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How To Build An Online Career

How To Build An Online Career

What is the point of this article? It is to open your mind up a little about just what sort of online career you may undertake on the Internet. Usually, when you Google “Online Careers,” you only see things such as selling on eBay, or filling in surveys, but there are quite a few online options for you to choose from. Peruse this article and allow it to open your mind a little to the types of online career you may undertake.

You Can Have An Online Career – It Is Possible!

The worldwide adoption of the Internet as a trading and commerce tool means that people may begin and build a career online only. A person may decide to become skilled at a certain specialty, such as becoming a cartoonist. The cartoonist may solicit companies for work, sell from a portfolio or enter adverts in niche magazines. Or, the cartoonist may decide to build his or her cartooning career online only. This is true of many careers, including trading goods online.

There Are Lots Of different Career Options Open

If you think about it, there are actually a number of different online careers you may pursue. The list is not comprehensive, but many of the principles named may be used for more than one career. Ideally you should pick something that you are already good at. That way you will be able to start your career online straight away and leverage what you already know.

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Do It On The Internet And Kickstart Your Online Career

Be an online agony aunt, childcare advisor, or religious expert. Teach other people via video chats, or create a series of blog posts on the subject. Sell knitted socks online, or write one-liner jokes for Twitter comedians. Sell your landscape photos, or sell your cake designs. Check the grammar and spelling as a service to bloggers, or create pod casts for people to listen to while they drive.

If you have skills that you simply cannot sell online–then find a way! For example, it is impossible to for a hairdresser to conduct her business online…right? What about teaching how to cut and style hair with a series of videos, or paid blog posts on what types of styles suit what types of head shapes. You could use different products and tools in your salon, and then create audio, video or written reviews about them. Think inside the box, then think outside the box, and copy other people if you have to.

Become A Web Designer

It stands to reason that the first thing you do is set up your own website. This website needs to be very well designed to the point of being slightly over the top. You also need to include a gallery in this website that is going to display a wide variety of your web designs. Do not make the mistake of adding web designs that even look vaguely similar, or intelligent people are going to assume you are using a content management system, and suddenly your designs become worthless.

The competition is very fierce on the search engines when it comes to web designers. There is little point in setting up affiliate adverts because unless you have a big budget then you are always going to be in the shadow of larger companies.

You should work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but try to optimize for a more focused target market, as a lot of the big companies have the popular search phrases tied up. For example, you may focus on rising up the search engines for keywords that food establishments or corner shops may enter if they want to build a website, or you could concentrate on building websites for people in the concrete trade.

Become A Cartoonist Or Photographer

Circumcision Training cartoon by Ashley Gaynor

The principles to setting yourself up online as a cartoonist or photographer are pretty much the same. You build a website that offers your services for a price, and a gallery that is more like an eCommerce shop, where people are able to purchase your cartoons or photographs. After that, you advertise yourself on social media, making sure to tell people what services you provide and what you are willing to do. You then look online for cartoon or photographic marketplaces. On there, you may sell your current completed work in conjunction with your own website. The online marketplaces are going to charge you a fee every time you sell a cartoon or photograph, but they are more likely to get higher traffic numbers than your website, so you are going to make more money in the short-term if you do it via online marketplaces. Try to show off watermarked examples on social media, making sure to include your website and contact details.

Become A Graphic Designer

If you already have the qualification, then it would be foolish to pass up such an enticing online career. Build a website that hosts a lot of your graphic design work. Make sure to point out the work you did for major and branded clients. Promote your website via social media and concentrate on getting some of your designs uploaded to picture orientated social media networks such as Pinterest.

Embed your website address into every email you send out and try to build back links from websites that your target audience are likely to attend. Write reviews about your service and post them on article websites that link to your website. Finally, you may also consider affiliate advertising, but you may have more luck if you pay to have your website listed in a graphic design services directory.

Make A Point Of Continuing To Learn

This is a very important aspect of maintaining a career online. You need to make sure you improve your career skills and make a point of learning new techniques, skills and career building methods. You are not only tasked with improving your online career skills, you also have to improve how you market your services, how to manipulate the online marketplace, how you deal with clients and how you handle your accounts. As an online worker, you cannot afford to simply concentrate on the skills you use to build your career because you are facing an unprecedented amount of competition and you will soon find yourself out of work and out of business if you fail to constantly improve yourself.

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Conclusion – Your Online Career Can Be An Experiment

By all means, you should follow your dreams, but you should also follow opportunity. Start as a part-time online worker and try out a few things. Use the skills you already have, but also try a few other things to see how it goes. Build your online career slowly, while testing out as many career avenues as possible. Strongly consider reading any or all of the articles listed below if you would like a leg up against your competition.



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