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Carousel Checks Review – Customized Check Designs

Carousel Checks Review – Customized Check Designs

Our Carousel Checks review covers Carousel Checks, which is a company that allows you to order checks and customize them. Buying stylistic and decorated checks is still common in the US, even if checks are slowly dying out. The most popular service that Carousel Checks offers is their custom photo checks where you send them a photo image and they create personalized checks with your image.

Photo check from Carousel checks

What Does Carousel Checks Do?

If you wish to buy personalized checks, then you may use Carousel Checks. They may even charge you less than your current bank charges you for new checkbooks. They offer different types of checks, and they offer different printed designs. Carousel Checks offers personal checks and business checks. They allow you to pick from over 3500 products and/or product variations, and they have a plethora of check designs that you can choose from. Carousel Checks also offers accessories such as checkbook covers, address labels, deposit tickets, check registers and self-inking stamps.

Carousel Checks – Pros

  • There are over 3500 products and/or product variations to choose from
  • Their prices do beat what some banks charge for replacement checkbooks.
  • You get to choose from over 1250 different check designs when you order from Carousel Checks.
  • The business has been up and running for 30 years and still has a good online reputation.
  • They have the second largest selection of checkbook artwork than any company currently running in the USA.
  • Carousel Checks allows you to create your own design by sending them an a photo image that is printed onto your checks.
  • Get checkbook cover designs made in cloth, leather or vinyl.
  • There are seven font styles to choose for, which include styles such as modern, retro and Old English.
  • Add one of fifty logos that you have in their image stock in order to make your checks even more personalized.
  • Order more than one box at a time to get a discount on your checks.
  • Security is up to spec, which means your information is almost as safe as it is when you order from a bank.
  • The company offers a toll-free phone number for those who have issues or questions, and there is email support too.
  • There is an FAQ section where you may find answers to your questions before contacting the Carousel Checks customer service department.

Carousel Checks – Cons

  • CheckAdvantage is the only company that has more check designs than Carousel Checks.
  • If you want things such as check registers, then you have to pay extra, and the costs for extras are higher than what banks charge.
  • The handling fees are tacked on at the end and the Carousel website does a really good job of hiding them.
  • The shipping charges are a little high. They get lower if you order more, but they are still a little high when you consider what they are sending.
  • Expedited shipping is another large charge. It seems like we are harping on about the fees, but they are the ugliest part of this company.
  • Their quality control could use a bit of an upgrade. A few people have complained about printing being slightly off center.
  • The regular shipping fees are high and they still take two weeks to arrive. It is almost as if they are pushing people to pay their expedited prices.
  • Their customer service is not the best. For example, if they make a mistake, you call them and they will charge you again to correct it.
  • Their response to criticism and negative online reviews is to ignore them and to tell people to call them, even though if you call their customer service department you may be charged again for correcting their mistakes.

Fees And/Or Charges

The cost of Carousel Checks products are rather reasonable. What are not reasonalbe are their fees for handling, for delivery, and for extras such as check registers. Carousel Checks is a good company, and it would be a great company if they either lowered their tacked-on fees, or if they were a little more upfront about them.

They Should Be More Up Front About Fees

What Carousel Checks does is they have you go through the whole order process. This also involves the process of designing your checks. It can take quite a while to pick your designs, to choose between the many options, and to upload your photo-image designs, pick extras, enter your delivery choices, and enter your details. Then, at the very end, they tack on the handling fees at $3.50 per box. Many people are annoyed by this unforcasted charge, and yet they have invested so much time into making their order that it would be a waste to just abandon the order at this point.

shipping fees

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As you can see by the image above, the shipping fees article a little confusing. They could have made it a little easier, but their fee schedule is their their prerogative.

Important Notes About Carousel Checks

  • If you have a problem with your order, such as if it doesn’t turn up, then you have 90 days to make a complaint and have Carousel Checks take action about it.
  • If your order has not been printed, then you can cancel your order with only a $5.00 charge.
  • You have to pay full price if your order has already been printed, which means only your shipping charges will be refunded. In other words, if your order has already been printed, then is it probably better to have them sent out rather than to cancel the order.
  • You can review the status of your printing order if you go online and log in to your account. There is an “Order Status” button on the website that you can use to track your order, or you may call the company on its US toll-free number at 1-888-422-6122.
  • A bank cannot refuse to process your checks just because you had them printed with a company such as Carousel Checks. Banks do not print their checks in house (most don’t). Most banks have to outsource their printing to third parties. Carousel Checks meets the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which are the same requirements that bank printing companies have to adhere to.
  • Carousel Checks conforms with all CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association) standards for check printing, which means your information and your financial security is reasonably secure. It is almost as secure as ordering with a bank, especially when you remember that most banks also use a third-party printing company too. Carousel Checks also has extra security features, such as check backers that prevent reproduction on the reverse side of your checks, and they have a micro-print security measure that is hardly visible on original checks, but appears as a dotted line if your check is photocopied or scanned and printed.

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    Although Carousel Checks specializes in personalized checks, they offer a wide selection of business checks, computer checks and additional accessories. As a leading check supplier, they have a consistent track record of providing top-notch checks and related supplies.


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