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Best Cheap Espresso Machines

Best Cheap Espresso Machines

Here we have a list of some of the best espresso machines for you to choose from.

This article explains what is good about them, what is bad, and what sort of problems you may encounter when you buy one. This article also features the coffee maker’s additional tools too. They include things such as a pod holder or espresso cups that may come with each coffee maker. Read on, and you will discover as many as five ways to make an espresso.

In this list of cheap espresso making machines, we also inform you of the benefits of an economy device compared to an expensive one and vice versa. This article will tell you what you need and don’t need, the benefits of different sized machines if it has extras such as a cup warmer, and why I chose the one I chose from all the others on the list.

This article will tell you what you need and don’t need, the benefits of different sized machines if it has extras such as a cup warmer, and why I chose the one I chose from all the others on the list.

The Best Pick at a Glance

DeLonghi EC155

Through my research, I came across the DeLonghi EC155, and even though there were some really good espresso machines to choose from, I broke down the list with scores from one to ten. They are all fine machines, but I ranked the best of the best with a 1-10 scoring system. One is the least perfect, and ten is the best of the very best.

During my research, I found lots of snazzy tools that may be added to the espresso machine to encourage more people to buy them. I liked the fact that the DeLonghi EC155 was a simple yet small espresso machine which fits well for people who don’t have much room their kitchen. As a added bonus, if you enjoy having a cappuccino, then you will love the fact that the espresso machine is also a cappuccino maker too.

Note, if you are a coffee conosure who wants the absolute BEST quality espresso, then you won’t be happy with this pick. You are far better off with one of the more expensive semi-automatic espresso machines which can, if you have the skill, produce outstanding espressos but are a pain in the ass to clean up after.


Types of Machines To Choose From

Here I will tell you of the five different types of espresso machines there are to choose from.

  • Steam Espresso Machines are coffee makers that use steam and pressure to make the water go through the coffee more efficiently. It is also a quick and Eco-friendly way of making your Espresso.
  • Lever Espresso Machine is a maker where in order to make the espresso you have to make it manually with the lever to get the water through the coffee grounds. These are called Semi-Automatic espresso machines. You have to put the coffee grounds into a filter and pull the lever down to control the pump. These machines make real espresso’s and are what you usually see barista’s fiddling with in coffee shops.
  • Pod Espresso Machine is a machine where you can use coffee pods instead of coffee grounds, you don’t need to grind them and as the pods are already pre-measured you don’t need to worry yourself with measuring anything. Nespresso made this type of machine famous.
  • Stovetop Espresso Coffee Makers are like a kettle pot that you put on the stove, instead of making coffee you make Espressos, you won’t be using anything electrical only the stove. If you like experimenting with how your coffee tastes, then this is the espresso machine for you.
  • Pump and Automatic Espresso Machines. With this espresso maker, you can make 2 cups of espresso at once, it is an automatic and it has a pump that pushes the water down through the coffee grounds. It means you are able to do something else while it is making the espresso for you. These are called ‘super automatic’

How to Choose the Best Machine for Your Needs

You should ask the following questions before buying a machine:

  1. When I look for machines based on my needs, I think about how big my kitchen is and if it will fit if I buy this size or that size of Espresso machine.
  2. Should I have one where I need to make my Espresso manually or buy one that is an automatic Espresso maker?
  3. Should I buy one that will allow me to use pods, or should I buy a machine that will only use coffee beans and coffee grounds?
  4. When buying pods, can I buy any brand of pods to use with it or does it have to be the same brand as the Espresso machine?
  5. Do I buy one where I can make all types of coffee and with not just espressos?
  6. If I am going out, am I able to take it with me to work or when I go camping? Will I have to worry about using electric or batteries?
  7. Does it make espresso for one person, or does it make 6-10 cups?
  8. If I buy this one how long will it last, and how many years is on the warranty?

Most Significant Features To Look For in a Home Espresso Machine

The things to look for when buying an espresso machine are its features, such as will it last a long time if you buy that espresso machine? What is the grinding function like and infusing function like? How long will it take to make the espresso? Does it have a built-in grinder or do we need to do it manually?

