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How Long Does It Take to Repair Your Credit? Part Two – Your Acceptance Of Responsibility For Your Spending And Your Income

How Long Does It Take to Repair Your Credit? Part Two – Your Acceptance Of Responsibility For Your Spending And Your Income

Part One of this credit repair series explained what you are doing that is holding back your credit repair process. It explained the things you shouldn’t do, such as the things that slow your credit repair, and thing that my you “Un”-creditworthy. This article covers the first steps of your credit repair. If you do not master the teachings within this article, then your credit repair process will remain a slow and uphill task. In this article you will learn why you need to take responsibility for your spending and your income.

Repair Your Credit By Yourself

Your debt is your fault. Your spending is certainly your fault and your income is your fault. The last part about income may hit a nerve, and there are often times when people struggle because there are no jobs, but maybe it is time to open your mind. Look for other types of jobs, train for other types of jobs, figure out stuff you can do at home, and even start your own business on a shoestring.

I am not saying it is easy, and I am certainly aware that some areas have fewer jobs than others. But, it may be time to grow grain in the dessert (which is literally what the Israelis did), and it may be time to change your outlook from “There are no opportunities” to “I will make opportunities.

Grain growing in a desert

I may sound like an entitled dick who knows nothing about how hard it is out there, but believe me I have been there (and maybe worse). But, there is only so long you can spend wallowing in the misery of it all. Part of the process is learning how to tolerate the suffering, because if you suffer the turmoil of making right decisions, you get the benefits of enjoying the rewards. It is true in most aspects of your life. If you suffer the pain and sweat of working out, then later down the road you enjoy the benefits of tight muscles and better physical fitness. If you suffer the tantrums, the mess, and the headache of teaching your child right from wrong, then you get to enjoy the benefits of having your child grow into a well-adjusted adult.

It is not about pulling yourself out of poverty into great wealth, it is about settling your mind to the fact that getting what you want means you have to suffer, and sometimes you have to suffer for a long time to get the things you really want.

You Are Responsible For Your Income – The Weirdo Next Door

The weirdo who used to live next door to me started making concrete fence posts in his living room and dining room. He had the dustiest house I have ever set foot in, but he eventually moved to a garage and then a small works unit half a mile away. I have no idea what he is doing now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his small home-enterprise has grown into a full-time business. He salvaged a lot of the metal support bars from recycling centers, and he always asked for 50% up front so he could buy the materials for the order.

You Are Responsible For Your Income – There Are No Jobs Around

There are times when people struggle because of a lack of job opportunities, but maybe it is time to open your mind. Look for other types of jobs, train for other types of jobs, and stop being so picky. If there are only part-time jobs going, then get two part-time jobs. Apply for jobs you know you will never get because there is always a possibility that somebody is going to give you a chance.

My girlfriend had 10 years experience in childcare, and wanted to try something new but there were no jobs with her qualifications. She got a job in a call center, and it gave her experience in a new field of work. After that job she applied for just about every job she could find and got a night job in an Amazon warehouse. I don’t know what she does, but I know she has to carry around a PDA and has to use a Scissor-lift that they call a PUP. Her story shoes that people will give you a chance if you just apply, apply, apply for job.

You Are Responsible For Your Income – The Gay Guys With Dreams

I consider myself conservative with a small “c.” This is because I agree with the philosophy of people working as a community and helping themselves instead of having the government do it all for them. I also agree with the capitalist philosophy that problems can be solved when there are monetary/reward systems in place. The image below sums up where I stand:

Capitalism Works

I am conservative with a small “c.” There are some right-wing things I agree with and some I do not. I don’t think gay people should be persecuted for their sexuality, but I do think people need to take responsibility for their own financial mess and their own unwillingness to work for what they have.

I used to live on a street where a few doors down there was a gay couple. One day I saw that they were loading their car. I got chatting and they said they were moving a few things out because they were being evicted in a few weeks. They said their landlord was a homophobe. I asked why the landlord rented to them in the first place.

