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Best Cards For Bad Credit for 2017

Best Cards For Bad Credit for 2017

People who are accustom with the world of credit cards for people with bad credit will know that it is stuffed with vultures that will happily raid your piggy bank and take you for all you’ve got like a banker cashing her or his tax-payer funded bonus. Allow and our staff of willing testers to guide you through this quagmire of financial landmines to present you with the best cards for bad credit. We have tested the very best and the very worst credit cards for people with bad credit, and we offer you the cream of the crop.

A Slice Of Sexy Advice For Credit Rebuilders

Once you rebuild your credit rating, apply for a new credit card or loan before you cancel your FICO-score-building credit card. Do not make the mistake of building your credit rating, cancelling your current credit card and then applying for a new one. Your current credit card with its fully repaid balance is helping keep your credit utilization low. Once it is cancelled, your credit utilization rises and your credit rating (FICO score) may drop.

Set up your direct debits/auto pay for the same day you are paid. It forces you to live on what is left, and it lowers your chances of missing credit card payments and/or using your credit card too much.

Wait six months after credit rejection before trying again. Stay in the same home for more than three years, try to keep a job at least a year before applying for credit. Consider a credit builder loan where the money is not released to you until you have actually paid it off (it is a little like forced saving).

Taking cash advances from your credit cards may make your current credit card lender less likely to increase your credit limit. This also includes if you use your credit card to fund a gambling account. Try not to use credit repair companies or any companies of that ilk because their use indicates to creditors that you are in trouble, and there are a lot of scammers out there that claim they can get you out of debt or reduce your debt when they are planning to place you in more debt.

Finally, one little cheat my sister used a few years ago. The trick is to become an authorized user on another person’s credit card. She canvassed family members to find out who had a credit card that reported financial activity to credit scoring agencies. She chose me because I wanted to know the trick, plus she used to lend me cash in during my debt-filled youth. I made her an authorized user on one of my credit card accounts and a card was issued with her name on it. However, I kept the card with her name on and I only used it to pay my car maintenance fees. I used the card, managed it well, and kept up the payments. It helped her credit rating because it appeared that she was aptly managing a credit card on which she was an authorized user.

The only way this trick backfires is if the card holder who agrees to the trick then starts missing payments on the authorized card. In my example, if I had used the card with my sister’s name on, but then missed payments on it, then her credit rating would have fallen rather than risen.

 Young couple in their underwear

Two Comments Before We Begin

Allow me to ask that you read this section in full before moving on to see the best cards for bad credit listed below. The first is that these cards are the best cards for bad credit that are widely available in the USA. We are aware that local money companies (especially credit unions) may offer sweeter deals, but such deals are rarely available for people in numerous US States. Ergo, I mention that these credit cards are the best cards available to the widest number of people. We are aware there are better cards that may be available to you specifically (though maybe not to your friends in neighboring states).

The second condition, call it a warning, is that we at are advocates of wealth building and financial security. That is why we ask that you strongly consider NOT getting a credit card if you have a bad credit rating. Getting into yet more debt may not be a wise move. We offer this list in the hopes that you will use the cards to rebuild your credit sensibly, or that you may use the cards to better your wealth building capacity. For example, paying for some insurance policies in full for a full year may offer a large discount that equals less then the interest you pay on a credit card. As a final comment on the matter, we implore you to use your credit card sensibly and with the highest degree of discipline.

A Card For Rebuilding Your Credit Rating

Capital One Secured Mastercard

 Capital One Secured Mastercard

I think the Capital One Secured Mastercard is cooler than a penguin’s nuts because it is a sort of hybrid between the typical secured credit cards you see all over the Internet, and a regular credit card with regular terms and conditions. It is suitable for people with a credit rating of 629 or lower, and it works like this:

You start with a deposit of $49, $99 or $200 depending upon your creditworthiness. Your deposit is refunded when you close your credit card.* You may increase your credit limit by adding more to your secured amount when you apply.** If you make your first five monthly payments on time, then you may gain access to a higher credit line without having to add an additional deposit. After that point, the Capital One Secured Mastercard starts to become more like a traditional credit card.

* If you clear your balance and close your account, then your initial deposit is refunded. If you do not clear your balance, then your deposit may be used to help repay your balance.

** If you are deemed as creditworthy enough, then you may be able to deposit your original $200, and then be allowed to add more to your deposit in order to increase the size of your credit limit.

Sign Up Instructions For Capital One Secured Mastercard

Rebuild Your Credit Rating Honestly

The Capital One Secured Mastercard allows you to rebuild your credit rating in a honest fashion. The Capital One Secured Mastercard isn’t a scam and it allows you to rebuild your FICO score while gaining the benefit of a credit card.