Does it have a built-in frothing device? How easy is it to clean? Do you need to take it apart to clean it, or do you need to buy cleaning solution for that brand of espresso machine? How big is it, and how easy is it to store away?

The other thing you should look for is the water storage and how well it stores the water after repeated use. Is it able to be dismantled, and can you remove the water tray to get rid of the water? Is there an auto switch off timer? Does the machine come in other colors? Does it have various sizes and shapes to choose from when selecting which one to buy? Can you request or order a different color if there is not your color in the store?

Does the machine require pods that are specially made by the manufacturer for your coffee maker? Are you able to use any brands? Does it allow you to make two cups of espresso at once, or does it make a big pot of espresso coffee?

When buying an Espresso machine, you may like to know how long the frother is, and if the frother easy to clean. Can you buy the same products and coffee beans for that brand for a lot cheaper, and if so, where is the best place to get suitable pods, ancillary, single-use, and repeated use consumables?

Will the delivery cost too much? If the machine breaks, can I send it to into the manufacturer or selling company who will fix it? How much extra would I have to pay to have it fixed? Do I get a free call out the first time I ask for maintenance help?

Why Trust Me

The reason you should trust me is that I have tried lots of different types of espresso machines, some of which took me forever to find. I have found you the one that I now own myself, one that will last you years, and one that has fantastic reviews on Amazon. It is also a best seller on there too, so you don’t have to take my word for it exclusively.

I even tell you the things that may go wrong with it, and I don’t try to cover anything up. Also, I look to see if it can be fixed easily, such as by pushing the tank in with a hard shunt to get it in the slot correctly.

You can even see how I have scored every one of the machines listed on this article. I have researched and taken such care to make sure the information I give you is correct and everything you need to know has hopefully been answered.

When I buy something for a good price, I want to make sure it works and that it is not just another piece of junk that will break as soon as I use it. I want something that when I make espresso it tastes just right–not too strong and not too weak. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, I want it just right.

How We Selected The Best

I have personally owned and used multiple espresso machines and coffee makers. I’ve owned the Bodum French Press, the Nespresso Pixie machine, the Nespresso Inissia, the Keurig K55, and two different (and expensive) Super Automatic Espresso Machines. Add to this list various ‘pot’ coffee makers and I consider myself pretty well rounded in my knowledge of coffee makers.

I also drink at least 3 espresso’s every single day (or various versions of the espresso — Cappuccino, Flat White, Americano’s, etc). I’ve tried out coffee from all around the world including Europe, South East Asia, and North America.

How I Decided on the Best Machines

The process by which I selected the best was quite difficult, and it was a bit of a long process. The hard part came from choosing which one should be ranked in the lowest category and which should be ranked in the highest. I did enjoy looking at so many different types of espresso machines and trying so many out. I did a bit of reading on each model to see how they all work and in what way they differ.

I looked at Amazon US site and I came across over 16 types of espressos that I thought were really good machines. I and my small team had the pleasure of testing them all out and finding the very best, the second best, the budget model and the best of the expensive models.

What I looked for was the type of model it is, how long has it lasted with other customers, how well it worked for us, what problems there are with each machine, what color each one is and if there are any other colors to choose from.

Another thing I always look at when buying anything is how much it weights and how big it is. Will it allow myself to make x amount of espresso for when I have guests, how fast does it make the coffee, how high does the temperature go and can you make other things with this machine to add to it?

Best Cheap Espresso Machines (Espresso on a Budget)


Best Overall Pick (Cheap & Good Enough)


DeLonghi EC155-Espresso Maker

While picking the best overall espresso maker, I went through lots of research before I landed on the DeLonghi EC155-Espresso Maker. With this machine, you get the whole package, which to me is fantastic because you get a tasty espresso and you can make any type of coffee you want. It even has a Cappuccino maker built in. It also has a three-in-one filter holder, a stainless steel boiler, and a 15 bar manual frother. The product is made to last. It has an input power of 1100 watts, a cup warmer, and its dimensions are 7.50″ x 9.50″ x 11.12″.

