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Best Way To Send Money In The Mail

Best Way To Send Money In The Mail

Never send money in the mail as cash money because you are running a very silly risk if you do. If you wish to send money in the mail, you need to convert your money into something else first. As you get older, you start to recognize how people in positions of trust are rarely there because it is their calling. People working for the police, working as doctors, and even working in a postal service are often there because they need a job. Most are not there because they feel it is a moral duty to maintain a level of trust. Time teaches you that there are good and bad people in all professions, and that includes professions where trust is required. I am not say that you shouldn’t send cash through the post because all postal workers are thieves. I am saying that you shouldn’t send cash through the post because some of them are thieves–and some is enough.

woman who stole from the mail

How To Send Money In The Mail Without Sending Hard Cash

You need to find a way of converting your money into something else. Normally, I would suggest converting your money into some form of digital currency, such as putting it into your bank account and sending an electronic transfer. However, there are reasons why sending money through the mail is preferred, so here are a few ways you may convert your cash money into something that is safer to send through the mail.

Send A Personal Check To The Recipient

If you handle the mail for long enough, you will eventually learn to recognize which envelopes have money in them and which do not. You can do as you will to hide the money, but some people are experts at recognizing it. Some people can also tell if you have nestled a check in betwixt the sheets within the envelope. Nevertheless, it is harder to recognize a check than it is to recognize money.

One of the biggest reasons for using a check rather than cash is because a check has a name written on it, which makes it harder for thief to make money from it. Cash may be used right away, but a check needs to be molested in some way before a thief is able to profit from it.

Picture of check with the word mom on it

A check made out to “Mom.”

Checks Are Safer Than Hard Cash When You Send Money In The Mail

There are also extra safeguards when sending a check, such as being able to cancel a check if your recipient doesn’t receive it. Plus, police are going to have more luck when investigating a check than they are when they investigate a wire transfer. You may still lose your money, but there is a slim chance that you may get the money back, and/or a slim chance that the police may catch the person who did it. They won’t catch the perpetrator right away, but such thieves tend to sell stolen checks to the same people (usually marijuana dealers to send off to other countries as payment for shipments). They sell to the same people to the point where patterns become so obvious that the police can track the thefts and the money from start to finish. In most cases, the perpetrator is given leniency if he or she gives up the names of the people he or she has been selling the checks to.

Top Tip – If you are adding a check to something such as a birthday card, then tape it inside the card. Some people recognize cash in a card by holding it in a certain way and then shaking it. If the check is taped, then it will not move, which may dissuade the thief from opening the card.

Do Not Send A Check That Is Payable In Cash

Sending a check that is payable in cash is the same as sending cash, and it is a big mistake. It is true that the thief cannot take the cash check and pop it in the nearest vending machine, but it won’t take the thief very long to convert the check into cash. There is nothing stopping the thief from stealing the check and cashing it him or herself. Some people send these types of check when they are trying to give to charity, a fund, or to a politician, and they make theft easy. That is why the most horrible people hover around such places like flies around a dung heap. I have mentioned in earlier articles about the Pakistani men who came down my street and stole the bags of goods that I and my neighbors left out in those big charity bags. We told the police and the police laughed it off, so nobody on our street fills those bags anymore. I use mine as bin liners. Do not post cash checks, and beware of cash-check scams.

Central Animal Specialist Hospital (the Brian Conley Show)
Central Amazon Spiritual Healers (the New Statesman Show)

Top Tip – Beware of the CASH scam where the initials of the charity or fund make up the word CASH. Unless you are writing a check to yourself, there is always another option rather than making a check payable to cash. If you are having to write cash checks frequently, maybe it is time to enter the digital age.

Cashier’s Checks Are Another Way To Send Money In The Mail

Instead of sending a check from your own checking account, you may send a cashier’s check. It is another way of sending money, and there is a chance that such a check offers more protection than a regular check from your checking account. I say there is a chance because it is a commonly held belief, and yet I have been unable to find any evidence that it is true.

Just like with a personal check, your cashier’s check will have to have a name written on it, which means a thief will have to alter or molest the check in order to profit from it. I cannot say that a thief is less likely to sell a cashier’s check because cashier’s check fraud is just as common as personal check fraud.

Top Tip – Hide the money item in another item. Instead of sending a card or a letter, maybe send something else. An easy one is to send a book and put the money item in between the pages. A book is good because thieves are not really interested in them, they are hard to smuggle out of a postal office, and nobody expects to find a money order between the pages.

