 5% with a minimum fee of 10 EUR or 10 USD.


(August 2017 – Are Considering Credit Cards)

Here is a link that shows you the current deposit and withdrawal methods. At the time of writing it is August 2017, and they may have started accepting credit card payments by the time you read this. At the moment, the only way to put US dollars into your account is to send a wire transfer, for which they are going to charge you a fee.

BitPanda – (formerly Coinimal)

If you are a European resident, then you are able to buy from BitPanda. If you live in another country, then you will either have to find a way around this, or you are going to have to wait until they start allowing buyers from your country. They offer a number of ways to pay, and one of them is via Visa and the other is via MasterCard.


If you were told that BitStamp is just for people in Europe, then you were mistaken. They have a big old list of the countries they are able to accept credit card payments from. Here is a link to their Bitstamp article on credit card payments. Their limits are 5,000 EUR or USD per day, and 20,000 EUR or USD per month.


(August 2017 – Will Soon Accept Credit Cards)

Let me first say that their website design sucks. It is difficult to navigate, especially if you are looking for something very specific. As of 2017 August, Bittrex say that they will soon accept credit cards and debit cards. It makes sense that they do because they are a great exchange with a crappy website, and you will start seeing more customers if they allow people to buy with dollars without having to spend $10,000 at a time. At the moment, if you wish to use something other than cryptocurrency, you need to become a verified member and wire them $10,000 at a time.

BTC Markets

(August 2017 – May One Day Accept Credit Cards)

As the biggest bitcoin selling company in Austraila, BTC Markets are coming under more and more pressure to start accepting credit cards. At the moment, the only way to deposit money is by direct bank transfer or by POLI transfer. The company is resisting because they say that they cannot protect themselves well enough from charge backs from credit cards. However, their customers and their growing competitors will probably force BTC Markets to start accepting credit cards one day.


(No Longer In Service – August 2017)

BTC-e used to be a bitcoin exchange website, but it is down at the moment August 2017. Will it be back? I am not sure. It has a weird warning on the website that looks 100% fake. Maybe the joker that uploaded the picture is going to sell the domain or revive it, so keep your eye on this one.

BTC E domain no longer active


The CEX cryptocurrency exchange is very proud of the fact that it covers 99% of countries and that it accepts MasterCard and Visa payments. This is their promotional page where they brag about how easy they make the whole buying process. At the time of writing, they are one of the most expensive exchange companies I can find. There are independent traders who offer worse deals, but when is comes to large companies, this one is the most expensive. The reason for that is because they have inflated their prices to account for the risk they take when they accept credit cards and debit cards.


(August 2017 – Only Accept Credit Cards From US Citizens)

Coinbase are happy to accept credit cards from people in the US at the moment, but that may change as the company grows as they start growing in popularity overseas. This page link is to the page where they explain their credit card policy.

The problem with this company is that the countries that it does business with are limited. They accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but you have to verify your ID before they will do business with you. That is what makes it difficult to get around their country limitations. What is puzzling is that they allow you to register with your current country, but then they limit your buying ability if you are not in one of the countries they sell to. At the moment, then will not allow people outside of Europe to buy bitcoin, but that may change, so you need to keep your eye on this one.


Not only do they allow you to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency with credit cards, but they also allow you to buy with cash. Their conversion rates are not bad either. Besides the inconvenience of signing up and registering, the only other botheration is the verification of your ID. Scroll down on the home page and you will see their conversion tool which gives you an idea of how much you will be paying for your bitcoin, though it doesn’t mention the fees until you are signed up and ready to make your trade.


You are able to pay with a credit card with this company, and you are able to get around country limitations. We have an article called how to buy bitcoin with Cryptonit. If you find yourself unable to buy with a credit card because of a country limitation or some other reason, you simply pay with PayPal and fund it with your credit card. I am not a big fan of Cryptonit, but I do think you should monitor it because they may be able to turn their reputation around and become a great place to buy bitcoin with a credit card.


They do not accept credit card payments. In fact, they do not accept any form of regular currency. Cryptopia ended up on this list because there are plenty of ways around the fact that they do not accept credit cards. You can try your hand at arbitrage, you can buy and sell lots of things on there, and you can buy and sell different types of currency. There are ways of getting around the credit card payment thing if you are creative. You can do things as sneaky as funding another broker account with your credit card and moving the bitcoins over via their arbitrage, or you can buy a coin from a trader on there using your credit card via a third-party checkout, or even buy an object with a credit card and then sell it for bitcoin on the Cryptopia. It is a weird site and I can see why people think it is a scam website.

Genesis Mining

You may get your hands on bitcoin with Genesis mining, and the buying process is a little different. Instead of buying from an exchange, you buy time with their mining gear. After the mining process is complete, you get your bitcoin. The Genesis mining team has added a credit card option. When you are all set up and on the buying screen, click on the US dollar option and choose how much you want to spend. If you use a credit card, you have to spend more than $50 and you may only spend up to $50. There are fees for using credit cards with Genesis Mining. Your first time may require a probation period where you may have to wait for 30 days before you may get your hands on your bitcoin.


The LakeBTC allows you to pay with a bank wire, Western Union, MoneyGram, cash, OKPAY, Perfect Money, PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Neteller, Leupay, CHATS and by LakePay. You are able to pay with a credit card by using something such as Skrill or PayPal and using your credit card to fund your account. The website is very easy to use to use, which actually makes me a little worried, so make sure you do your research before you invest. It makes me worried because so many others make it so difficult, and this company makes it so easy.

You are able to use a credit card to pay for your bitcoin, but you have to find a trader who accepts bitcoin first. The process is not very difficult, and you can find a good deal if you are lucky and catch a trader who is itching to sell. We have created an article showing how to sign up and how to make your trades on LocalBitcoins. There is a tool on the website that allows you to pick which payment method you prefer.

Luno (formally BitX)

They have written about how they are slowly rolling out their credit card payment feature. At the time of writing, you may use a credit card or a debit card if you pass the transaction through PayU and pay the fee. Click here to see the countries they support and their fees and features.


Paxful is a little bit like where you deal with independent traders in a marketplace. You can look for somebody who is willing to sell to you and take a credit card. Alternatively, you may create an advert where you offer to buy bitcoin using credit cards. You should take a look at our article on how to set up and trade with a Paxful account.


Some people complain about VirWox because they have slightly higher fees than most, but you have to love the fact that they don’t bother you for ID and they allow you to pay with PayPal, which also means you may pay with a credit card through PayPal. They also have a credit card section where you may input your credit card details right into the checkout. I create an article on how to buy bitcoin with Virwox, and even though you have to convert from OMC to SSL and then SSL to bitcoin, it is still a pretty fast and easy way to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Offline exchanges

It is not a company, it is just a reminder that there are independent and franchise traders setting up cryptocurrency exchanges all over the place. They are very similar to the MoneyGram and Western Union shops, stalls and vendors. You may find a bitcoin trader with a full shop, or you may find a bitcoin trader at a desk inside another shop. It is remarkably similar to the way that MoneyGram and Western Union shops and stalls work except that some also have bitcoin ATMs. It may be worth finding out if your local ATM or Bitcoin trader accepts credit cards.

Disclaimer – Please Read

We (myself, the owner, and our research team) did our double best to ensure that the links we provided above are all 100% legitimate. If they had certificates, then we checked them. We also typed out the URLs too, we didn’t copy and paste them because we know how Typosquatting works. Nevertheless, there is always a chance that one slipped our net, or even that one of the websites on our list has been hijacked. It is up to you to protect yourself and do as much as you can to avoid being scammed by fake websites, or by bitcoin websites that have turned malicious.

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