And yes, this is a REAL espresso machine with a 15 bar pump. While you won’t get all the fancy automatic features of the vastly more expensive super automatic espresso machines, it will do enough to give you a pretty decent espresso.

What Are Its Major Features

What makes the DeLonghi EC155-Espresso Maker special is that you can make a good cup of coffee and it has built in a Cappuccino and the espresso maker it is easy to you and will make you the espresso very fast and you can even use pods to make it or coffee grounds.

It is very easy to clean with it having a 35-ounce water tank which is removable. Also, it has a drip tray and indicator light too. The DeLonghi EC155 shows you how much water you need to refill it, and as it is 6.7 pounds. It is easy to put anywhere in your kitchen or to store away in the cupboard. You can make two cups of espresso in one go, or just make the one cup for yourself.

Why Else Is It A Great Espresso Maker?

I have chosen this as the best pick as it is medium sized, it is easy to use, it is cheap to buy and comes with free shipping. On Amazon US, it has been chosen as a number 1 best seller by users, you are able to make two cups of espresso, you can make 10 – 8 shots and before you even need to refill it. The DeLonghi EC155 comes with everything you need that will get you started. You can have this machine for years and it will still work like the first day you tried it.

Any Negatives?

I could say that it is a little loud. The device does make a bit of a racket, which may surprise you if you are used to having a quiet espresso machine. However, many espresso machines are loud, it is not like it is going to wake your neighbors.

Why Is It Worth Your Money?

It only costs $77.99, which for an Espresso machine that is quite cheap. You can make Cappuccino with it, and it is small, which makes it easy to move around in your kitchen.

Who Is It Best For?

I think it will be best for people who are in the working area who enjoys having a cup of espresso while on their break or lunch. I find it would work lovely in B&B’s where their in-room facilities are not as good as yours. It is also suitable in the home, and it fits well in the kitchen area where you have breakfast.

If you are a real coffee drinker who demands the best brew though, you are better off with a semi-automatic machine that’s about 500 to 1000 USD. You’ll get a far, far better espresso if you learn how to use the machine right (which, is not easy mind you).

If you have the money and you want a good enough espresso that’s super convenient, consider looking at a super automatic instead (see our next pick).

Advantages Of Owning The DeLonghi EC155

The DeLonghi EC155 allows you to use ESE pods, so you are not stuck having to buy expensive pods. You are able to buy the cheaper brands that you can get on Amazon or in numerous stores. It is not difficult to use, and it is cheap to buy when you compare it to many other espresso machines.

With the stainless steel boiler, the water will stay hot for hours ready for when you want your hot drink. It is worth your while to have if you have a weakness for Cappuccinos and Espressos. If so, then this is the machine for you.

The DeLonghi EC155 makes great tasting coffee, and with the added cream, it makes each drink even more fantastic every time. The DeLonghi EC155 can last years, and it is so easy to clean that all you need to clean it is just warm water and no added products.

If you have any problems, make contact with their customer service department, and customer service team from DeLonghi EC155 will contact you back straight away to resolve it. The espresso maker is functional and ergonomic, so you can put it anywhere in your kitchen.

The product is fantastic if you are single or living with your partner, especially if your partner loves Espressos and Cappuccinos the way you do. I love the fact that you can make foam your own way, you get 8-10 shots of espresso out of this handy little machine. It comes with a 2-year guarantee, so that if something does go wrong, then you know you can get it fixed.

Disadvantages Of Owning The DeLonghi EC155

With the DeLonghi EC155, you will only be able to make espresso and cappuccino. Though, in reality, it is not much of a downside. After all, I suppose you were not expecting it to make toast and crumpets. It is just a pity that it doesn’t do a bit more. We have reviewed coffee makers that can do all sorts of things, including make soup, so it is a bit of a shame the device cannot do a little bit more.

