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Best Cheap Car Insurance in 2018 & Tips On How To Handle Auto Insurance Trickery

Best Cheap Car Insurance in 2018 & Tips On How To Handle Auto Insurance Trickery

Our Best Cheap Car Insurance article offers detailed information on fifteen of the cheapest car insurance companies in the USA. But, in an odd twist, we offer you their most negative and complained-about features. We know that you are going to use comparison websites and online quotation tools to figure out which are the cheapest for you personally, but why are they so cheap, and is there a catch? Our list features the best cheap car insurance companies and the reasons why maybe you should give them a miss. Find out what the catch is. We give you the catch before you are caught.

Are Their Prices Too Good To Be True?

Before you buy cheap car insurance from any of these companies, find out why they are so cheap. Find out what they are hiding, and find out what people are complaining about. They say that you get what you pay for, but that is not true in the car insurance industry. Very expensive policies may offer you very little, and the best cheap car insurance may offer a great deal.

Before you buy car insurance from these companies, see the negative sides to buying from them. See their darker side before you invest your money. That way, you know what you are getting yourself into.

These Are The Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies…But…

Everything written in this article from this point is negative. Every insurance company has its ugly side. We are simply exposing the ugly side for you to see. Look up the best cheap car insurance company for you through comparison websites and shopping around, and then check back with this article to see the things their websites aren’t telling you.


If there is a way that Progressive can get out of paying, then it will get out. It is the insurance-company version of the insurance guy on Saw VI who has teams working to find ways not to pay claimants. They also have a very nasty corporate habit of leaving you in the hands of poorly trained customer support workers. If you are having trouble getting paid for a claim, you may find yourself caught in a customer support web where you don’t get a straight answer and nothing happens no matter how much you complain. If they can save money in any way, then Progressive will do it, even if it means failing to investigate claim liability.

Top Tips When Dealing With Progressive Auto Insurance

Customer support workers, adjusters, supervisors and managers are trained to be rude, abrasive and unsympathetic. The goal is to make calling and claiming so unpleasant that you will give up trying. Making the whole process stressful is their aim, which is why you have to keep your composure even if they scream at you. Plus, record call so you have proof of how nasty they were when you are complaining later, plus it helps to have recorded proof when you are writing negative reviews about them online.


This insurance company goes out of its way to find any way to pay you the lowest claim amount possible. This includes sending out a “Professional” to estimate the cost of the repairs while ignoring the quotes of your local repair shops. They will also claim the value of your car is very low so that they may pay less when it is time to claim. If they are paying for your injuries, attorney fees, and so forth, then you will be lucky if they cover even your minimum costs.

Top Tips When Dealing With Farmers Auto Insurance

Beware of renewing with Farmers because they often sell their first year with a large silent discount with the hopes you will renew without shopping around. Shop around a lot before you renew because you will probably get a better price if you have not claimed during your year of coverage. If you buy through an agent, then double check everything because some agents will offer a lower rate and say they are putting you on auto-pay while signing you up for a higher rate and letting you sink into two months of debt before you find out what has happened.

State Farm

If you are unlucky, you are going to have your rates raised for the most wiggly of reasons. Maybe crime has gone up in your area, or maybe the distance you claim you are driving has become statistically more risky. The reasons, of which they will not disclose, are based on statistics that are difficult to predict. Yet, such rate changes never result in lower rates unless you are a new customer. The claims process is overly long, and the agents you deal with are not punished or fired for being rude, which means you may get a rude or abrasive agent that you are forced to deal with.

Top Tips When Dealing With State Farm Auto Insurance

If you are hit by a driver with State Farm insurance, then you need to worry because they make their money by screwing over the other driver; even if the State Farm driver is at fault. Read the cautionary tales online from other people who were hit by people with State Farm insurance, and take every precaution with a mind to not trusting State Farm. If you are a State Farm customer, then you really need to nail every point with your agent (be it a purchase, renewal or claim). Get times, dates, amounts, contact details and confirmations. Anything you are told by an agent, assessor or customer service department staff member needs to be confirmed by text, email or letter.

