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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

Most of the meal kit delivery services in this article are for the US market, and many of them only operate in a small area. This means there is a strong chance that some of the meal kit delivery services in this article will not deliver to you. Luckily for you, our meal kit delivery services article features all of the best meal kit delivery services, so you will be spoiled for choice. The list is in no particular order since we didn’t think it fair to rank them.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Website

Blue Apron is one of the bigger meal kit delivery services that exists in the USA and in other countries. It was founded in 2012, and the company sends out over 3 million meals per month in the USA. Blue Apron offers you seasonal and fresh foods, and Blue Apron also offers 500-800 calorie recipes.

The meals you buy take between 30 to 60 minutes to make. You can order meals that take longer, but the point of Blue Apron doing all the preparation is to dramatically lower the amount of time it takes to cook the meal. For example, there are few options where you have to marinate something in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking.

The meals are inspired by guest chefs and the Blue Apron culinary team. You may sign up with Blue Apron for free, and you may use their app on your mobile phone to order your food. Choose from a selection that changes as the year progresses, and choose either a two-person plan or to have the family plan.

Get the ingredients for meals that last you up to seven days. You will be able to make meals such as beef and mushroom stew, Italian- style shrimp and sweet peppers over fregola sarda pasta, pan-fried chicken with sweet, tangy zucchini, mushroom and fontina grilled cheese with fig and apple salad.

Blue Apron tries to offer exclusively healthy meals, and all orders come with instructions. When you subscribe to their website, they will send you free recipes every week. Depending upon which plans choose, either the two-person plan or family plan, the choices on your menu will change to suit.

The ingredients will be carefully packed and will be sent in a refrigerated box; this will keep the food fresh and will also help to avoid the food getting damaged in transit. If you have any dietary needs, then they will send you recipes that are personalized for you. You can cancel anytime, or skip a day, and you have a fair amount of control over when they deliver to you next. The prices vary the from $60 per week for a three meal box, to $70 per work for a four meal box. There is no additional delivery fee besides the subscription fee you pay.

The downside of Blue Apron is that they use Nordic ice, which is a reusable gel that helps keep your stuff cold, but is very toxic when disposed of. Plus, the company sends you a lot of stuff in plastic that will be clogging up our seas for millions of years to come. In addition, much of the stuff they send you, including all the plastic bags, are not recyclable. Sometimes, when you make your meal kit order, Blue Apron will miss out some of the ingredients; if that does happen, Blue Apron will refund you your money.

The Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Website

The Purple Carrot service is a vegan meal delivery service. The recipes they come up with are all designed for vegans, which obviously means they are also vegetarian friendly. They have recipes that are dairy free and fresh-plant based recipes that are made up with mainly organic foods that have no traces of GMOs.

The ingredients that Purple Carrot offers include things such as lemon-thyme, summer pasta, toasted walnuts, brown rice, and much more. They have to be a little more creative with their food because cooking for vegans is difficult. If you sign up at the start of any month, you will receive a meal plan for free. With any meal box you order, you get a discount off your first box. Purple Carrot offers customers meals that are high protein, 100% plant based, and they are also gluten-free.

The reason why Purple Carrot cooks more plant based foods is because they are aiming to attract vegans. There are many health benefits to a vegan diet so long as you are still finding a way of getting all your nutrients, otherwise a vegan diet is very dangerous.

If you get all of your nutrients, then you may see a decrease of high blood pressure by 55%, and you will see a lower risk of diabetes by 78% and, and a mixed and varied vegan diet may help reduce the risk of getting heart disease. Purple Carrot has a performance meal called the TB12, which was created by Tom Brady who work side by side with Purple Carrot. Tom Brady is a famous American football star who is known for being handsome, a little like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer.

For a couple, a box with a week’s worth of food in it will cost $78. The downside to Purple Carrot mostly involves the user. Since some of their meals are a little unappetizing because they feature less-delicious plant-based items, the user may be tempted to stick with the few menu items that he or she likes. Over a period of time, a person eating the same things over and over again will become unhealthy, and this is especially true of vegans who need a broader and more varied diet in order to get all their nutrients.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Website

Hello Fresh is one of the meal kit delivery services that I know works in the USA and in other countries because I have tried this company when I have been abroad. You may have two to five meals delivered to you once per week when you sign up. You may order more, but it is assumed that most people would end up wasting food if they were cooking home-cooked meals more than five times per week.

Many of the meals that are on the menu were created by Jamie Oliver, who is a British chef who used to be famous until he started a crusade to get kids to eat healthy, after which point he started to become a little too preachy and people turned away from him. That will teach him for trying to do something good.

