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Best Family Cell Phone Plans

Best Family Cell Phone Plans

Within this article, you will find a list of cellphone family plans that will suit you and your family’s needs. Many cellphone plans are family-friendly in that they offers you multiple lines under one account, but we have tried to find the best family cell phone plans in terms of service quality, price, and fairness. We found that many family plans are unfair due to sneaky terms and conditions, nasty overage charges, and unnecessary additions. Even the services listed in this article are what we consider to be the best of a bad bunch in terms of fairness. With that in mind, note that this article is in no particular order, in that the plans near the beginning are no better or worse than those near the end.

Side note – The prices and plans may have changed as-and-when you look over this article. You can still use this article as a way of shopping around, as we have included providers that cannot be found on comparison websites.

Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile Flex Family Plan

Ultra Mobile has a cellphone plan called the Flex Family plan. You are able to use it with T-Mobile networks, it gives you international text and talk, and has high speed data that is 250MB. There is no hotspot data available on this plan, but you will get unlimited call and texts, so that is the trade off.

How many lines you want will determine the overall prices. Taxes and fees apply, but the base prices range from between $50 per month and $22 per month.

4+ Lines at $12.50 each (1GB Shared Data)
3 Lines at $15.00 each (750MB Shared Data)
2 Lines at $17.50 each (500MB Shared Data)
1 Line at $22.00 (250MB of Data)

Sadly the fees and taxes are not included until you have finished signing up, which is a bit mean of them. If you decided to go with the Ultra Mobile Flex Family plan, you also get unlimited international calling that will be to China, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Israel, Thailand, The United Kingdom and Mexico which is a total of 10 countries.

Ultra Mobile Flex Family Plan

This plan only gives you 250MB at the minimum, and you can buy more data each month if you wish at a rate of $5 per 500MB. All the data is shared between the lines, but the main line that is being used by the account holder can turn the sharing data off. This allows parents to stop their kids downloading and using up all the data.

Any data that is not used though the month will be carried over to the next month, which is rather uncommon in the family-plan phone-network industry. You may add more data and international call credits at any time, no matter how much data or talk-time you have used already within your account.


Walmart Family Mobile

The Walmart family mobile plans come in many flavors. Their most expensive is $49.99 per month, and it is called their “Truly Unlimited” monthly plan that offers unlimited texts, national calls, and Internet data with 4G LTE speeds over the T-Mobile network. There is no tethering or hotspots with the unlimited plan, and your speeds may be throttled during times of high congestion on the network.

meanwhile - at walmart

If you are looking to add more than one line, then the prices vary between $69.76 and $174.40 (the higher price is for five lines). When you choose the Walmart family mobile unlimited service, you should be aware that the fees and taxes are not included in their asking price, so you may need to budget for a little extra.

man at walmart looking for phone plans

The plans listed below are also part of the Walmart Family plans selection. They each offer unlimited talk nationwide, and unlimited texts. They only differ in the amount of high-speed data they give you.

Walmart Family Mobile $39.88 Unlimited Monthly Plan gives you 9GB of data at high speeds and then drops down to 2G speeds.
Walmart Family Mobile $29.88 Unlimited Monthly Plan gives you 3GB at high speed, dropping to 2G.
The Walmart Family Mobile $24.88 Unlimited Monthly Plan gives you 1GB at high speed, dropping to 2G.
Walmart Family Mobile $10 Extras Pack is an add-on that gives you international roaming and calling to selected destinations.

Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless Multi-Lines

Cricket Wireless Basic plan gives you unlimited texts and calls, and you get 5GB of data. It will cost you $70.00 per month if you want two lines. If you are looking for four lines, it will cost you $110.00 per month. You won’t be entitled to hotspot or international text and talk, those are extra. The network it runs under is AT&T, so check your coverage within the AT&T network to see if this deal is covered in your area. There is a multi-line family discount that runs for up to five lines.

Cricket wireless family plan discount

One of the reasons why Cricket Wireless is good for families is that there are no overage charges for your web data. If one of your kids keeps downloading stuff off the Internet and burning up all your web data, you will not be charged when your family goes over their allotted allowance. Your Internet speeds will be throttled, but you will not be charged for the amount you are over.

The deal is better for new customers. If you are a new customer, then you may enjoy better discounts. Current customers are given access to some of the discounts, but they are not as robust as those for new customers. My Cricket has all the modern features that you would expect with a phone service provider, which includes an app that allows you to check your usage and pay your bill.