The product should come in different colors and not just one color. Another problem is that its “Eco” function is sometimes a little too aggressive for some people. It will heat up your coffee and it is able to keep the water hot for hours, but after 30 minutes, some people say it is still not hot enough for them.

The DeLonghi EC155 is loud at times, which some may find unexpected because more expensive models tend to be quieter. Plus, the steamer function can be temperamental at times.

The steam wand doesn’t leave enough room for smaller sized mugs, so you may need to purchase a mug that will fit the wand. The filter can be tricky to clean out because when it is used, it will leave the grounds in the filter. It is best to rinse it out and dry it every time it is used.

The DeLonghi EC155 vs. Others for Making Coffee

I chose the DeLonghi EC155 because it is easy to use, the price is good. It is not that expensive but not too cheap, so you know it won’t break anytime soon. With the DeLonghi EC155, you can use pods to make your Espresso or Cappuccino and you can make 2 cups at once. You cannot use any pod brands with it, you have to use the correct pods to fit the machine. You have the option of making Espresso from scratch with fresh grounded coffee.

With the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker you can use many pod brands, but the Starbucks pods are not among them. With this one, you can only use the pods and you cannot have an Espresso made from grounded coffee beans.

The La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine is one of the Espresso machines that made it on my top list this is because for one thing, you can make 8 cups of Espresso, so it would be ideal for work or if you have friends over.
The problem I find with it is that you will have to pull the lever down manually which will take up too much time in an office and can be hard to use if you suffer from arthritis e.g. pain in your wrists.


Best Cheaper Coffee Pod Espresso Maker


Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker is small yet fancy little espresso maker. It has a 19 Bar high-pressure pump. The espresso maker also has a fast preheating timer of 25 seconds, which is good if you want your espresso quick, and it is a class A energy rating.

This product comes in black, silver, white and red. It is very easy to use, with the buttons on the top of the machine for ease-of-use. It is very energy efficient, it will switch itself off after 9 minutes, which will save you money. With the water tank being 23.8oz, and the weight being 5.59lb, you will wonder why you never bought it before.

The key is that this is a REAL espresso machine in that it uses an actual pump, so you get real espressos, though from the capsule/pod rather than freshly ground up beans (which we admit, is superior in taste but comes with price).

What Are Its Major Features?

You are able to put the Nespresso anywhere and it will look great in your kitchen as it is so small you will still have lots of space and places to put it. If you use the capsules, then the capsule container holds between 9 and 11 capsules. What makes this so great is that you even get a starter of 16 pods with different flavors for you to try when you buy the Nespresso Inissia.

The drip tray is brilliant as it drops automatically when you pick your mug off of it, and it will always catch the drips. Due to the fact that it does this, you are able to you regular sized mugs.

When making your coffee, you can choose to have a large brew or the standard which is small on its own. Not only that, you can set the brew however long you want it.

Why Is It A Good Alternative?

I chose it as the second best as it is small and is perfect for making you an espresso in seconds. You can even make a latte with the Nespresso separate frother that can froth the milk for you. The crema is fantastic; it will make you think you were in France–it is that good. It is simple to clean and the pods don’t leave any mess once their job has been done.

Any Negatives?

The problem with it is that even though it is very small, it is as loud as a large machine. It is especially loud when brewing because of the pump. The water reservoir is not as big as many other espresso makers, and it does need to be refilled often. The pods are all color coded to what flavors they are but, it is difficult to tell which is which as the pods all look the same.

If you buy the machine, you are only able to use the Nespresso branded pods and not any others also. It does not make as much foam as you would expect to have when making an espresso.

Why It Is Worth Your Money

I think that having to pay $99.95 with free shipping is a bargain. For one thing, it will last you years, another it is perfect if you need your espresso quick.

It is an energy saving espresso maker, which will help you save your pennies. You do not have to worry about if you have turned it off because it will switch itself off after nine minutes once you leave it alone.

