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Easy SEO Instructions To Give Your Staff While You Take A Vacation

Easy SEO Instructions To Give Your Staff While You Take A Vacation

There are plenty of easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks and tips you can use if you are leaving your staff in charge while you go on vacation. This article details seven ways that you may ensure and guarantee your SEO keeps running smoothly while you are away on vacation. The SEO experience is not as difficult as it used to be. These days, it is more about how popular your website is than any other factor. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with setting up a few SEO booster plans prior to you leaving for vacation.

Schedule Posts For When You Are Away On Vacation

Posting on your website and updating your website is hardly an SEO trick, but it is probably a good idea to arrange what will be posted and when it will be posted. Arrange a schedule with your staff, and the process of updating your website will help your website relevant while you are away.

The alternative to this idea is to allow your staff members to choose what is uploaded and when. For example, asking them to run a few tests of their own and asking them to experiment a little may offer them a type of control and independence that spurs them into greater things. The idea of almost unlimited freedom may encourage your staff to work harder while you are away than when you are present.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts Too

You probably already have a schedule for your social media posts. If so, make sure the schedule is maintained. Part of the problem may be that your staff will get lazy and not post with any form of quality or consistency that is needed to maintain your website’s popularity. In such a case, it is possible that your SEO will suffer.

Another common problem that should be addressed is how your staff may while away their staff hours on social media while you are away. They may be diligent when they are observed, but slack off a little while you are away.

Already having pre-written/pre-made social media posts, and already having a schedule, will mean your staff will have less reason to hang around on social media, and you have some degree of guarantee that the quality of your social media posts will not suffer.

Have Your Staff Check Your Top Performing Pages

If you want the SEO juice to keep flowing while you are away on vacation, then you should have your staff continue on with any plans and processes that are already underway, such as mobile keyword ranking and the like.

Have your staff check the top performing pages to get a brief overview of the current situation. Are numbers shooting up, staying the same, or dropping dramatically. Consider setting up a few backup plans and disaster recovery plans just in case there is a problem while you are away.

Set Alerts That Are Triggered Through Your Analytic Programs

You are away on vacation, so there is no need for you to keep calling the office to check on things. You need to be able to relax while you are away. However, just for the sake of knowing, why not set up a few alerts that are triggered by your analytic programs. If certain numbers drop quickly or spike, you receive an alert that asks you to check your online tools. Remember that spikes upwards can be just as worrying as sudden drops, especially if the attention your website is receiving is due to something negative. With that in mind, maybe ban your staff from posting anything political while you are out of the office.

Allied to this point, it is wise to let your staff know that you are setting up alerts. One way to keep your SEO chugging along nicely is to keep your staff on their toes. If they know you are watching over their shoulder (in a digital way), then they may be less likely to seek silly risks or act out. Don’t forget that your staff are humans, which means they are going to have good days and bad days, and your absence may allow a bad day to become an in-office nightmare.

Arrange Which Backlinks Will Be Added

Don’t worry too much about followed backlinks for any sort of search engine impact. Instead, set up a series of backlinks for your staff to work on while you are away. Maybe give them a set of websites to guest post on, or a number of paid directories to approach. Again, do not worry too much about followed links, and try to concentrate on direct traffic from websites that attract your target audience. Even a small amount of link building is enough to keep your current search engine status at the same and/or improving level. It suggests to Google that your popularity isn’t waning while you are on vacation.

Decide Which Influencers Should Be Romanced

Working with influencers is surly something that should be done while you are present because an influencer can work for or against you. However, each industry and market sector has hundreds and thousands of smaller influencers. Maybe they haven’t reached one million subscribers on YouTube, but they are still able to must a small amount of support for your brand.

Such support, no matter how small, is good for your SEO. Google judges your website’s popularity in terms of consistency, and getting support from influencers is a good way to keep the search engine fires burning while you are away.

Conclusion – Easy SEO Means You Don’t Take Big Steps

In essence, all your staff have to do while you are away is maintain your website’s SEO. All they have to do is what they are probably already used to doing. There is no need to take big steps, you simply need to offer some easy SEO notes and steps for your staff to follow. However, if you are to take any tips away from this article today, then strongly consider creating a backup plan and a disaster recovery plan for your staff. If things go very wrong, your staff will need some sort of go-to guide in your absence.

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