The boxes that are delivered may feed between two and four people as per your order. You are able to have up to five meals in a weekly box, and there are three types of boxes. You can have the Family box that has fewer spices and friendlier meals for kids. The Classic box lets you swap out recipes and is the most popular (standard) type of box.

The vegetarian box has the same amount inside the box as the Classic, but it will cost you $59, which is $10 less than the classic box. You can cease your subscription anytime. The cost for the Classic box for two people is $69, and it holds three meals in it.

Hello Fresh decides what you eat, which makes making meals fun, and you don’t need to make a food plan. There is no food waste when making the meals. You get good quality food that is healthy for you and your family. All the recipes come with step by step instructions and there are no delivery fee.

The biggest downside is also one of its biggest positives; it just depends on how you view the situation. Some people have a tendency to keep repeating the same meals over and over again because they know they like what they are eating, which may cause them to pick the same meals over and over again when they try meal kit delivery services. Hello Fresh does the picking for you so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen, which also allows them to lower the amount of wastage at their end and lowers their overheads too. On the other hand, some people do not like having menu items forced on them, especially if they are fussy eaters, and despite the fact that Hello Fresh offers you the chance to swap out some meals, this function may not be enough to keep some people happy.


Plated Website

Plated tries to take the healthier and toxin-free route. For example, the Plated delivery service doesn’t send pork or poultry that has had antibiotics injected into it. They use sustainably sourced seafood, and they try to use only domestically within the meat. The meat they buy is from partners that Plated know and trust.

When you buy from Plated the first three weeks, you get 25% off the meals when you subscribe. Plated allows you to choose the recipes you want every week. If you do not feel like cooking this week, then you may skip a week, cancel at anytime, or simply swap out your recipes.

A new menu comes out every week, and the meals only take 20-45 minutes to prepare and cook. You will get the menus sent out to you by email, and you can order desserts such as Nutella brioche bread pudding. The box will usually arrive between 8am and 8pm via FedEx, or you may use local couriers depending upon your location.

You won’t need a signature for your order to be delivered, which means you can specify a safe place for your package to be located. Plated is a subscription-only service, which means you cannot buy a box here and there whenever you feel like it.

Plated is a subscription service with free shipping for boxes that cost more than $50. You may subscribe and have two meals for two people that costs $48 per week. It costs $6 for shipping if the order doesn’t go over $50. Having seven meals for two people that will cost $168 per week, but that is much too much food for most people since there are sometimes leftovers, and few people want to prepare and cook food every single day.

One of the downsides of Plated is that it makes a big deal about sustainable sourcing and not having antibiotics in its meat, but it fails to mention that it uses caged hens for eggs, it offers caged poultry meat, and penned pig meat. Some of the meat you receive is of a lower quality where it seems like the company has tried to save money by offering cheaper cuts of meat. Plated is on the expensive when you consider the value for money you get. They need to improve the range of food and start offering higher quality ingredients if they want to compete over the long term. Nevertheless, Plated deserves its place on our best meal kit delivery services article.

Green Chef

Green Chef Website

Green Chef offers a USDA-certified organic meal delivery kit. If offers you three meals for two people that will last a week. There are a range of different menus. The service offers customers gluten-free menus, and they have a certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group’s (GFFS). There is an omnivore menu for people who like the most popular types of food. There is a paleo menu that is better known as the caveman diet. The Keto diet is gluten free, dairy free, and has fewer carbs than their other meals. The vegan menu is their plant-based menu.

Green Chef will give you meals such as blueberry kale salad with edamame and millet or a grilled tuna Provencal. The meals vary from 450 -750 calories, and it costs $72 for a box that feeds two people with three meals that you can stretch over the week if you wish.

The box will already be pre-portioned, peppered, and pre-measured to help speed things up when you are cooking. All of the recipes are easy to follow and are quick when compared to making the meal with the things you bought from the grocery store. Each of recipes comes with step-by-step instructions that include photos. Making the meals will take around 30-40 minutes depending upon the complexity of the meal you are cooking.

You can pause the subscription until you are ready to start again, or if you go on vacation. Green Chef makes its meals with 90% organic ingredients. They don’t have or offer any GMO ingredients. When you buy the 4 servings box, you won’t have to do any measuring, weighing, dicing, and you will not have to prepare the sauce. It is not the cheapest meal kit delivery service, but it may be the best option for people who are trying to eat a gluten-free diet.

If you are missing ingredients in the box, you should contact Green Chef, and they will normally get in touch within 48 hours. They will respond saying that they are sending the missing ingredient or that they are going to credit your account with a partial refund.