State Auto

Adjusters are trained for about five minutes and then told to get on with it. They are poorly paid and poorly trained. There is a great deal of adjuster-staff turnover, which helps to make the claiming process frustrating and unpleasant. Getting in touch with the company in any way is frustrating because of the poor quality of their business administration. State Auto also has a habit of paying for the bare minimum for car repairs, even if this means your car loses a lot of value because it was not fully repaired and/or repaired back to how it used to be before the incident/claim.

Top Tips When Dealing With State Auto

Maintain your composure when you are making a claim, keep details of everything, and be prepared to repeat yourself numerous times. Stay on top of your claim when you make one, and be prepared to be dropped. State Auto has a habit of dropping people after they pay a claim to them. Do not trust the company to inform you of things, especially if this includes bills. Get to know your payment dates in advance and do not wait for bills to arrive because they will arrive four days after they were printed. If you are putting in a big claim, then it may be worth claiming legal counsel to help ensure you are paid and that you get as much as possible.

Allied / Nationwide

Nationwide and Allied are part of the same company. Allied has a great marketing and reputation management company, which is why it is so difficult to find negative reviews about them. You need to look at little deeper into personal blogs and social media posts where the reputation managers are unable to have comments removed. They will also post numerous positive reviews too. Allied/Nationwide do not mind putting you on hold and leaving you there for 30 to 60 minutes; they say you should call at a less busy time, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Top Tips When Dealing With Allied Auto Insurance or Nationwide Auto Insurance

Get a quote using a non-primary email address and using a mobile phone number (if you need to give one) because Allied has a powerful marketing company that will contact you repeatedly until you take their insurance. Unless you are planning on definitely using the company, you shouldn’t give them your primary contact details. Start calling and asking for a different claims adjuster if your adjuster ignores you or drops your calls. Make a note of any occasions where Nationwide or Allied have used bully tactics because they have paid millions in fines for bullying to the point where suing them for bullying tactics is easier than ever.

American Family

The American Family insurance company are quite concerned about their online reputation, but they do not pay reputation managers in the way that Allied or Nationwide do. If American Family do pay reputation managers, then the reputation managers are doing a crappy job. The company is putting more money into its customer service department than its administration, which is self defeating because the customer support team could do far better if their decisions and suggestions were noted and acted upon. One problem is that if your agent screws up big-time and you end up thousands of dollars out of pocket, they will fire the employee and leave you out of pocket rather than fixing their mistake.

Top Tips When Dealing With American Family Auto Insurance

Check your renewal price and do a bit of shopping around. American Family is another company that will ramp up your prices year after year with the hopes you are not shopping around. It is sad hearing about people who have been with them 20 years and only just realized they were paying over the odds. Fight the company because they issue disputes like granny throws around hard candy. In addition, they will dispute charges that they themselves caused, such as you having to rent a car for longer because they disputed your auto-repair fees with the body shop. They dispute whatever they like, which means you need to fight them otherwise you will lose out when you shouldn’t have to.


Though Geico is not known for dropping people after they make a claim, they do tend to pull this maneuver on younger people who have their first accident. If you are serving with the military, then Geico is a great company and is far better than USAA. The people who have the biggest problems with Geico are people who are hit by Geico-insured drivers. As a Geico customer, you are presumed to be in the right, which means many times they will not even ask your opinion on what happened, they will examine the other driver and if the other driver’s story has holes, then Geico sides with you. It is great if you are a Geico customer, but not so great if you are hit by a Geico-insured driver.

Top Tips When Dealing With Geico Auto Insurance

Geico is a slow moving company, which means you need to oversee circumstances where time-sensitive information or documents are needed. If you can provide the documents or information yourself, then do it while also allowing Geico to do it (to cover all your bases). Keep an eye on your bank statements, especially if you pay with auto-pay because there may be unexpected fees here and there. I cannot legally say that they are hidden fees, but they are less-than-expected fees that may not have been fully explained to you when you bought your policy, or more likely, when you changed or updated your policy such as by adding somebody to it.


If you make a purchase with Erie, or if you make a claim, they are great when it comes to keeping you with the same agents. This is great, convenient and helps speed things up…unless you are unlucky enough to get a slow, lazy or dumb agent. If this happens, then you are stuck with this agent because it is easier finding water on Mars than getting your agent replaced. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security when you see Erie’s positive online reputation. They may be one of the 500 biggest insurance firms in the USA, but they only work in 12 states, which means far fewer customers than most of the insurers on this list, and this obviously makes managing their online reputation a lot easier.

