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Budget Boss Review – Should You Try The Budget Boss App?

Budget Boss Review – Should You Try The Budget Boss App?

The Budget Boss app is an app with a simple-looking interface that allows you to set budgets and monitor them over time. The reason why people are still using this app, despite its unimpressive interface, is because it is a reasonably good budgeting app, and because the automatic budget predictions are a novel idea that people with a fixed income can make use of. I don’t mean to drone on about how unimpressive the interface is, but if you look past the interface, the app offers visualizations that give you a snapshot view of your finances.

Budget Boss Review snapshot of the apps visualizations

What Does Budget Boss Do?

The Budget Boss app is a budgeting app. It works in a manual fashion, which means you do not have to link the app up to your bank account. This is good for people who are security conscious, and not so good for people who do not want to enter their budget information every day. On the one hand, it is easy to see why some people prefer an automated system, but if you are tasked with entering how much you have earned and spent each day into your app, then you are more likely to take your budget seriously. Yet, for many people, once they stop entering information into the app, they feel like they have to catch up on subsequent days until it gets to the point where they cannot be bothered to keep catching up.

The app allows you to track what you earn and what you spend manually, which is one benefit. One of the biggest benefits is that you may create a budget and see how it will help you save in the future. With the Budget Boss app and its budget prediction functions, you are able to create a budget model that extends into the next two years. It allows you to see how small changes today may lead to larger savings in the future. It may also give you an incentive to stick to your budget if you can see how it will affect you in the long run.

What Else Does The Budget Boss App Do?

Identify long-term trends with the Budget Boss system, and use it to estimate what your bank balance will look like in the coming weeks. The Budget Boss app doesn’t do the work for you, but it does make budgeting a little more thorough than if you simply pull a budget template off the Internet.

The Budget Boss developers describe their pie charts and such as “Powerful Visualizations.” I wouldn’t go as far as that when I describe them. Budget Boss does have visualizations that allow you to judge your finances visually as well as numerically. There are balance prediction graphs, there are pie graphs and there are margin graphs. You may also switch to a calendar view too.

The Budget Boss website claims that the Budget Boss app interface is intuitive. I wouldn’t agree with that at all. It may be intuitive to somebody who works as an accountant, but to the average user the app is not intuitive and does not have an intuitive interface. It is easy enough to learn if you take it slowly or if you watch somebody else using it.

Budget boss balance outlook

Budget Boss – Pros

  • Budget Boss has a calendar app integration that allows you to set up reminders for your bills. You may also create customized PDF reports that detail your budget plan. The Budget Boss developers were also able to add integration with the Apple Watch. On your Apple Watch, you are able to see a list of scheduled transactions, and you may see a balance forecast graph.
  • The Budget Boss app comes with a credit card payments calculator and a savings account calculator, which is not a massive selling point, but I suppose it saves you having to look these tools up on Google whenever you need them next.
  • The currency that shows on your device is based on your regional settings. You can change the currency settings if you wish. In addition, the app supports various languages. The language settings include, English, German, Spanish and French.
  • If you create a budget model that you like, or if you wish to save your adjustment history to make it easier to create future budgets, then you may save your history or model to the iCloud. This also allows you to transfer your data as well as back it up.
  • You may organize your expenses with the Budget Boss app. Organize your expenses with custom categories or per-defined categories. Enter your expenses, enter your income, and schedule your transactions and transaction frequencies.
  • The Budget Boss app allows you to track how will you are doing as you follow your budget. The app’s software is able to predict your balance every day, and you may make manual adjustments to the balance whenever you wish. Usually, people make adjustments whenever they have strayed from their original budget.
  • Budget Boss uses its own budget model to try to predict how you are going to save and maintain a next egg. With the app, you are able to see how well you are following your budget. It is mildly rewarding when the Budget Boss app predicts your balance and you actually have more than it predicted.
  • There is a password lock option that helps to keep prying eyes away from your finances. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to keep your finances a secret from other people, especially when we live in a world where if you have something then there are droves of people who think you should share out what you have worked for because they are entitled to it. With people like that littering up the earth, it is hardly surprising that you may want to put a password lock on your Budget Boss app.

Budget Boss – Cons

  • I am not a big fan of the way the app interface looks. It reminds me of the type of accounting software suites you used to get with Windows 98 computers/
  • I am not sure if the app looks cheap, or if it looks as it if was designed by somebody with limited graphic design skills. Maybe the developers where looking for a way to create the app by using as little memory as possible.
  • As a user of the Budget Boss app, you need to enter all of the information manually. As I have mentioned earlier, there are some hot benefits to entering all of the information yourself. On the other hand, most people have a tenancy to take the easy route, especially when undertaking a task of their own choosing. It leads me to believe that many people will not keep up their efforts when it comes to entering their budget information on a daily basis.
  • For a “Sophisticated” predicting program and budgeting app, I was rather unimpressed with how many categories have been defined.
  • There is currently only a version for Apple devices and nothing for Windows or Android. Hopefully this will change, but at the moment it is only available for people with an Apple Smart Watch, an Apple iPhone or an Apple iPad.
  • The associated website and sales propaganda is hardly reassuring. One gets the distinct impression that the developers have already abandoned this piece of software. They have not abandoned it, but they do not appear to be striving to make improvements to either the app or its promotional websites.

Conclusion – Give It A Try, But Do Not Expect Fireworks

As budgeting apps go, the Budget Boss app is not a bad app. Some people may not like the fact you have to enter information manually, but I prefer those types of budget apps rather than the ones that link to bank accounts. The biggest issue I have with the app is the way it looks. In my opinion, the app looks old fashioned. A bit of modernization and excitement has not been outlawed. It is the shame the developers are not planning on modernizing the apps controls and its appearance because I may have rated it more highly if they did.

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