There are a heck-uv-a-lota scams out there. For example, there is a company that says if you pay them, then they give you a loan, but no money changes hands. You simply pay the interest on the money you don’t ever see. They report the payments to credit scorers to show you can keep up with your repayments. Don’t fall for the scams. If you are going to rebuild your credit rating, then do it with secured credit card or a hybrid credit card like the Capital One Secured Mastercard.

A Low APR And No Annual Fee

I am aware that 24.99% APR is not a low APR, but compare it to other credit cards that are available for people with a lower FICO, and 24.99% is a low APR. In addition, there is no annual fee, which means you are not punished for not using it.

Gain Access To CreditWise Credit Scores

CreditWise from Capital One gives you unlimited access to your credit cards. It offers credit tools and FICO score viewing materials. CreditWise allows you to see your credit score online, it also shows your credit profile, which may help you identify the areas that may be dragging your credit score down. It is a free credit checking service that you may use online.

Platinum MasterCard Benefits

You get extended warranty on certain purchases if they are bought with your credit card. You get auto rental insurance for if you have a collision while driving a rental vehicle or if it is stolen. The card also gives you travel accident insurance that pays out if you lose a limb or your life while traveling with a ticket that you bought with your credit card. You also get price protection with some purchases where you may submit a lower price within 60 days of your purchase and you will be refunded the difference.

24/7 Customer Service, 24/7 Travel Assistance Services, 24/7 Roadside Assistance

You read that correctly, you are given three phone numbers that you may call 24/7 if you need help. The customer support department is for any enquires or problems you may have. The travel assistance services are for if you are traveling and run into trouble and need help, such as knowing where your nearest US embassy is. Roadside assistance is a number you can call if you need the number or details of a local tow truck or repair company.

Pick Personalized Payments

Credit card and loan companies that allow you to pick your own payment due date should be applauded. It allows you to pick days that will not cause you excessive problems, which may dramatically lower your chances of missing payments. When you set up your account, you may pick what date your bill is generated and your minimum payment is due.

Standard Fraud Coverage With Capital One

It may not seem like much of a perky positive point. After all, quite a few credit cards come with fraud coverage that protects you with $0 fraud liability if your card is ever stolen or lost. However, some cards do not come with $0 fraud liability. More and more, I am seeing credit card companies offer $0 fraud coverage offered as an additional purchase. It is especially common with business credit cards.

A Concern About Getting Approved

The Capital One Secured Mastercard is for people with a poor credit rating, and even though their website doesn’t specify a FICO score minimum, we have had people approved with credit ratings of 585. There are user reviews where people say their credit rating has been 400 and they have been accepted. Yet, we urge a word of caution. The Capital One Secured Mastercard doesn’t specify a minimum FICO score, but their parameters do say the card is for people who agree with one of these two statements: “I’ve defaulted on a loan more than once.” OR “I’ve been declined for a credit card in the last 3 months.”

I know from my own experiences as a younger man when I was burdened with soul crushing debt that such flimsy “Credit Rebuilding” definitions are not the friend of people with a poor FICO score. For example, a person could have a credit rating of 750 and still fall into Capital One’s “Credit Rebuilding” definition. Though I cannot help you or guarantee that you will be approved, please take a look at this list to see if you reach the bare minimum requirements that will not instantly eliminate you. I

Common reasons for instant rejection for a Capital One Secured Mastercard

Capital One Secured Mastercard Negative Points

The Capital One Secured Mastercard is well reviewed by the online reviewing community, but not all that glistens is gold. Don’t forget that many online reviewers will hide negative points and remove poor user reviews because doing so increases the chances of readers signing up through their affiliate system (for which the web masters/reviewers are paid). Here are a few negative points you should consider.

Slow To Enact Some User Changes

Some people have had trouble with the Capital One Secured Mastercard when they try to switch the banks from which their payments are direct debited (auto paid). If you switch your direct debit instructions from one bank to the other, then give yourself at least two months before closing your old account because Capital One may still try to draw money from it.

Negative Customer Service Experiences

We all have poor customer service experiences from time to time, and even though Capital One isn’t a big offender in this area, there are times when their customer service department is a little lacking. One of the biggest problems is support staff saying they are going to do something and then not doing it. It may be a good idea to call and make your instructions, and then call again to find out if the previous call centre worker has amended your details, enacted the change, or left notes for your instructions to be enacted.

Side Comment – Be you Republican or Democrat, please support politicians when they try to keep businesses and their ancillary services (such as customer support) within the US or whichever country you call home. Not only does it help keep your country’s wealth where it belongs, but it also stops annoying cross-cultural and cross-language problems. I am a big fan of HSBC, but I was called by a very abrupt man from the HSBC safeguarding team. Their customer service department is based in India, and the man was both rudely abrupt and very hard to understand. It took several attempts for me to finally figure out what this question meant “How many Uurs you take?” Only after several counter questions did I convince him to give me an example of an answer, to which he replied “You make 40.” I finally realized he meant “How many hours do I work per week?”

