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Drinks To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Drinks To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Enhance your diet and lose weight by regulating which drinks you are consuming. Revealed are some of the shocking revelations about every-day drinks which surprise many people. Prepare your diet by taking into account what you drink. Here are some shocking facts about healthy drinks that could ruin your diet.

Losing weight tends to focus on food. One area which people always seem to avoid is drinks. Drinks can add on a good chunk of calories and can mean the difference between losing and gaining weight. Part of creating a successful weight-loss plan is determining which drinks should be avoided and replaced.

Will Alcoholic Beverages Ruin My Diet?

Alcohol of all kinds should be avoided. Alcoholic drinks offer nothing but empty calories. Consumption of alcohol utilizes the exact same mechanism as simple carbohydrates. The body’s insulin levels rise and contribute to fat storage. Some alcoholic drinks will lower the body’s blood sugar, which increases your appetite. Add in sugary alcopops and the amount of sugar in your body increases exponentially. Alcohol can ruin any good diet!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reinforces this impact in a 2003 study conducted by S. Wannamethee and A. Shaper entitled Alcohol, body weight, and weight gain in middle-aged men. It states excessive weight gain occurs irrespective of the type of alcohol, which makes it something to strike out of your diet plan with all haste.

Alcohol has thousands of empty calories within. The amount differs depending on the type of alcohol, but none of these calories are good. In addition, many people don’t take into account these calories. Here’s just one startling fact about alcohol calories from the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom: “Drinking around five pints of lager a week will add up to 44,200 calories over a full year.” That is the same as eating 221 doughnuts. When you think about five pints of lager, it is not a lot and most people go through this in one night.

Alcohol also contains a lot of sugar, especially alcopops. Sugar raises the insulin level and increases your appetite. When you feel hungry, you are going to eat. Its clear alcohol can devastate any carefully-formulated dietary regime.

Will Fruit Juices Ruin My Diet?

You might think grabbing a carton of your favourite fruit juice from your supermarket is a good idea. Fruit juices are not what they seem, though. Natural sugars are the sugars you want to be taking in. They are gained from fruits, primarily, and help the body to function by breaking them down into glucose. Refined sugars contribute to the amount of fat you store in your body, along with contributing to poor oral health.

Fruit juices bought from supermarkets are filled with refined sugars, which mainly come from corn syrup. They permeate almost every brand and every type of juice. If you want to keep fruit juice within your diet, buy a blender and grind up some fruits from a delightfully delicious breakfast.

Natural sugars are perfectly fine whilst on a diet and while trying to lose weight. Refined sugars are the enemy and contribute to fat storage, as well as poor oral health. Fruit juices are made from fruit and therefore should be okay since they are full of natural sugars. Sadly, supermarkets and restaurants have tainted them. Fructose syrup and refined sugars are constantly added to them to save on the costs of buying premium fruit juice. They won’t tell you about this, so avoid commercial fruit juices.

Buy a blender and start making your own juices. They can fill your calorie requirements and can make for a fantastic rushed breakfast.

Will Drinkable Junk Foods Ruin My Diet?

People are now combining the best of both evils by grinding up some common junk foods and making them into drinks. Foods full of fats and sugars can now be found in drinkable form. There are hundreds of different recipes, but some notable examples include: Skittles vodka, Mars Bar milkshake, and the Egg sports drink.

The alcohol is a problem for obvious reasons, but these junk foods have a lot of fats and sugar inside them; refined sugars. The fat is the main problem as it contributes to high cholesterol. At one point, people believed fat in the body was helpful. The Atkins Diet is the notable example coming out of this line of thinking; the creator Dr. Atkins suffered from heart disease.

Look Out For Empty Calories?

Simply avoid refined sugars, fats, and empty calories. Pay significant attention to places where empty calories might not be immediately apparent, such as in the case of alcohol and supermarket fruit juices. Use the same lessons from the food you choose for your diet regime and apply them to what you drink.
Avoid combining any junk foods or accepting any drinks from junk food brands. They are no healthier than in food form.

To put it simply, junk food shouldn’t feature as part of any diet. Even if you want to give yourself a treat at the end of the month, don’t let it be in the form of these foods. Now, these relate to drinks since some independent restaurants have been blending common junk foods and serving them as drinks; see the Cookie Dough vodka from Pinnacle for more details. The state of New York has even decided to ban them from restaurants due to how unhealthy they are.

America has such a problem with heart disease and cancer because of these culinary horrors. High cholesterol levels are developed as a direct result of these foods, according to the University Of Maryland Medical Center. Don’t combine junk foods with drinks, it makes it much worse.

What Does It All Mean?

These drinks shouldn’t be touched if you are trying to diet, but the reasons why they are unhealthy are much more important. Of course, there are hundreds of different drinks all around the world which don’t feature here. Apply the principles from this article and it’s easy to tell whether something should be included in your diet or not. Watch out for trans fats, alcohol, and sugar in your drinks and you are well on your way to getting the body you want.

Final Thoughts

Food is a massive part of the various dietary debates going on in the world of nutrition. Detailed dietary plans, fitness regimes, and the right amount of emotional support are prepared, yet what never seems to come up are the liquids going into your body. Drinks are just as important as the food going down your gullet. They contain calories, sugars, fats, and vitamins. All of these things are essential to making your diet work. Featured above are some of the drinks you should be avoiding if you are on a diet.

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