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Freelance Writing Advice For Stay At Home Mothers

Freelance Writing Advice For Stay At Home Mothers

Staying at home and working at the same time seems like a pretty sweet deal, especially if you are finding it tricky to get a traditional mainstream job. If you feel that you have a flair for writing, and you have enough spare time, then consider doing a little freelance writing as a freelance writer.

There are stay-at-home fathers too, don’t call the PC police. However, statistically, if you are a stay-at-home parent, you are more likely to be a woman, so here is an article just for you.

Homer Simpson with the devil and an angel

It is very tricky knowing who to trust. It isn’t always as easy as Homer has it here.

Do As Much Research Into New Clients As You Can

Over time, you will develop a sixth sense for your clients. You will learn the danger signs that suggest you are going to be messed around. You will notice similar behavior in the people that do not pay you when they say they will, and you will learn how to protect yourself.

If there is a way of doing research into your clients, then you should do it. Go to their website and find their contact information. Look on a Scam Advisor website to see if the website is legitimate. Look at WhoIS to see if they are hiding their contact information.

Never Pay To Get More Freelance Writing Work

There are plenty of online freelance writing schemes, websites and services that ask you to pay money in order to find new clients and customers. Every single one of them is a scam. Companies that can get you real and genuine clients are not going to charge you. They tend to charge you after the fact when you and the client have struck a deal. Other websites may give you a free account to find customers or clients, and then nag you to upgrade your account to a paid one.

Remember To Protect Yourself As Much As You Can

Sign up with freelance marketplace areas that have an escrow or milestone system that allows the client to pay the website and the website pays you if you do a good job. Protect yourself as much as you can because once you send off your work, there is very little stopping the client from doing a runner and leaving you without paying. Try to get partial payment in advance so that you do not suffer a complete loss. You may also break your work into sections and ask that you be paid after each section. Do not take on big projects because a client promises to pay a higher price.

How Honest Do You Have To Be?i'd rather be honest than impressive

If you want to make money as a freelance writer, then you have to be all things to all people. If you are talking to a web master who reviews horror movies, then you need to be a massive horror fan and review expert. Or, if a young woman wants you to write her sociology essay paper on broken families, then tell her you wrote one last week for another student. Being honest with people is one way to go, but you are going to find it harder to compete with the legions of other writers who are lying their ass off. Plus, if you fail, then you don’t get paid, but if you don’t try, then you lose any chance of being paid.

Conducting Research Into Employment Sites Is Easy

If you come across a website that claims it can connect you with high paying clients, and you are a little suspicious of the website, then do a little research about it on. Look for other user reviews, look on Scam Advisor and run a search on Whois. What are other people saying about the website and do the reviews seem genuine? Are the websites populated with glowing reviews that look like they were written by a marketing department? What are the negative reviews saying?

If a website has no online reputation at all and you cannot find any genuine online reviews, then steer clear of the website for a while and let other people use it first. If the website has no online reputation, then it is probably new, which means you should probably avoid giving it your personal or payment into.

Is The Website Set Up To Pay You For Your Freelance Writing?

If you happen to come across a website that offers you money for your writing efforts, you need to check the websites for appropriate conditions and terms. You also need to check to see if they have genuine payment systems. All communication with your employer or client must be concise and transparent. Get as much as you can in writing, which is easy if you use email and messenger services. Nail down all the details so that the client cannot claim you didn’t do your freelance writing job as he or she described.

You Need To Understand That You Are Not Perfect

You are not a perfect writer and you will never be perfect. And, you will never be great either. You will always be a work in progress, and that is how it is supposed to be. The moment you become overconfident and you stop trying to improve yourself is the moment you start failing.

Make improving your style, your writing speed, and your writing voice a perpetual part of your freelance writing career. It is something you are always doing and always working on. You are going to discover new ways to improve yourself all the time, no matter how long you have been a writer. You are also going to discover recurring mistakes in your work, and you will discover them after a few weeks, after a few months, and even years after starting your writing career. That is why it is important that you keep improving yourself and getting better at what you do.

patience - child walking on wet cementBe Patient And Willing To Suffer A Little

The fact is that as a new freelancer, you are going to have to be patient and take on the nastier jobs that professionals do not want to do. You are going to have to deal with the low paying clients, and you are going to have to do the dull work. It won’t be forever, but until you have built a solid list of high paying clients, you are going to have to suffer a little.

Try Doing The Worst Tasks First

When you first start your writing session is when you are the most motivated. It is when you should get your most boring and ugly tasks out of the way. Save the stuff you enjoy until last. Not only will this help you be more productive because you are not putting the worst tasks off, but it also gives you something to look forwards to when the end of your workday gets closer.

Create A Working Routine And Flipping Stick To It

Start work at the same time every day and stick to your new working routine. The biggest reason many freelance writers fail is because they are not happy with the tiny (ooh so tiny) wage that freelance writers receive. The second biggest reason is because they do not build a “habit” of writing, and a habit is built through repeatedly doing the same thing.

Create a routine and stick to it when you are freelance writing. That way, your brain will start the associate a certain time of day and a certain day of the week with writing. You will lower your proclivity to become distracted or to procrastinate.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Words That Pop Into Your Head

Occasionally, a word will just fall into your writing as you are going with the flow, and you may be tempted to delete it. However, leave it in and check what it means later because you will be surprised as how many words you know through sheer subconscious assumption. For example, I wasn’t 100% sure what “Proclivity” meant when I wrote it at the end of the paragraph just two paragraphs up, but I wrote it and checked it and it turns out that it makes sense.

What To Do If You Miss Deadlines

I know it is generalizing, but there is nothing wrong with generalizing. If you are ashamed of your ability to recognize patterns, then I feel sorry for you. Nevertheless, I digress, there are times when stay-at-home mums become distracted and miss deadlines. Kids have a habit of adding unpredictability (flipping chaos!) into your life, which is not conducive with keeping deadlines.

Pay Your Taxes You Silly FoolWoman with soccer ball

Keep all your transaction records for your taxman. Keep accurate records and pay your taxes accordingly. Luckily, keeping records for writing is easy because you have no stock, you do not buy ingredients, you can work from home, and so forth. All of this makes doing your taxes far easier.

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