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Best Unlimited Data Plans

Best Unlimited Data Plans

New data plans come out every month to the point where it can be difficult picking the right one. Competition is so fierce that soon after finding the best deal, there will be an advert for something different/better. Here are some that are the best unlimited data plans that are currently available and that are somewhat time-tested.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is great if your want a plan that gives you everything from unlimited texts, calls, and all the data you will need. If you choose to go with the Inner Circle Plan, then for the first 6 months you will get unlimited service just for $1.

If you bought a mobile on contract and the contract is now complete (aka you have paid off your phone), and want to transfer your old number to the new plan, then you will only need to pay $1 per month.

It will cost only $9.99 when you buy a new SIM card and choose to go with the Inner Circle Plan. The Inner Circle plan does not come with a long-term contract, it is more like a rolling monthly-contract. This means that if you do decide to leave Virgin Mobile at anytime, then you won’t have a problem doing so.

The first six months will cost you one dollar per month, after the first 6 months, your plan will cost you $50 per month. The price goes up a little, but you still have all the perks mentioned earlier, such as unlimited data. As a way of stopping hardcore downloaders from exploiting their mobile data plan, you may start to notice reduced speeds when surfing the net after you use more than 23GB per month. This is what is known as throttling, and it is better explained at the end of this article.


The T-Mobile’s One unlimited plan is a good choice for you if need limitless data every month. All you will need to do is pay $70 per month, and you will be able to stream HD videos, and you will be able to watch over 480p videos on a smartphone without worrying about data charges.

If you still have difficulty in watching the videos because of download/internet speeds, then you can spend an extra $10 per month on the T-Mobile One “Plus” Plan, and it will still work out cheaper than most other monthly plans featuring unlimited data.

This unlimited cellphone data plan does require autopay enrolment, you cannot pay it manually. The unlimited mobiles hotspot service is 3G. This plan is fantastic for people who use more data watching movies than they do using things such as Google+, Facebook, and other social media sites.

T-Mobile throttles your service at 32GB, which means your internet speeds are going to slow dramatically after you have used 32GB of data per month. This throttling does not apply to certain websites such as YouTube, Hulu, and a few others. However, there is a cap of 480p on all videos that you stream. This should not be a problem since 480p is more than enough for smartphone users. T-Mobile installed this cap (called the Binge-On program) to stop people exploiting the data plan by projecting videos onto their TV or PC.

This One Plan will be great for people who love watching their TV shows and movies while on the move. It is not so hot if you want a video resolution higher than 480p.


Verizon plan offers two unlimited plans. There is the “Go Unlimited” plan and the “Beyond” plan. The Beyond plan costs $85 per month for a single device, and it is $160 per month for two devices (two phone numbers). This unlimited plan gives you unlimited data, and 15GB of hotspot data of 4G. You get unlimited texting, and unlimited calls. You also get video streams up to 720p, and your data speed is throttled when you use 22GB of data.

The Go unlimited Plan is a bit cheaper than the Beyond plan, as you will only have to pay $75 for the single device (phone number) and just $130 for two devices. This plan includes 4G unlimited data, limited video resolution of 480p quality, and the capped speed is at 600kbps. Again, the data it throttled after you use 22GB of data.

When choosing either plans, you are not given tablet data, you will have to pay an extra $20 per month if you want to extend this plan to your tablet, (assuming your tablet does not have its own phone number).

Sprint Unlimited Freedom

The Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan offers better prices for bulk buying. Register for just one phone number and it costs you $60 per month, or choose up to five phone numbers, which costs $100 per month. With the Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan you get high-definition videos. If you pay for an upgraded Hulu subscription, then you may be able to get video resolutions as high as 1080p, though that is far too high for most mobile devices.

If you are big gaming fan, then this data plan is for you because it has speeds of up to 8mbps for gaming, and up to 1.5mbps when streaming music. Sprint Unlimited Freedom includes unlimited texts and unlimited talk time. The Sprint plan didn’t appear higher in our best unlimited data plans article because they keep changing their prices. By the time you read this, they may have already changed their prices again. You only qualify for the $60 rate if you pay by auto-pay, but that is a fairly standard requirement these days.