Top Tips When Dealing With Erie Auto Insurance

Do not sign up or pay up until you have your quote set in stone. The numbers you see online are not always the prices you pay, and for some reason the company is allowed to get away with this because of the way they word their quotes. It is very close to a bait-and-switch scheme. Also, strongly consider “not” adding your kids or younger people to your policies because Erie charges younger people disproportionately more than people over the age of 35yrs, and this is true even if a younger person is added to an older person’s policy. If you are stuck with an incompetent claims agent or person involved in your claim, then give up your attempts to have that person replaced and start hounding the agent. If the agent is slow, lazy, or incompetent, then you politely (not angrily, not bullying, not aggressively) nagging the agent will often help move things along.

Auto Owners

The Auto Owners insurance group is another insurance company that has a great online reputation because it deals with far fewer customers than many of the other insurers on this article. Auto Owners only operates in 26 states, which makes managing their online reputation a little easier. If you are hoping to have your medical fees paid for when you claim, then forget it because Auto Owners will fight you all the way; even if you are providing plenty of documentation to support your claim.

Top Tips When Dealing With Auto-Owners Auto Insurance

Sadly, when you are dealing with this company, you are going to have to expect very little and be surprised if you get that. Auto-Owners has very ambiguous policy wording that even we were amazed they get away with when we read it. It allows them to get out of paying by inventing loopholes that fit their ambiguous policy phrasing. Unless you are clearly without fault and have undeniable evidence to support everything you claim, then you are going to lose out. Plus, it may be best if Auto-Owners do not know your financial situation because (in our opinion) they seem more comfortable denying claims from people who cannot afford a lawyer, (that is how we interpret what we found out).


You may not have heard of Victoria auto insurance because they have been swallowed up by Nationwide. They try to sell to people who are not eligible for standard insurance programs. As a result, the insurance policies they offer are very basic. Mostly all of the flaws that Nationwide/Allied has are present with Victoria since the business is administered in the same way that Allied and Nationwide are.

Top Tips When Dealing With Victoria Auto Insurance

All of the methods that were listed in section from earlier about dealing with Nationwide/Allied should also be applied if you are dealing with Victoria auto insurance. This company only sells through agents, and it tries to deal with people who do not qualify for standard insurance. Try skipping between agents to see if you can get a better rate because there are no online tools for Victoria, and you may have a hard time finding them on comparison websites too.


Stick with basic insurance if you try Encompass because they have a habit of screwing up anything that involves contacting their customer service department. This even includes if you need a tow truck to tow you off the highway. Contact their customer support as often as you like, and the list of excuses you hear will vary each time. If anything, enjoy the low prices that Encompass offers and take advantage of being legally covered, but don’t expect to have your car fixed or your bills paid. You are covered, which means anybody you hit has to deal with Encompass and not you, which means the other person has to deal with the hell that is Encompass’s customer service department.

Top Tips When Dealing With Encompass Auto Insurance

Be very careful when judging Encompass because they have found a way of wiping any negative mention of them on larger review websites while allowing smaller (and easier to manipulate) websites to post negative stuff. If they are using a reputation management company, then it operates in an unorthodox way. Encompass has the worst customer service of all the companies listed on this website. Even USAA, which has awful customer support, is better than the people who answer the phones at Encompass. We honestly thought our experiences with USAA were the worst imaginable, but Encompass’s customer support beats them by a hair’s width. Do whatever you can to avoid contacting the customer service department that Encompass offers because they must be paying their service staff two acorns and a cookie per day.


The MetLife group acts like it has poor systems administration and yet it is shockingly efficient when it needs to be. Double check that your payments are going out and that your details are upto date so that you may receive any error messages right away. Beware of MetLife trying to total your car so that they may pay you a pitiful sum for the value of your car. They far prefer to have your car totaled or sold rather than paying for repairs. Occasionally, but not always, MetLife will pull the common insurance trick where they give you a crappy renewal price with the hopes you won’t check it, or the hopes you won’t shop around. Check your quote, get a few others, and ask MetLife to beat it with their renewal quote. They probably will, and if they don’t, then go elsewhere; do this no matter if you have made a claim or if you have not made a claim.