To me, it looks snazzy, it will make you tasty espresso, and as it isn’t as big. You can take it with you when you go off to places or when you have to travel to work.

Who Is It Best For?

I think it is best for people who love Nespresso branded coffees because there is no point I buying it and not liking the brand/type of espresso it makes. I think it will look lovely in your kitchen at home or even in your office at work and even your staff would love it.

Buy it on Amazon


Best Cheap Super Automatic


Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso

The Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine was on my top list, this is because it is not only an Espresso machine but also can make Cappuccinos, Late’s, and just about everything else under the sun. The machine includes a built-in grinder which allows you to use whole beans for the freshest coffee.

And all this at a single touch of a button.

How do you get milk-based coffee drinks?

The device includes a pannarello wand so you can froth you Latte or Cappuccino. The wand works as a dispenser for hot water to let you make tea or Americanos. You get a 1 year warranty when you purchase Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine, and it is user-friendly with LED display and push button controls.

What Are its Major Features?

With the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine, the major features are that it is very easy to clean as everything that needs to be cleaned is near the front of the Espresso machine. Also the removable bits are all within easy reach, such as the drip tray, water tank, and the dregs drawer.

It heats up quickly, it has a steaming operation when brewing, it is an automatic Espresso machine maker so you don’t need to wait around trying to make your Espresso by scratch when the Gaggia Brera will do it for you.

It does come in 2 colors, which is Silver and Black, but with the Silver, you will be paying $10 more than the Black even though the only thing that has changed is the color.

Why It’s The Second Best Choice And A Good Alternative

I chose this as my second choice because, for the price you pay, you get a little more out of it, it is easy to use with the LED indicator to guide you through to making delicious coffee. Also, you don’t need to use the Gaggia Brera to make just espressos, you may also make tea, and it has a built in Cappuccino and Latte Maker.

Any Negatives?

The Gaggia Brera is a lot bigger than others that I have looked at, and it may not fit in a small kitchen. It is more expensive than what I would normally pay for an Espresso machine. You are unable to adjust the temperature if you would like your drink hotter or cooler.

The Espresso is not as strong a what you would think it should be and is a bit, the product itself is not high enough for regular size mugs so if you want to make something other than an Espresso, it may be a little hard to do.

It’s also far more expensive than the cheaper options on this list, costing four bills. Still, compared to other, more feature-rich Super Automatics, this is pretty reasonable (you can easily pay between 1000 to 2000 USD for a more full-featured, pro-rated super automatic).

Why It’s Worth Your Money

For me, even though it is $399.00, I know I’m buying an Espresso machine that will last a long time, and it comes with a 1-year warranty and free shipping too.

Who Is It Best For?

I think it will go well in a working environment as it is automatic and quite a time saver. You have different coffee options, and it is very simple to use too. Alternatively, you can use it at home if you or your family are big coffee drinkers and you demand espresso’s (and ones made from freshly-ground beans) and convenience.


Buy it on Amazon


Non-Espresso Machine Picks

Not everyone wants a full espresso machine (i.e. a machine with pump pressure). For those who don’t demand an espresso drink, you can pick up some very good coffee makers that produce good enough coffee and for fraction of the price of a real espresso maker.


Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker


KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker

The KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker has a sleek design, it has a gold tone filter, which is permanent, and a water tank that has a handle so it can be removed.

It is a barista style, bold coffee maker with 4 different colors to pick from. There is Empire Red, Contour Silver, Onyx Black and Espresso color. The prices may change depending upon which color you choose.

This is NOT an espresso machine (it brews coffee via a drip, not through pump pressure), but as single mug coffee makers go, it’s one of my favorite.

What Are Its Major Features?

It goes great with thermal mugs, it makes a great espresso every time. You get a free 18oz thermal mug when you by the KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker.

It will only take 5 minutes for it to make a 15oz of coffee, and it takes even less time for espresso drinks. The Water tank will hold 18oz of water, and there are gauges on the reservoir that go up to 8oz, 12oz and 16oz, where you have 18oz if you fill it to the top. The temperature can go up to 185 degrees when the coffee is brewing.

