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Hiring A Freelance Plumber Can Save You Money

Hiring A Freelance Plumber Can Save You Money

This article covers some of the many reasons why a person should hire a professional plumber. It explains how homeowners doing their own plumbing may lead to disaster. About how it may lower the price of their house, how it may result in the home needing replacement parts, and how it may cause their plumbing system additional damage. This article describes the reason why a person should hire a professional plumber for small building projects. It explains how people may be tempted to install their own water taps and toilets during a small building project. It describes the problems that a plumbing system may cause if a professional plumber is not involved in its installation. Here is how hiring a freelance plumber can save you money.

  • Freelance plumbers may have lower overheads and may offer a better deal
  • A freelance plumber may be more willing to negotiate
  • The freelance plumber may already own the parts that are needed
  • Freelance plumbers may have lower call-out charges
  • A freelance plumber may be able to work outside business hours
  • You can develop a client-contractor relationship with a freelance plumber
  • A freelance plumber may work harder in order to get repeat business

Toilet sprung a leek

Hiring a Plumber is a Sound Investment

Many plumbing jobs around the house appear to be simple and easy repairs. This often leads people to give it a go themselves with a little bit of home DIY. What many people do not realize is that plumbing is a very skilled job. The work that a qualified and well-trained plumber does is actually an investment in your property. It is in investment that will save you a great deal of possible future expenses. For example, let’s take the repair of a toilet. The mechanism inside a toilet is very simple and the components seem fairly rudimentary, and yet if a person attempts to fix their toilet on their own they will no doubt fall foul. They may need a replacement part or will do such an unprofessional job that it will lead to further damage in the future. They will probably have to replace the toilets or hire a real plumber, at some point in the future, to fix the mess that they made of it. The work that a plumber does is going to last a lot longer than any work a person could do on their own with a little bit of home DIY.

Why is a Professional Plumber a Good Investment?

The work of a professional plumber will help to keep the house price at its current price (if not increase it). The work of a professional plumber is also of a sufficiently high quality that there will be no need for a re-repair in the near future. Any repair work that is conducted will last a reasonable amount of time. This cannot be said for home DIY pluming, done by the homeowner or an amateur, because their work is usually only a temporary fix and doomed to failure. It may result in parts needing to be replaced, or may result in causing more damage.

Why Hire a Plumber?

Many people ask why they should hire a plumber. The jobs and tasks that they perform do not seem that difficult when they are observed from a distance. When an electrician is observed working, it is clear that he or she working with a number of complex mathematical calculations. When a plumber is observed working, it seems that none of these complex mathematical equations are present. From a layman’s perspective it would appear that the plumber is simply putting together a few pipes.  This however is not the case, because what many people do not realize is that putting together a plumbing system involves complex mathematics. The plumber has to account for water pressures within a building.

It is very easy to rig together a rudimentary plumbing system, but that plumbing system would be rife with errors and problems. For example, you may flush the toilet downstairs and have the upstairs taps stop working. For example, all the hot and cold water may stop pumping whenever the washing machine is running. There is also the question of sewerage; correctly putting together a sewerage system of a lot of skill because it always has to be on a downward trajectory. If there is not the least even the smallest trickle heading downwards then water will sit in the pipes and stagnate–which will make the whole house stink. There is also the question of the right types of pipes to use; some high-pressure pipes need to be made of a very strong plastic substance, where as other types need to be made of rigid metal.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber for a Small Building Project

You may wish to build a small structure, barn or outhouse that has either water taps, a toilet or both. For such a simple, single-story building one may be tempted to install the plumbing themselves. This is often a very big mistake as most people wildly underestimate the skill it takes to install a working plumbing system. Installing a toilet for example means knowing where the sewers run and how to find to them. It also takes a very deep understanding of how a sewerage system works and functions.
Did you know that sewerage pipes must a slight decline at all times? If they do not have a slight decline then the toilet water, and the matter contained within, will sit in the pipes and stagnate. Besides the obvious biological hazards that this creates it also creates a very, very nasty smell. The smell permeates the building, and in many cases can even be smelled outside.

Doing It Yourself Can Be Costly

When people try to install their own water taps, the most common problem is leakage.  These leaks do not happen straightaway–they often happen over the course of a few months. This trickle of water will cause damage, which is sometimes irreparable, and very often results in far more expensive repair bills. This is because a plumbing system needs to be set up to handle the numerous pressures it will undergo. It needs to be set up so that it can handle fluctuations in pipe movements, internal water pressure and pipe expansion. In many cases a plumbing system will move because of changes in heat and pressure. This means that the pipes will move a lot over the seasons, and in many cases, a poorly installed plumbing system will rupture if it is not set up properly.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is imperative to hire a professional plumber for all of your household plumbing needs. Trying to save a bit of money by doing it yourself could end up costing you more money in the long run.

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