Top Tips When Dealing With MetLife Auto Insurance

Get your cowboy pants on before you make contact with MetLife because it is like entering the wild West. Expect people to be unprofessional, and expect a little unethical behavior too. Keep on at them without being rude because they will happily leave two weeks between your contact and them acting on whatever you asked. Keep hold of your policy and any documentation when you buy your policy because you will need it later if you need to claim and finding it online is impossible (even if you ask them to re-send it to you). Take a few hours to learn how to claim and read through your policy to make sure you submit every detail exactly as required because the agent will use even the slightest problem as a reason to delay your claim with hopes you will go away and leave them alone.


The odd thing about Allstate is that they are a large company that operates in many states, and in some states they have a fantastic reputation and in others they have a terrible reputation. The problem seems to originate from the way the agents and customer service department teams are trained. Areas that train rude and arrogant agents and support works are areas where Allstate has the worst online and offline reputation. Allstate also reserves the right to cancel your insurance and terminate your policy without notice and without reason. If they do this, you will be entitled to a partial refund if you paid for a year in advance, but it seems that people are surprised by how a company can drop them without notice or reason (but Allstate can because it is in your Allstate car insurance policy).

Top Tips When Dealing With Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is going to pressure you into accepting lowball figures, and this is even more true if the other person is the one with Allstate insurance (i.e. you are not the customer, you are the victim). Do not be scared or threatened by the company, stand your ground and do what it takes to get more money if the company is obviously lowballing you. They will haggle with you and even your mechanic about how much should be paid. Record phone calls, and make a log of all the times you make contact or try to get in touch with them. If anything goes to court, you need a log and some form of proof that shows

Safe Auto

You only have 26 hours to cancel your contract, so agents and even comparison websites will give you a very low quote and then ramp up the price after about two days. At that point, you are unable to cancel without incurring fees. The company has to pay commission to the agent who miss-sold you the policy, or pay affiliate fees to the comparison website that made you think your quote was lower than it was. Other than the fact that this company seems to allow people to miss-sell their products, the only other problems are administrative ones such as people having to make contact numerous times to get proof of insurance, or trouble setting up auto-pay for paid-monthly policies.

Top Tips When Dealing With Safe Auto

Be aware of their miss-selling problem. Do not trust the prices you see on comparison websites or the prices you see when you use an agent. Get a clear and written quote that is echoed in the digital paperwork. Do not trust the quotes you see digitally on quotation tools or that you receive from agents. You have 26 hours to cancel your policy, and make sure you record all efforts to cancel if you decide to cancel. The fact is that Safe Auto give insurance to all sorts of people in all sorts of situations to the point where they may be the cheapest company for you by far, but the policy may state a price different to the one you first saw, which is why you need to check your digital paperwork right away after you sign up.


Just because USAA sells only to the military or people involved in the military, it doesn’t mean they have any loyalty to them. Agents and customer service workers are rude, abrasive, and overly arrogant. They do not treat you like heroes, they treat you like homeless people. The biggest shock most of their members have is just how rude and uncaring the staff are when they try to make claims. USAA has a growing reputation for crossing people in the military, but it is too big to fail and will be repeatedly bailed out no matter how poorly they treat people. If you somehow manage to get a good rate from USAA, then give them a try, but they encompass all the worst things about corporate culture in that they do not care about you, your claim, or how much money you lose because their staff are poorly paid and even poorly trained.

Top Tips When Dealing With USAA

Shop around quite a bit because the insurance rates that USAA offers is quite high. Do not be fooled by their Military-only policy because it doesn’t mean they offer the lowest rates. Also, be careful with their insurance-bundle discounts because their bundle deals are oddly expensive. USAA uses reputation managers to remove negative reviews online, but there are so many that they are having a hard time keeping up. They also have a marketing team that posts positive reviews, but they are very easy to spot, such as the ones that claim they filed their claim and had it paid in two days when it usually takes between five to twelve weeks from making a claim to having it paid (if it is paid). Keep your policy as simple as possible, such as avoiding breakdown cover, windscreen cover, and anything like that. Keep it simple and basic so that you are legally able to drive and nothing more. Their additional services have a worse reputation than their basic service. Also, do not let them lowball you if your car is totaled because they will take money off for things that were never wrong with your car such as paint deterioration, tire wear, and sun damage.

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