AT&T Unlimited Choice

AT&T unlimited data plan has no maximum data speed, which means you get it as fast as they can send it. However, your speed is throttled to what they call “SD video” speed when you reach 22GB of data use. SD video is 720p, but we only received 480p. Data speeds were reduced to 3mbps when we used more than 22GB.

Talk minutes are unlimited, and so are texts and videos streaming at Standard Definition (SD). Register for one phone number and it will cost $60 per month. If you want two phone numbers (register with two phone), then it will come to $115. Data speeds for video streaming may be capped as low as 1.5mbps, and you need to sign up for paperless billing and auto-pay in order to qualify for the $60 price.

Ultra Mobile

The Ultra Mobile plan will cost you $49 per month. With that plan, you get a SIM card that offers unlimited 4G LTE data. You get unlimited talk time to 75 destinations and to almost anywhere in the USA. You get unlimited global and international texts. There is also $5.00 worth of credit for calling countries that are not included in the unlimited plan. Your data speeds will be slowed when you consume more than 30GB of data per month.


MetroPCS has two plans that you can choose from if you want unlimited data plans. One costs $50 per month, and the other costs $60 per month. There is the $50 unlimited data plan that has 4G. This plan gives you unlimited hours of video streaming, music streaming, and social media use. The plan includes a data maximizer, which mean you will be able to view videos and stream videos with a 480p quality. For $90 per month you can add two different phones into your deal.

The $60 plan has 10GB hotspot data, it steams at 480p, it has unlimited music, unlimited streaming and unlimited social media use. You won’t have do deal with a contract as it has no annual contract for you to worry about. It is a monthly rollover contract that you can cancel at any time.

Do You Really Need A New Phone Contract?

Some types of phone are directly linked to a contract, where if you want the contract plan then you need to buy the phone. The deal you get with your contract/plan in this case may be super (or not); just be aware that it is a common tactic to offer you a great phone with what looks like a great contract plan, when in fact it would have been cheaper to buy the phone outright and take a rolling monthly contract with another company.

Consider Network Coverage

When looking at wireless carriers make sure you check (and look at the reviews of) their network coverage in your area. This is so when you do buy a new plan, you will know it will work in your area. One of the benefits of having unlimited data plan is you won’t have to worry about extra added charges being added because you went over the data plan that the carrier set for you when you chose the plan.

Consider What Happens With Your Current Contract

When you decide to change phone company, the carriers “may” say you have to pay a leaving fee; this is especially true if you are leaving before the contract has ended. If you are on a rolling contract from month-to-month, or pay-as-you-go, then there should not be any fee for breaking your contract.

What Is The Penalty For Using Too Much Data?

One of the biggest benefits of getting the best unlimited data plans is that you do not have to worry about going over your mobile data allowance. However, have you considered how much mobile data you are using? Most people use their home Wi-Fi for most of their internet use, and very few people watch tens of moves per month using their mobile data. Before you think about an unlimited plan, consider how much mobile data you actually use? Even if you go over your current allowance of mobile data, it may still cost you less than if you hunt out the best unlimited data plans.

Use Your Wi-Fi For Updates, Downloading And Streaming

When you are at home, make sure you turn your mobile data off your phone and connect to your home Wi-Fi. This is so you don’t waste your data when you have Wi-Fi at home. If you want to download music, why don’t you wait until to get home to do this. Make sure when downloading games and music you know it is from a safe company like App store or Play Store.

Consider Using Free Wi-Fi Services While Outdoors

If you want to save your data when travelling you could download the Free Wi-Fi Finder app (or similar apps) and it will locate free hotspots. These include Wi-Fi hotpots that are password free, and they include public hubs like Costa, local libraries, the gym, and so forth. Some buses have free Wi-Fi that you can use, but they all present you with a big batch of terms and conditions you have to agree to first.

Don’t Forget About Throttling

Throttling has been mentioned in this article already. It is where the phone carrier slows your internet connection until the next month because they think you have used too much data. We reviewed many unlimited data plans that seemed like great value, until we saw that they throttled your speed at 10GB. We only included carriers with reasonable throttling thresholds in this article. The lowest we included was one at 22GB.

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