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Effective Tips For Creating Your Business Video

Effective Tips For Creating Your Business Video

A “Business Video” is an umbrella term for a lot of business related videos. These include marketing videos, brand-building videos, promotional videos, demonstrations, staff training and reputation management videos. Here are a few tips in order to help you create yours.

Creating “Good” Business Videos

Even if you are a small business, there is no reason why you cannot create some very good and very effective business videos. They may not have the actors or production values that come with bigger company videos, but that does not mean they may not publish a similar message. The Internet has given small businesses and private citizens the opportunity to disseminate a business message via a video. Since the online video trend shows no sign of slowing, it is a good idea to start dedicating a chunk of your business budget and time towards creating good ones.

Copy Your Competition With A Twist (Go Further)

Take what your competition are doing, and twist it to the point where it looks original. One of the great things about this technique is that if people see your video first, then they assume that your competitor is the one who is copying you. For example, if your competitors are showing how unbreakable their windows are with videos of people throwing rocks at it, then go one better. Put your glass at the bottom of a bowling alley with the pins behind it, and have bowlers roll bowling balls at it to show that the glass is so strong that the pins remain standing.

Leave Out The Music (Most Business Videos Have Terrible Music)

There are business videos such as training videos or corporate promotion videos that tend to be long winded. A video producer may be tempted to add in what is known as elevator music. This type of music is often cheery, has no words and is fairly bland or generic. Do not add this to your video. Some video producers do it because they mistakenly believe that the viewer needs a few seconds respite, but this is not the case. Your viewer starts to fidget or lose interest because what he/she is seeing is uninteresting. Moreover, sometimes with things such as training videos, you cannot help that the video is uninteresting (everything cannot be fireworks and chocolate).

If you are going to have music on your video, be very careful with your choice. Not only does it have to match the content of the video, it also needs to set the right tone and be high quality in itself. Poor quality music results in a poor quality video.

Most Amateur And Intermediate Visuals Are Crappy (Even Professionals Get It Wrong)

The same goes for visual effects such as screen wipes as what goes for music. Screen wipes and most graphical visuals offer a poor transitional device from one scene to the other. You would be better off without any form of transition instead of this type. Even Hollywood movies have a hard time pulling off this sort of thing with the exception of the first Starship Troopers movie where they were doing it ironically.

Starship troopers propaganda screen graphics

Convert One Of Your Current Adverts (Keep What Works)

If this is your first attempt at a business video, then one assumes that all of your marketing, brand building and reputation messages are being communicated via different means. Your marketing messages are probably being communicated via a number of different adverts. You can convert one of these adverts into a video with quite a bit of ease. Most of the work is already done for you because you already know if the advert is effective, if it sets the right tone, if it makes a relevant point, and what its premise it. You can use all of this information to create a video version of that advert.

For example, you may have a poster with one of your shoes stuck to a wall, in an exaggerated claim that your shoes have the best rubber grip on their soles. You could make a video of this to show a person walking up a wall with your shoes on. Obviously, the video is not to be taken literally, it is just a fun way of reminding people that your shoes have a really good grip on their soles.

Make Your Point In As Little Time As Possible (Qwk is Gud)

If you are creating a tutorial video, a longer business video is permissible. Otherwise, you should make your point as quickly as possible. Keep it concise and efficient or you may lose your audience before the video ends. Shorter videos are harder to ignore and less likely to elicit apathy than longer videos. Most business videos are “The Worst Video Ever” because they take too long to make simple points.

Worst Movie Ever Simpons

Poor Lighting Will Lower The Quality Of Your Videos (Example – Blair Witch?)

People make a career out of lighting scenes correctly because it is a very difficult job; however, good lighting can turn mediocre footage into excellent footage. After each take, watch your video on a TV screen and evaluate the use of lighting. Keep adjusting your lighting until there are few shadows and every element on the screen may be seen clearly.

Plan Your Video (Plan It Again and Again and Again)

Plan everything from the storyboard to the editing. Every element of your video should be planned if you want to create a higher quality video. Be mindful of how long each element is going to take and how much each scene will cost you.

Make Your Screenplay Engaging But Effective (Being Concise Is Just As Good)

Your screenplay is the biggest part of what makes your business video interesting and engaging. Your goal should be to make your point as efficiently and effectively as possible. Try to avoid being too creative if there is a risk that you will lose the concentration of your viewers.

Put A Link In The Video

It is possible to embed links into your videos. You can embed one that redirects people to your website as soon as they click it, or you can embed one at the end. You may also create clickable links that pop up as the video is playing. YouTube doesn’t let you add links into your videos anymore, but you can always put them in your description.

Finish The Video And Leave Them Wanting More

If you want people to watch more than one of your videos, do not fully resolve your video. Leave a few threads hanging that people may be able to pick up on your next video. Use the old theatrical technique of leaving your audience wanting more.

Should You Make A Marketing Video or Video Advert?

This section of t article gives six reasons to not make an online marketing video. Use this information to help you decide how you should make your online video, and why you should make one. I wrote this section because I have seen hundreds of articles on why you “Should” make a marketing video, and none on if you “Shouldn’t” make a marketing video.

Reason 1: Some People Do Not Respond Well To Online Marketing Videos

Not everybody likes online videos. So do not fool yourself into thinking that because people watch TV that they want to see videos online.

Reason 2: Most People Do Not Like Online Videos That Start Automatically

Not everybody likes videos, so here is your tip of the year: do not have your video start automatically when your website is clicked on. There is nothing worse than opening up a few web browser tabs, from your search results, and having one of them play an unsolicited video. It is annoying, it is inconvenient, and it will cause the user to click as many close buttons as possible to make it stop. People will avoid your website like the plague, if a video will start when it is clicked on. Some people do not like marketing videos, because they do not like adverts in general. These are the people who buy TiVo, Sky+, or Virgin TV, so they can skip through video adverts.

Reason 3: Online Videos Cost Some People Money To Watch Them

Don’t forget that some people use 4G pay-as-you-go internet. This type of internet access charges for the amount of internet used. Online videos use us a lot of pay-as-you-go credit, which is why online videos are often avoided by people using pay-as-you-go internet. They may also avoid online videos because pay-as-you-go internet is usually used with mobile devices, which take too much time to load videos.

Reason 4: Some People View Them As A Slow Means Of Research

Some people feel that it takes too long to uncover details using an audio-visual medium. If a person is looking for a certain fact then he or she may rather skim through text and pick out relevant points. This cannot be done with an online video.

Reason 5: A Marketing Video May Do More Harm Than Good

If your competitors have videos on their websites, then you should really ask yourself why you do not have one too. In some industries an online marketing video is expected. Video marketing can make your company appear more professional. Some of the world’s biggest and most popular online-video sites now have unskippable adverts embedded in their online videos. This is further proof of the power of video marketing. A company with a video marketing section/part/arm will be free to advertise with these video-dissemination websites. Competitors who do not have a video marketing section to their advertising campaign will not be able to tap into this pool of potential customers. On the other hand there are some industries in which an online video advert is unthinkable. In these cases the creation of an online marketing video may do your company more harm than good.

Reason 6: Some People Prefer Reading Over Watching A Video

There are a lot of people in the world who would rather watch a video than read. The internet is based on reading, so an online video marketing campaign could be a good way of appealing to people who do not like reading. A good way of keeping a potential customers attention is to vary the way in which you address them. This can be done through sound, images, text, videos and interactive websites. If you can appeal to your potential customers through as many of these as possible, you will be more successful in maintaining you potential customer’s attention. On the other hand there are many people out there who like to read, and will not respond very well to a marketing video.

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