Cricket wireless family plan ordering process

Total Wireless

Total Wireless Family Plan

The Total Wireless Family Plan is for up to four lines. The network it uses is Verizon, so you will need to check your Verizon coverage. It costs $25 per line for up to four lines, and with each package deal you get 25GB of high speed data that is shared between all of the lines.

Total Wireless also has a line 2 family plan that still gives you unlimited text and talk but you will only get 15GB and it doesn’t have any hotspot data or international talk/ text. This plan network is still with Verizon and will cost only $57 per month if you sign up for auto-refill.

The other plan that is called Total Wireless up-to-3-line family plan, this is for a family of three and it will give you 20GB of data. It will cost $80.70 per month but the price may increase as the taxes and fees are not included. The data will still be shared between the 3 lines so if you need more data you would have to pay the $10 extra for 5GB bonus data. As it is Total Wireless there, are still no hotspot data of international text or talk when choosing either of theses plans.

Total wireless plans 2018 for families

The family plan will give you unlimited minutes and texts but you won’t get any international text/ talk but it has no hotspot data. The group and family discount plans have shared data. The prices on their website and on this article do not included the taxes or fees. There is also a global add-on that you can buy for $10 and allows you to make international calls.

TextNow Wireless

Text Non Family Plans

You can use this plan with Sprint or T-Mobile depending which network coverage works for you. If you have Sprint or T-Mobile coverage, then you are set. If you take a look at their prices on their website, do not be confused by the amounts they claim you are saving because they have a habit of showing off their reduced prices without showing you the old ones. That is why they claim to be saving you this amount and that amount without actually showing you where or when.

TextNow Wireless has a plan called the Grande. To purchase line one it will cost $27.99 per month, the price goes down to $20.99 every time you add a new line to your family plan. The plan has unlimited texts, unlimited talk time, and it gives you 3GB of data for each line that you have and/or add.

Text wireless family plans

The TextNow plan does have international calling and texts for Canada. It does say that hotspot data is not available, but if you contact TextNow they will be able to enable it onto your account depending if your phone will support it.

There are no hidden or extra fees if you pick Text Wireless. There are no overage charges, which is handy if you have a download-happy family. Your Internet speed is throttled when you reach your data limit. It goes from 4G LTE down to the sort of speed you may get with 2G.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Family Plans

There is unlimited Plus that offers unlimited talk, text, and gives you 20 GB of mobile hot spot data and HD streaming. Plus, you may add another line for as little as $30. Boost includes all of its taxes and fees in with the prices you see on their website. You get unlimited texts, web data, and calls with their plan, and they only throttle during peak times. Users are able to watch 480p HD videos, music up to 500kbps, and stream cloud gaming at speeds up to 2mbps. If you want more lines added, then they knock off a little for each additional line.

Boost Mobile prices for their family plan

If you use more than 20GB of hotspot data in a month, and you need more, you are able to buy extra data at $5 per GB. It is also $5 per GB if you do not choose their unlimited data option. The service runs on the Sprint network, which means you need to check to see if your area is covered by Sprint. Boost are sneaky with regards to their throttling. What they say is that if you have used 23GB within the period of a month, then you are de-priortized, which means your speeds may slow significantly during peak periods. There is no set contract, which means you can get out of your plan each month if you wish.


Sprint Unlimited Freedom

Sprint has a cellphone plan called Unlimited Freedom which may be worked into a family plan if you add more lines to your account. Do not be fooled by their comparison of other networks on their sales page. The prices and features that they display on the pages make their competitors look worse or look more expensive. Do your own market research into the best family cell phone plans before you believe what you see on their website.

With the Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan, you get unlimited minutes, texts and data for $60 (plus fees and taxes) per month. You may add between another 2 to 4 lines. The top price for adding five lines is $100 (plus fees and taxes). In addition, you will need to enroll for auto-pay if you wish to enjoy those prices.

This plan allows you to text internationally but not talk internationally, unless you wish to pay extra. The network that you will be using is a Sprint network, so check your coverage. The give you high speed data with streaming up to 1080p, gaming up to 8mbps, and music up to 1.5mbps. You also get hotspot data with this plan at 10GB per line per month. That 10GB may also be used for P2P, VPN, and so forth.