Green Blender

Green Blender Website

Green Blender gives you smoothie recipes and sends you the ingredients needed to make them. They are all pre-portioned ingredients. When you make an order, you will receive 10 smoothie ingredients, which results in two 12-ounce smoothies per recipe. All the ingredients that Green Blender use are from organic farms.

All of the ingredients that Green Blender sends you are GMO free, and the recipes are designed so that they have plenty of minerals, proteins, fiber, essential vitamins and antioxidants. You get smoothies that are called Blue Muffin, Chocolate Cinnamon Protein and Green Limeade. The smoothies normally are between 100 to 300 calories, which is a lot, but that is true of all smoothies.

It will cost you $49.90 for a week’s worth of smoothies in a box, or it will cost you $4.99 per serving. Delivery is only available within 33 states. Green Blender is a subscription service that charges you after shipping to you each week. You can skip weeks if you wish, and you can cancel your subscription at any time if you wish.

The Smoothies are always made from organic fruit and veg, which is good for you, but it does mean that your ingredients will not last longer than a week, so you need to use the smoothie ingredients within the week or else they will go to waste. If there is an occasion where Green Blender can’t deliver an organic ingredient on the day of your delivery, they will include a conventional or minimally-treated substitute. You won’t be charged the delivery charges if you cancel or skip the order, and if they try to charge you for a box on a week that you skipped, then get out of your subscription and start tearing them to shreds via online reviews websites and social media.

The delivery fee will be billed per shipment, and you can buy a box of smoothie recipes and ingredients as a gift for someone if you wish. The box may be delivered broken or sticky, but the ingredients are in small quantities and are packed in a way that makes it hard to damage them. They have very good customer service team if you want a refund, or if you have a problem with your order. Be careful when adding extra ingredients because even the addition of water can completely ruin the smoothie. Be cautious when you try to add alcohol too because some types of alcohol will cause your smoothie to clump up.


PeachDish Website

PeachDish is a Southern inspired meal kit delivery service that offers eight different types of meal. They have 3 vegetarian options. When you make your order online, you will find 4 dishes that change weekly, while the other 4 change seasonally. Out of the 4 dishes that change weekly, you will have 2 meat meals and 2 vegetarian meals.

The standard PeachDish box includes 2 servings for 2 people, and the cost of the standard box is $69 per week. For 3 vegetarian meals, it will cost you $59 per person. Subscribing will save you the $7 shipping fee.

PeachDish menus offer seafood meals and vegan meals too. There are no-gluten meals, and they have sweet dishes for pudding. All of the ingredients that PeachDish buy are fresh, and they have a recycling program.

The shipping costs will vary within certain states. If you a subscriber then you will pay between $0 and $15 per shipment depending upon your subscription. Buying a box on its own cost us $7 in shipping. In most of the states the shipping will be free for subscribers. The $15 fee are in these states: WY, MT, AZ, ID CA, OK, MN, CO, NE, NM, SD, OR, WA, IA, KS, ME, ND, SD, ND and UT.

If you only want to try the service just once as a guest, then the delivery fee is between $12 and up to $27 per shipment, but that depends on the size of your order. There is an additional fee for service in these states: WY, MT, AZ, ID CA, OK, MN, CO, NE, NM, SD, OR, WA, IA, KS, ME, ND, SD, ND and UT.

For new customers, if you want to select a delivery day you will be able to do this in the checkout. The available days will depend on your zip code, the closeness of PeachDish delivery warehouses, and so forth. The courier will normally drop off between 11am and 5pm. PeachDish can sometimes deliver up to 8pm on the day you picked. Peach Dish cannot guarantee that the meals are safe for people who are allergic to certain foods.

Martha and Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon

The Martha and Marley Spoon meal delivery service is available in 37 states. The Martha and Marley Spoons service is one of many meal kit delivery services that is trying to reduce food waste. In the next paragraph, I try to explain their prices, but I can honestly say it has the most confusing pricing system ever. The numbers that I pulled, that our research team pulled, and that my partner at home pulled were all different. I am not sure if they are changing prices based on state, situation, or time of day. I know that they operate in other countries, so maybe it is a currency conversion thing.

You can choose to have a family box that will feed two children and two adults. Or, you can have the two person box where the prices vary but come to around $12 to $16 per meal. For a week of food, it will cost $108 for two people, which doesn’t sound like a great deal when you compare it to the two-person box prices, but the weekly box comes with free shipping. To get 3 meals per week, it will cost $61.50 per box. For four meals for two people, it will cost $76 per box. A vegetarian box is available. Choose the three or four meals per week, or you may choose a box that charges you per serving, and you can choose to make it vegetarian.

