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Content Writing Tips For People That Are Trying To Sell Via Their Content

Content Writing Tips For People That Are Trying To Sell Via Their Content

This article quickly covers a few of the factors you need to consider if you are trying to sell a product through your website. It starts with tips on what sort of web pages you should generate, and then moves on to advice on how to optimize your eCommerce website. This advice should help content writers and ecommerce websites sell via their content.

Not Every Sales Page Has To Be A Review

One of the most common ways to sell a product through a web page is to write reviews on the product, make the reviews glowing, and then hopefully sell the product either on the page itself or through an affiliate link. However, there are plenty of other ways to sell your product via your web content.

For example, offering solutions to a certain products problems or flaws is a good way to sell a product. There is a game called Dungeon Keeper 2. It is an old game, but a beloved game from the now retired Bullfrog studio. The game has been changed and altered so that people may play it on modern computers, but there is a problem with certain monsters spawning. Some people have offered patches and mods, but people like myself do not like them because you have no idea what the developers have put in them (such as hacking back doors). So, I showed people how to alter their game files manually on a website. It shows exactly how you change your game files so that the monsters spawn in the newer version of Dungeon Keeper 2. The image below is a screenshot of what I did.

excerpt from website with dungeon keeper 2

The page itself, pictured above, has the fix and tips/tricks for the game. This seems like information that people who “Already Have The Game” will want, but there are also people who do not own the game and who buy it through that web page. The reason this happens is because people want to buy Dungeon Keeper 2, but they see it has a spawning problem. They then reach the page pictured above, they read about the fix, and they feel confident enough to buy the game, so they do it through the web page affiliate link.

In short, there are plenty of ways to sell a product besides reviewing them. If your product has a flaw, then write about it and people may buy through your web page. Even better, why not offer tips and tricks on how to use the product more efficiently or more cheaply? Doing so may also convince people to make a purchase when they realize they can get more out of the product than it first appears on other store/eCommerce websites.

Make Sure Your Website Is Fully Optimized

ECommerce sites have a hard time rising up through the search engine results because they are at a disadvantage when compared with other websites and blogs. For example, blogs have tabbed keywords on the screen, which eCommerce sites do not. Other websites are also easier to update frequently, whereas product pages on eCommerce sites often have little to update on a weekly basis.

Make sure your site is optimized with the most recent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Missing out keywords on page titles, or filling in your Meta tags with poorly chosen keywords is a big mistake on eCommerce websites. Here are a few things your eCommerce website needs.

  • A good, unique and well-thought-out product description for each product
  • Your own product descriptions and not those of the manufacturers
  • Product reviews from genuine users and an easy way for users to post reviews
  • Optimized product pages based on offline and on-website search demand
  • Unique and descriptive titles for your web pages and product pages
  • Speaking and readable URLs
  • Very little duplicate content and/or the use of canonical tabs
  • A website where usability is the key focus
  • No pop-ups at all and no intrusive adverts

Make Buying From You A Lot Easier

Do not make the mistake of adding more steps to the sales process. If a person simply wants to visit your site and make a sale immediately, then there is little reason why they should need to visit more than four pages. This assumes that one of those pages will be a shopping basket page, and another will be a payment page.

You may make the website marketing process as convoluted as you like, and you may even install a funneling system if you wish. But, the second that your website user decides to buy, he or she should be able to find the product and the checkout page very quickly and easily.

You may also like to consider giving people the option of opening an account, instead of forcing them to. Removing the account registration and password step is basically removing another step from the sales process. The longer it takes them to make the purchase, then the longer they have for a distraction to pull them away.

Website Navigation Is Very Important

The search bar must be placed at the top of the site where it is easy to see, and it must yield relevant and useable results. Keep testing your search bar results personally to see how you could have it display the most enticing or relevant products first.

poor navigation example on a website with too many options

Your users have to find what they need very quickly if you do not want to risk them leaving the website. The eCommerce website navigation must be intuitive and easy to use. It must yield fast results and allow users to backtrack if they cannot find what they are looking for.

Consider Making Your eCommerce Website A Dynamic Website

They are also known as responsive websites. They change their layout and viewing size depending upon which browser is used to view them with. This means that a desktop website may change to a Smartphone or tablet device website that is optimized for the screen size and able to be used with a touch screen. Making your website dynamic will help you take advantage of the current trend of buying things online with a mobile device.

ecommerce online development chart.png

Add In Lots Of Optimized Photographs

A potential customer is not able to handle your products as he or she would in a shop. That is why having lots of images on your eCommerce website is a good thing. However, lots of images will add a drag factor to your page loading time. So, make sure that they are Jpeg images, and be sure to add ALT text and a title to the images. Make sure to add at least one relevant keyword to the ALT text and image title. The same goes for any anchor text for links pointing to the images, because adding just one relevant keyword to the anchor text will make both the image and the page hosting the image more search engine friendly.

Image optimized photos featuring boots as examples.jpg

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