Sprint unlimited freedom prices for 2018

After you have used 23GB of data, then your Internet speed is de-prioritized, which means that during peak times your Internet speeds may go as slow as what one expects with 2G Internet. The prices shown do not include taxes or the fees. The fees you pay may vary, but there are things such as a $30 activation fee that you may have to pay. Sprint Surcharges include USF (Universal Service Fund) charges of up to 19.5% that varies quarterly. Plus, you may have to pay a $2.50 Admin. & 40 cent Reg. /line/mo. Plus there are fees by area that are approx. 5–20%. Sprint surcharges are not taxes, but taxes may also be added to your bill.


Verizon Beyond Unlimited

Verizon has a cellphone plan called Beyond Unlimited. The plan may include numerous lines. For just one line, you have to pay $85.00. However, the price goes as low as $50 each if you have four lines or more. For example, you may have 5 lines within your plan and it will cost you $250 per month. Though, there may be added fees and taxes on top of that charge.

You get unlimited calling, text and high speed data with the Beyond Unlimited plan. With this plan, if you go over 22 GB of data in the month, then the speed will temporarily slow down. This is a common form of throttling that helps to discourage people from overusing their mobile data.

HD video streaming has resolution of 720p for smartphones, and for tablets the resolution may climb as high as 1080p. Texts and calls will be free of charge nationally (i.e. they are included in the plan), and some of your international are included in your plan, such as if you are calling Canada or Mexico.

You will get a 15% discount if you are retired or active in the military, all you will need to do is send in proof to get this discount with Verizon Beyond unlimited plan. If you enable auto-pay the price for the cellphone plan will be $85 to $50 per month, but if you want the plan without the auto-pay, then you will have to pay between $90 and $55 per month. Just like other Verizon plans, you will be eligible to join the Verizon Up rewards program. They offer rewards for things such as tickets, movies, Apple music, NBA tickets, JetBlue, and so on. The rewards program is free to sign up to.

Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile Family Plans

Credo Mobile has a plan called The Unlimited plan. It allows you to buy numerous lines for less while still enjoying many of the benefits of unlimited calls, texts, data and so forth. Its network is Verizon, so check your coverage before you sign up.

The offer that Credo mobile has is remarkably similar to the Verizon offer except that you get a bit less and you pay a bit less. It comes with has unlimited text, calls, and 20GB of high speed data that drops down to 2G speeds after 20GB has been used each month.

The cellphone plan gives you hotspot data, international talk to come countries, but no intentional texting. You are able to use international calling to Canada and to Mexico. Buying the plan for just one line will cost you $65.00 per month. If you want up to four lines, it will only cost you $105. That number doesn’t include any fees or taxes that may be included.


LycaMobile Family Plan

LycaMobile promotes itself as the company to go to if you want cheaper international calls. They brag that they allow unlimited talk and text to more countries than any other phone network. We were not able to check the validity of this claim, but they do offer unlimited talk and text to 60+ countries, which seems higher than the networks we have reviewed over the past few months.

LycaMobile has a plan than is called LycaMobile 45. The LycaMobile 45 plan gives you 7GB of high speed data, unlimited talk minutes, and unlimited texts. You get unlimited international text and talk to 60+ countries, and if the country you want is not on their list, you also get 200 voice minutes to other countries. The network coverage in the USA is with T-Mobile, so you will have to check how well T-Mobile networks cover your area.

You won’t be able to get hotspot data with this plan, and there may be fees and taxes on top of what you are quoted on their website. The family plan offers all the things that the LycaMobile 45 plan offers, but they allow you to add more lines to your plan and they give you a discount when you do.

Lyca Mobile prices for their family plan

There are no contracts and no credit checks. Plus, even if the country you want to call is not on the list of 60 countries, you may still be able to get cheap calls to that location with the help of LycaMobile. You may be able to save money with this company if you and your family make numerous calls to other countries.

Pure Talk

Pure Talk Multi-Line Deals

Pure Talk has a cellphone plan that has found its way onto our best family cell phone plans article because you can add lines to it. Each plan offers unlimited talk and text, and you may choose the amount of high speed mobile data you want. You may choose 500MB, 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and 10GB of mobile data. You get varying discounts for having more lines, but only if you are in good standing with the company. For example, if you have not paid your bill in a while, then you will not receive their multi-line discount.

Pure Talk Multi-Line Deals discounts

There are no overage fees for domestic mobile data. When you have reached your limit, your Internet speed is throttled down to 128kbps. At this speed you are able to do things such as Google questions and check your emails.

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