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Dealing With a Child’s Toothache

Dealing With a Child’s Toothache

When you have to deal with a child’s toothache, be very gentle when trying to ascertain the cause of the pain. Children, especially little ones, are not usually co-operative with information as to where the pain is actually located. As you try to give the child some relief, it is possible that there is a resistance to your efforts, as children do not have ability to handle pain well, especially if the toothache is severe.

Too Much Sugary And Sticky Stuff?

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The cause of the toothache may be from the child’s diet. Chocolate cakes and cookies, candy and cool drinks all have sugar in their content. The sugar, broken down by the mouth’s bacteria into acids that then combines with the calcium of the tooth enamel. We now have decay of the teeth leading to holes, disease of the gums or exposed tooth roots. In general, it is not good for children to have too much sugar in their diet.

Sore Around The Mouth Or One Specific Tooth

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Try to establish whether the pain is acute or just sore around the tooth. It is possible that a mouth ulcer, gum swelling or else a cold sore is the cause of pain in the child’s mouth. Once your child does open its mouth for you, check for evidence of any red spots or swelling inside the cheeks. If there is none, then you know that it is toothache, and phone for an immediate appointment with your family dentist.

Until such time that you can get your child to the dentist, you want to give your child relief from the pain that they are suffering. Ibuprofen is a product that can be used for toothache that relieves pain and fights inflammation. The packaging does not always state the dosage for under two years, but in 2001, it was proven safe and effective down to two months of age in healthy children.

Should You Use Home Remedies?

There are no home remedies that work. A dentist and child-friendly Ibuprofen are your only options. You are a bad parent if you consider otherwise. However, let’s say it is Sunday evening, you cannot get your hands on pain relief, and the dentist is booked for Monday…here are a few stop-gaps to get your child through the night.

· Rub garlic, cashew or clove oil on the affected tooth. A good idea is putting the oil on the child’s finger and letting it apply it to the tooth itself for relief.

· Cut a potato into small pieces and cool in the fridge. Then, have the child place them on the painful tooth. The cold soothes the pain. An alternative is to use cold cucumber.

· As Peppermint is good for relieving pain, place a wad of dried mint leaf round the tooth and make the child spit it out every few minutes.

· If the child really will not open its mouth, then apply a warm damp towel on the outside of the cheek.

A Good Solution…

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Distraction is often the best stop-gap solution. The more fuss you make, and the more the child prods in the area, then the worse the pain becomes. Sometimes, a placebo and a bit of distraction will help your child get through the night so that a dentist may be seen in the morning.

Should the child shows resistance to going to the dentist then make it a special outing. This is a time when offering a bribe may be your only answer. It is worth it, as the dental visit is essential. Maybe there is a favorite toyshop in your local mall. Offering a toy of their choice will definitely get them wanting to go to the dentist without any further delay!

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