Why It’s The Best Choice And A Good Alternative

I think it is the best choice as it is quick and easy to use, you get a 1-year free replacement warranty, and you get a thermal mug will keep your Espresso hot for hours.

The Gold Tone can be used daily and is very easy to clean. With the KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker, you get an outstanding flavor every time you make your Coffee or Espresso.

Any Negatives?

One of the things that keep on happening is the filter basket hinge gets weak and seems to get weaker as you use it where it starts to droop which then creates a gap. The travel mug has been known to rust around the very rim, even though it is supposed to be made of stainless steel.

It doesn’t make ‘the best’ coffee out there and it’s not an espresso machine.

It sometimes causes spots of fluid to drip when removing the travel mug from the machine. You also have to pay an extra $16.59 for shipping.

Why It Is Worth Your Money

I find it is very much worth the money because it is only $79.99, kit is small, even if it is a bit tall it is still very easy to store away and there is a 1 year replacement warranty too.

If you don’t want to use the travel mug, you can use a regular mug with it. As it is a single serve brewer, you don’t use have to Keurig pods. Plus, with the KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker, it comes with a drip tray so it wont leave water or espresso drips everywhere.

Who Is It Best For?

It is best for people who wants to have their Espresso ‘to go’ but don’t want to pay too much. It may be handy for people while they are traveling to work, as the KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker will stay hot for hours in the thermal mug.

It is fantastic if you are the only coffee drinker in the family as it is built just for a single serve and it will save you money on electric because of the fact it wont be using that much water, only the amount of the thermal mug.



Best Budget Coffee Maker


Kona French Press Espresso Maker

The KONA French Press Espresso Maker is the best pick if you are on a tight budget and for those who don’t want to make espresso.

French Press coffee is better than actual drip-coffee brewed from a machine, but inferior to true espresso in terms of taste and texture. But, it’s easy to make and some people love this type of cofffee.

This French Press is one of our favorites; it has an 34-ounce glass teapot in which you are able to make tea, coffee or espresso.

It comes in two different colors which are red and black. You can choose to buy a 12 ounce device or a 34 ounce device, but the price will change dramatically. The best one is the KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, Black 34oz Glass Teapot to make coffee/tea that is hot/cold.

What Are Its Major Features

The major features for the KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, Black 34oz Glass Teapot is that it has a protective design which protects it from cracks and chips.

It a portable espresso, coffee, and tea maker, very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The handle is very durable it also has a comfortable yet is sturdy to make pouring into your mug even easier.

Why It’s The Best Budget ‘Value’ Choice

The KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, Black 34oz Glass Teapot only costs $23.97 and that comes with free shipping if you spend over $35.00 by buying its other bits and pieces. You can use pre-ground coffee beans, green tea, loose-leaf tea and much more.

It allows you to make up to 3-5 cups, which is a plus if you have guests. It is economically priced and it won’t cost you any added electric, and you don’t need to buy the really expensive coffee grounds if you don’t want to.

Are There Any Negatives?

When using the Espresso maker you have to be careful not to drop it. After all, it is mostly made of glass and will cause a problem if it smashes. The glass has been known to shatter upon impact, and it may leak if the top is not placed back on correctly. The item is economically priced, and the glass seems to have been made from a low-quality glass.

Why It’s Worth Your Money

In all, I think the price is very good for what you get out of it, it is small and can be stored away in your kitchen with no problems. You don’t need to buy added cleaning solutions if you don’t want to because it is dishwasher safe. It is great for the environment as everything you use, such as coffee grounds, can go into the food waste bin to be made into compost. Plus, you are not using much electric, only a kettle to heat up the water you are going to use.

Who It’s Best For

This Espresso maker is mostly for people who like coffee, espresso, tea and soon made by hand. The device makes very strong espresso. This KONA French Press will go well for people who go camping or in hotels who like to make their own Espressos. I don’t think it will go well with people who don’t like to make their own Espressos, it is not ideal for people who prefer to press of a button and it is already made for you by the time you have dressed yourself.