If you opt for a weekly subscription delivery, then delivery is free. You can skip a week without having to cancel the account. The service will email you ten days before your delivery day, which gives you the chance to swap recipes.

The ingredients themselves will last at least 4 days as none of them have shorter dates than five days, so you have four days to eat them. Their 4-day freshness guarantee is true of all items except the fish. You will need to cook the fish within 48 hours of receiving your order. Marley Spoon can’t guarantee that the ingredients haven’t come into contact with the other ingredients, which means there are no guarantees if you are allergic.

The main places they can deliver are in Austria, Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. They are extremely flexible when it comes to you subscribing. There are child-friendly meals for children, and the recipes are very easy to follow. Martha and Marley meal kit delivery services does not provide lunch, breakfast or dessert recipes, and they are not available in the whole of the US.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket Website

Sun Basket is an organic meal kit subscription service, and it has a non-GMO subscription service. The meals they offer have 500 to 800 calories per serving, and the packaging is 100% recyclable. The recipes are developed by James Beard and the chef Justine Kelly. All the meats and seafood are provided by fisherman and ranchers that Sun Basket trust. You can get gluten free meals, vegan meals, Mediterranean means, and Paleo lean meals. All the meat are hormone and antibiotic free.

If you purchase from the classic menu, you will get 3 meals per week. Each meal serves 2 to 4 people, and each meal costs $11.99, which means a 3-meal box will cost you $35.97. If you opt for the family menu, you’ll be able to choose between 2 to 4 meals per week that serve up to four people, but it will be a little more expensive. The family menu gives you 6 recipe choices, and you get two vegetarian meal options.

If you are not happy with the delivery service they will refund you completely within the seven days of delivery. You are able to cancel, skip or stop your subscription anytime. The delivery fee for the classic or the family box will costs $6.99. For the first week, your shipping will be free. To skip delivery, you will have to cancel the order before Wednesday, before your delivery, and before 3pm, (those rules are laid out more clearly on the cancellation page). If you try to cancel or skip after the week, you will be still charged for the box, but not for the delivery.

If you want to cancel your Sun Basket subscription, you will need to contact the Sun Basket support team on their toll-free line. Deliveries schedules are Monday to Thursday between 8am and 9pm. The times will depend on your delivery area and your local courier service. Sun Basket are shipping to most zip codes of the United States except for HI, NM, AK and MT. The menus change weekly, and the Classic and The Family Plan won’t be the same menus

The Classic menu offers things such as Vietnamese shaking beef with muoi tieu chanh sauce. For the main family service they offer Pork chops with green beans and sauce ravigote. The family plan has simpler and more traditional UK meals (pies, potatoes, pork, etc.) and popular US dishes (burgers, clam chowder, apple pie, etc.). The idea is to create menus that children are more likely to eat without fuss or hassle.

Meals take 30-45 minutes to prepare and cook, and the recipes are easy to follow. You get 18 meals to choose from every week, and the boxes and packaging is/are 100% recyclable. The recipes are not so easily to replicate or add to if you are wanting to make extra. They need to add more herbs and seasoning into their family dishes as it seems they have overestimated the fussiness of modern children.

Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen Website

The idea behind Terra’s Kitchen is that you buy meals separately, which is a little like when you buy a takeaway meal. For example the sweet potato, spinach and apple quinoa bowl costs $13.49 and serves two people. The green curry lentils and sweet potatoes meal cost $11.99, and it serves two people. The most a Terra’s kitchen meal will cost is $16.00 each.

If you spend $72 per week, then free shipping is guaranteed. You are able to buy lunches, snacks, and side dishes with your meal packed boxes. Gift cards are available for you to buy for friends and family members. Gift cards cost between $25 and $300, and you may buy either an e-gift card or a physical gift card. Terra’s Kitchen also has a refer-a-friend deal where you refer a friend and your friend gets $40 off his or her next Terra’s Kitchen order, and you get $25 in your Terra’s Kitchen account once your friend has made an order with Terra’s Kitchen.

This is one of the meal kit delivery services that offers gluten-free meals, vegetarian meals, paleo (caveman) meals, and Terra’s Kitchen claims they offer nutritious meals that are good for you. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or you require dairy free products, then you are able to contact Terra’s Kitchen to arrange something.

Terra’s Kitchen do not offer a large amount of food for family meal boxes. If you do need a more serving within your box and you have an order for 4 people, then you may contact customer services and pay to add more ingredients or a side dish. Terra’s Kitchen are planning on adding more family meals. You are able to freeze all the ingredients until you are ready to make the meals. If you want to return the meal box, then they have made it very easy to do so. However, if you wish to return the meal box, it is up to you to keep the ingredients fresh and chilled if you have the box overnight.

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