Any Form Of Forged Check May Not Be Insured Or Covered By Your Bank

One of the common misunderstandings is that a cashier’s check is in some way insured or protected by your bank. If you are ripped off and somebody takes and uses your cashier’s check, you cannot claim anything from the bank or bank’s insurance.

People may become confused because they read things such as, “A cashier’s check is guaranteed.” However, that means that the bank is guaranteeing payment when the check is cashed, it doesn’t mean the check is insured or covered in any way.

Lost Cashier’s Checks May Be Reissued After 90 Days

If your recipient doesn’t receive your cashier’s check, and maybe it is lost or stolen, and if it is not cashed within 90 days, then you may go to your bank and ask them to re-issue the check. They may charge you a small fee, but you will be able to regain access to your check. If you have noticed that your cashier’s check is missing, or that it has not arrived with the recipient, then get in touch with the bank right away and make a “Declaration Of Loss.” If all goes well, then the thief will be unable to cash your cashier’s check, and you will be able to have your bank re-issue the check around 90 days after it was first issued.

Top Tip – You do have some time between the cashier’s check being stolen and you making a declaration of loss and asking your bank to stop payment on the check. Even organized and efficient criminals will need a few days to get your check into a bank and get the money out again.

Send A Money Order If The Recipient Doesn’t Have A Bank Account

You are also able to write a name on a money order, which means it is suitable for sending in the post. It is just as likely to be stolen and forged as a personal check and a cashier’s check. The risks are all the same, but it is less of a risk than sending cash through the post. A money order offers just as much reassurance as a personal or cashier’s check because money orders are also traceable.

Top Tip – Money orders only go to $1000 in most cases. If you are sending more than $1000, then consider splitting the money orders in different parcels. It lowers your chance of a complete loss.

A Money Order May Be Suitable If Sending Money Overseas

You can send a personal check overseas, and you may send a cashier’s check overseas too. It is less about the country you are sending it to and more about the person you are sending it to. After all, you may be sending it to your cousin Billy Bob who is in Japan, but who is also able to deposit the check into his bank account. Nevertheless, I mention sending money orders to other countries because it is more of a common practice. When people think of mailing money overseas, they tend to think of a money order before they think of a cashier’s check or personal check. Here are a few other ways of sending money overseas if you are interested.

Picture of a money order

Top Tip – Maybe you don’t want to send a personal check overseas because you don’t want your account details floating around the world. If that is the case, then an international money order may be the right option for you.

Find Out Which Countries Allow International Money Orders

More and more countries are slowly rejecting money orders. In 2010, there were over $60 million international money orders cashed. In 2015, there were $34 million money orders cashed. The international money transfer market grew at an average rate of 3% from 2010, which shows that the market is not to blame for the decline. If your recipient is unable to put an international money order into his or her bank account, find out if similar restrictions apply to personal checks and cashier checks.

Check to see if your recipient lives in a country where the banks accept international money orders. If the recipient’s country doesn’t have banks that accept international money orders, then you may be making it very difficult for your recipient to gain access to the funds. An alternative may be an international wire transfer, or maybe a personal/bank check of some sort.

Lost Or Stolen Money Orders

If you lose your money order or it is stolen, then you may be able to get a refund. You may have to pay for a research request, and if it shows that the money order has not been cashed, then you may be able to get your money back.

Sexy Ways To Make Your Transaction Safer

Man pouring water over his body

This guy know all about sexy ways, but he seems to know very little about how to drink from a bottle.

Now that your mind has been blown by the three methods I have explained above, let’s consider ways to make posting your item a little safer. Let’s assume you have converted your money to a personal check, a cashier’s check or a money order, you now have to get it through the mail and protect it as much as you can.

Insure The Parcel And Its Contents

If you are sending a lot of money, then find out if you are able to insure your parcel. Are you able to insure the money you are sending. If the item is lost or stolen, is there a way you may be compensated. The mail carrier may have an option, but you should probably look a little broader and ask insurance companies if they have policies specially created for this circumstance.

Add Your Money Item To A Less Suspicious Parcel

There are plenty of ways you may do this. Instead of putting your money item into a card, put it into something boring. Put it into a brown envelope with one of those windows in the front. Thieves are playing a numbers game, and they know that money is more likely to be in birthday cards, wedding cards, and things of that nature. Postal workers see hundreds of thousands of ordinary envelopes, and there is safety in numbers. Make your money object a cashier’s check, a money order or a personal check, and you increase the chances that the thief may even ignore your check because he or she is looking for hard cash.

