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Is Your Fear Of Poverty The Reason You Are Failing To Make Money?

Is Your Fear Of Poverty The Reason You Are Failing To Make Money?

Are you not making money because of your fear of poverty? Is that the reason your marketing campaigns are failing? The symptoms of a fear of poverty may be the reason why your marketing campaigns are converting so poorly.

Napoleon Hill was a great motivational writer. He had his flaws, such as claiming a Bee can tell if you are scared or not, but he also wrote some of the most stunning truths about money making and achieving your goals that have ever been written.

In one of his early works, he says that some people act a certain way and fail to achieve their goals because they have a fear of poverty. Here is what he defines symptoms of a fear of poverty.


A person that is afraid to act in the face of poverty will often make excuses and will be fantastic at coming up with alibis. They may cover up their failures or blame them on other people. Some people may envy successful people and criticize because of their envy. They may often apologize for their failures instead of owning them and learning from them.


This is a big one for some people. A person that worries a lot will often find fault with other people. He or she may drink alcohol a lot and maybe even use narcotics. Running and hiding behind addiction is a common symptom of worry. A lack of self-reliance and self-consciousness may also be present. The persons may have a lack of poise and may even be a very nervous individual. The person may frown or scowl a lot and may neglect his or her personal appearance. A worrier will often make him or herself feel better by spending beyond his or her means.


People with this form of indifference will often have a lack of ambition and will take what life offers without asking for or demanding more. They may have a lack of self-control, enthusiasm or initiative. A person with a fear of poverty may be lazy and willing to accept poverty. Their fear doesn’t compel them to work against poverty; it stops them from acting in the face of it.

Over Caution

This may be seen as the ally of indecision. This person may see the negative side of most circumstances and may see all the ways things may go wrong as opposed to searching out ways to succeed. This person will often wait for the right time and fail to act because of it and plans may be created, but are often left for a very long time if not become shelved forever.


Napoleon Hill often writes about how rich and successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. This is because they have a definite purpose and a burning desire. People with a fear of poverty will be very indecisive. They may make decisions slowly and change their mind quite often. Many times, they will permit others to do the decision making for them.


This is a byproduct of over caution, doubt, indifference, worry and indecision. Things will often be put off until tomorrow and excuses will usually be found as to why something cannot be done today. The idea of doing something every day in order to reach a larger goal will be forgotten as the person has trouble finding time every day to do it. A refusal to accept responsibility is often present and bargaining for smaller savings when they should be demanding more prosperity.

Conclusion – Self Analysis Is A Key To Success*

*Thoughtful and introspective self analysis, not the silly type that L. Ron Hubbard tried to sell.

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There are many reasons why your concerted efforts to become successful are failing repeatedly. My girlfriend struggled through most of her early twenties because she had an honest belief that tomorrow was always going to be better, and it held her back from fixing potential problems today. I personally have had to overcome a big problem with regards to finishing things to the point where I would even postpone finishing something that would have otherwise completed/finished/ended on its own without further input from me. Do you have two or more symptoms listed above? If you do, you should seriously consider if you have a fear of poverty and if that fear is holding you back.

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