It turns out they had not paid rent for the last two months. They said the landlord was using that as an “excuse” to get them out. My conservative side started to twitch a little as I thought they were missing the point that it was their lack of payment and not their sexuality that was the problem.

I pushed a little further and found out that neither of them had a job for a while, so I told them about a recruitment company that is begging for new people. The two guys were well spoken enough to get an office, reception, call center or clerical job. The blonde guy I was talking to said, “Er, I am not lowering myself to That! I have ambitions you know!”

The very “IDEA” was abhorrent to them. My conservative side wanted to lecture them on how if they need money then they need to work for it, but they were happier to blame others for their predicament. Don’t be like them. Take responsibility for your income and your current financial situation. The same two men who wouldn’t “lower” themselves to working a middle-to-minimum wage job were happy to lower themselves to being Homeless!

You Are Responsible For Your Income – Failing Interviews And Not Getting A Chance

Do you fail every interview? Maybe it is time to take a serious look at yourself and ask where you are going wrong because “You” are the problem. Is it the way you talk, dress, move or reply? Are you too eager or too depressed looking? Are you repeatedly applying for jobs that you are simply not going to get, or are you applying for jobs that you are not yet primed to do, (such as a very out-of-shape person who keeps applying for firefighter jobs).

There is no such thing as “Not Getting A Chance.” We all get the chances that we earn and create. The person who sends out 30 resumes per week gets more chances for opportunities than the person who sends out 10 resumes per week. Stop expecting the world to change to suit you. You need to change.

Don’t look at yourself and say, “This is what is wrong with me.” Look at yourself and say, “What about myself am I going to work on today.” You are a jigsaw piece, and you need to shape yourself so that you fit into your employers puzzle.

jigsaw pieces with one missing

You Are Responsible For Your Expenses – Fridges, Phones and Cars, Oh My!

You need to accept responsibility for your expenses. If you are unable to live on the money you are earning, then lower your standard of living. It is not a case of being able to live on three pairs of sneakers, it is a case of making your pair of sneakers last as long as possible until you are out of debt trouble.

The amount of people who claim they cannot lower their expenses, and yet they still have cellphones with expensive data plans, they still have fridges that are three times bigger than what they need, and they still have boozy nights on Fridays, takeaways, and cosmetics that cost more than some people’s food budget.

woman living above her means

You Are Responsible For Your Expenses – But I Deserve That Stuff, I Am Not Living In The Third World

I would have said, “I am not living in an undeveloped country” to placate the PC bullies, but the phrase “Third World” has a nicer kick.

I have heard people say that they cannot lower their standard of living because they are not living in a third world country. Even if you lowered your standard of living until you had just a roof over your head, running water, and an orange crate to sit on, you would still have more than most other people in undeveloped countries. If you feel that you “Deserve” all your extras, all your stuff, and all your luxuries, then maybe you do, but you cannot keep them if you are in debt.

I have heard people say that they cannot lower their standards of living, and then go on to tell me that they need their car because they cannot get to work if they do not have it. Do they not know that buses, trains, sidewalks and pushbikes exist too?

Now that you are in debt, you need to give them up and lower your standard of living until your debts are paid off. If you are unwilling to lower your expenses by lowering your standard of living, then stop complaining about being in debt and having a crappy credit rating.


Lower Your Standard Of Living And Work On Improving Your Income

You need to get to the fundamental reason why your credit score has fallen so much. In most cases, people cannot resist the lure of credit, which leads to debt they cannot afford. After all, why bother working and saving for that ultra-modern energy-saving washing machine when you can use a credit card and have it here tomorrow?

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You can read every article on the Internet about repairing your credit, but the fact is that your fundamental problem is not your credit score, it is the way you are managing your expenses and the way you are controlling and creating your income. Before you read part three of this credit repair series on how to improve your credit rating, you need to take control of your spending and your income. If you do not, then it is like putting fuel in a leaky gas tank.

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