Track The Package

Thieves are opportunists, which means they prefer quite and secret thefts. If they steal tracked mail, then they know there will be a response, and they know that their theft will be recognized more quickly than card or letter that is not tracked. In addition, if you track the parcel, then you get a sense of how long it should take the recipient to cash the money item.

Have The Recipient Sign For The Parcel

Tracking and confirming your parcel is a very good idea. Again, thieves are less likely to risk poking their fingers into it, plus you have tighter knowledge of where the money item is and what has happened to it. For example, if the tracking shows that it has been delivered and yet it has not been signed for, then you can contact the recipient, the postal service, and maybe even the issuer of your money item to start taking precautionary steps.

Use A Security Envelop When Sending The Cash

If you really have to send cash, then use a security envelope. They are the same types of envelopes that are used to gather evidence because it is impossible to open them and close them again without it being blindingly obvious. If some has tampered with your mail, then it is very obvious, and you may be able to make a claim with the postal company. Valuable items are often sent via different forms of secured post with security envelopes.

I am not suggesting that you send cash money through the post, but if you have to, then do it with a secured postal service where you are asked to put your items into a secured envelope. If you are not sure what to ask for, then ask which service would be the best to use if you were sending scrap gold through the post. The postal clerk should hopefully suggest some sort of secured post service that uses secured envelopes.

Global Express Guaranteed Plastic Envelope

This is a “Global Express Guaranteed Plastic Envelope.” You cannot see it very well, but it is a plastic envelope and once you seal it, you cannot open it without it being obvious that the package has been tampered with.

There Are Courier Services That Require A Signature

The US doesn’t seem to have as many courier services when compared the European countries because European countries have privatized their postal services, whereas the US postal service is controlled by the government. Competition is neither encouraged nor helped, which is why your courier options are a little limited. Nevertheless, there are courier services that deliver things that require a signature. Pop your money item into a padded envelope, use a courier and have your recipient sign for your parcel.

If the parcel looks as if it has been tampered with, then the recipient may refuse the delivery and you should be informed. At that point, it may be a good idea to start taking action, such as maybe canceling your money item and contacting the courier service to get your issue resolved.

Call To Confirm The Receipt Of The Money Item

Let’s say that you have sent a money order to Betsy Loo for her birthday. Call her, What’s App her, SMS text her or email her to find out if she received it. The longer a thief has to operate, then the higher the chances are that the thief will get away. Confirming delivery in any fashion will increase your chances of lessening your losses or catching the criminal who stole your money item.

Conclusion – I Just Waited 30 Minutes To Say Hi

The next time you are stood in a queue at the post office for 30 minutes and the clerk says, “May I help you?” Say, “No, I just waited here 30 minutes to say hi.” Let’s face it, the mail is going the way of the newspaper (a printed multi-page document filled with adverts and a bit of news). If you have another safe option for sending money, then use it rather than using a postal service. The US postal service is a lumbering tax-drinking dinosaur that should have been privatized years ago, (in my humble and correct opinion).

Does anybody even tip their mail carrier anymore? I don’t receive mail anymore with the exception of a new ATM card. All my mail carrier brings me is junk mail. I am not the only person on my street who drops all his mail in the recycling bin. The other day I got an air conditioning advert through the post for a woman called, “Pam L R.” She had obviously said her name Pamela over the phone and the person on the other end wrote it as “Pam L R,” and then sent me the junk mail.

Did you know that when the US postal service issues another office closure and when it dismisses its staff, they confirm the closure or sacking with a letter through the mail? If they fired hundred of employees, they may need to hire new people to deliver all the sacking letters.

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  1. P. Sweet

    The most important is(and I’m sure that 90% of people don’t realize this.
    If you send cash or a gift card, when it runs through the sorter at the post office, it reads the bar codes. Walaa, the postal works know which one has cash or gift cards.
    This is God’s honest truth! We were losing mail for years. First moved to our new home, would receive 2 cards with cash in it for both of my daughters for holidays from grandma. Either one would get one and the other wouldn’t. Or received none at all. This grandma always sent 2 except for birthdays.
    So we got a locking mailbox. It kept happening. So put cameras pointing towards our mailbox. Still was happening.
    I mailed out envelopes for my mom back east. They contained gift cards for great grandchildren back there. They never received them. Still had receipt so went to Walmart to see if they had been cashed. Yep, right at that Walmart. Found out our mail lady of years had been stealing mail for years. She basically got a slap on the wrist because she had her own vehicle so she wasn’t a government postal employee. It is called subcontracting out.
    The top postal inspector was at my door and told me this personally that these items are scanned.


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