Check Reviews on Amazon

Other Machines To Consider That Were Not Mentioned

Here is a list of other machines I looked into but did not make my top list.

KRUPS-Espresseria-Automatic-Espresso-60-Ounce is a bit more expensive being $499.99 that comes with free shipping but is fully automatic with 1450 watt that is both for Espresso and coffee with the convenient compact size. You get a 2 year warranty when you buy it and it is user-friendly with a control panel and a LCD screen, but there is a knob option if you are not up to date with technology.

The Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker is a fantastic Espresso maker for when you are either traveling, going camping or going to the office. It works without electric. It doesn’t use any batteries and so easy to use that you would be crazy not to buy one for though summers when you go camping. It only costs $45.00 with free shipping which I think it is worth paying that much for it.

Nespresso-GCC1-US-GR-NE-VertuoLine-Espresso-Aeroccino is also a reasonably good machine. It is more of an all-rounder that doesn’t win any prizes, but it is hard to define anything that is seriously wrong with it.

With the BC-Classics-BC-90264-Electric-Coffee you will be able to make up to 6 cups of espresso or coffee, it has a off/on indicator light switch and it only takes a few minutes to make your Espresso. It costs $33.37 and you get free shipping If you buy items over $35.00.

Best Coffee Accessories

So you have a coffee machine? You might want to consider these much useful coffee accessories.

  • The Coffee Machine Brush Cleaner will allow you to get the tricky parts cleaned on the Espresso machine, it only costs $7.29 with free shipping, you will get a pack of 2 and the length of them are 8.6-inch and it weights 27g.
  • The Urnex Cafiza Professional Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder is a cleaning powder the is 566 grams, it eliminates coffee residue, oils for the machine and is recommended as part of a daily clean.
  • DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses is a set of 2 glasses, and you can buy them for $14.25. They come with free shipping if you buy things that are over $35.00. It is dishwasher safe, you can use them for to hold hot or cold drinks, its capacity is 60ml/2oz and it is condensation free.
  • The Amazon Basics Nespresso Pod Storage Draw what is able to hold over 50 capsules for you and it is only $14.66 with free shipping.
  • Krups MS620173 Espresso Filter Holderwhen buying one for your espresso machine you need to make sure that it will fit and you have the correct model number. It only costs $20.40 and that is with free shipping.
  • De’Longhi 5513292881 Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug is only $14.95 with free shipping, its capacity is 14.5oz, It is compatible for all of the De’Longht Pump Espresso makers and will create a smooth milk foam.
  • BlueSnail Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper is made of stainless steel and weighs about 570g. It is ideal for tamping fresh ground Espressos for before you start brewing.
  • Cafelat Flat Silicon Rubber Tamping Mat will keep your counter from being damaged, it will keep your coffee grounds from getting sent flying around the room and is $18.75 and that comes with free shipping.
  • Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush is for to clean the coffee grounds away, it comes with a pack of 2 Tool Barista and will make cleaning grinders/ any grinders so easy and it is only $9.99 with free shipping.
  • Steam Wand Brush that will be perfect to clean inside your steam wand, it removes milk residue from the lance, and is only $3.90 and the shipping is $2.55
  • The Dial Frothing Thermometer is 1/2″-Long, it will correctly measure the temperature when the milk is being heated and you can either pay for just to have one which costs $5.85 or to buy 4 but the prices will go up higher and comes with free shipping.

The Final Word

My final words is that when looking for the perfect Espresso machine, remember there is a lot to choose from, so make sure you don’t get the first one you see. It may look great in the pictures, but the comments people put on there may suggest something is wrong with it.

Enjoy searching for the best one that you or the whole family will enjoy. If you are a heavy coffee/Espresso drinker, then it may be best for you to buy the more expensive machines because you will be able to use it more often and it may be able to make bigger batches of espresso. When searching on Amazon, always check to see if the shipping is free or if there is an extra charge.

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