The Best Credit Card For People With Terrible Credit Ratings

Surge Mastercard Credit Card

surge mastercard credit card

There are people who are refused things such as secured credit cards, and they should turn to a credit card such as the Surge Mastercard Credit Card. It is a simple credit card and rather obscure. It doesn’t have much of an online reputation, but it is a fine credit card for people who have terrible FICO scores. It is great for people who have been rejected by other credit cards.

The Surge Mastercard Credit Card is an unsecured credit card, and it is rather unusual for a legitimate credit card company to openly accept almost anybody, but this credit card company does. Sadly, there are still some people who are rejected for the unsecured credit card. They are mainly people who have had a seriously bad time with their finances just recently. Even if your application is not accepted right away, they may still check to see if you are eligible for a secured credit card, so you do not walk away without anything.

The Surge Mastercard Credit Card has its annual fees, and a typically high APR, but it is great for people who need an unsecured credit card that isn’t a prepaid or secured credit card. For example, if you need an unsecured credit card to rent a car, then this is the credit card for you.

Auto-Checked For A Secured Card

As you read in the section above, mostly anybody can get a Surge Mastercard Credit Card, but even if the Surge company cannot accommodate you, they will check your eligibility for one of their secured credit cards. Their secured credit cards are ultra easy to get. Even the ghost of Elvis has one. A secured card may have a deposit of a little as $50. The refundable deposit you give may be $50, $150 or $500.

They Report To Three Credit Scoring Agencies

If you are planning on using your Surge Mastercard Credit Card to improve your credit rating, then it is an adequate tool because they report your behavior to three credit reporting agencies. This benefit works against you if you are going to treat your credit card with the same level of responsibility as a drunk oil tanker captain.

A Stinking High APR Rate

Mostly anybody can get a Surge Mastercard Credit Card, which means there is a catch. Usually, the catch is that the card company is going to do what it can to help you fail and start kicking you with chunky charges. However, the Surge Mastercard Credit Card ranks on our best cards for bad credit list because it doesn’t try to trip you up. The only catches with this card is the 30.74% APR and the fees.

No Hidden Fees But Plenty Of High Fees

Many other credit cards that pander to people with bad credit are vulture or parasitic card companies. They either try to lock you into debt for the rest of your life, of they try to trip you up by having you miss payments or hiding fees. The Surge Mastercard Credit Card doesn’t do any of this, but they do have high annual and monthly annual fees.

You have to pay an annual fee of $125, and then you have to pay $10 per month as a maintenance fee. If you want another card, it costs $30. Cash advances cost $5 or more, and foreign transactions cost you 3% of the transaction or more. Late and returned payments cost up to $37 per incident.

The fees are a kick in your latex panties, but you can understand their reasoning. The Surge company is giving cards away to almost anybody, which means they take on some risky customers. In order to create a buffer between them being paid and customers skipping out on them, they have to charge fees and a higher APR.

A Credit Limit Of $375 or $500

You will be given a credit limit of $375 or $500. If you are renting a car, then one hopes that having $500 on your card is enough. You are unable to increase your credit limit, even if you dramatically improve your FICO score. The Surge company assumes that if you improve your credit rating that you will go ahead and get another credit card with a different company. The Surge Mastercard Credit Card isn’t the sort of credit card you have forever, it is a stop-gap solution to achieve a certain end until your credit rating improves.

A Quick Online Decision And Online Access

The initial eligibility check includes a soft search of your credit rating. Once you apply, the hard credit check goes through. The results are usually rather fast unless you are self employed, in which case they usually take longer. You will receive your answer online, and it is usually a yes unless you have made a mess of your finances just recently. You may access your credit card online fairly quickly, but it takes a few days before your credit card actually arrives.

Surge Mastercard Credit Card Negative Points

No Complaints

Of the tiny minority of websites that reviews this poorly marketed credit card, most of them complain about the high APR and the slew of unavoidable fees…but, this credit card company is not a frickin charity!

The company has to make its money some way. Most credit card companies that gun for people with poor credit are out to rip your soul out and eat it. Most of them plan to sink you so far in debt that you can smell the center of the earth. The Surge Mastercard Credit Card doesn’t do any of that, and they don’t even hide their fees. The worst thing they do is make you sign up for their crappy e-newsletter about some bullcrap their secretary wrote. The same secretary who sits on the front desk and so believes he owns the company.

Of course the company is going to charge high fees and high APRs, they have to offset the damage they to their bottom line when people don’t pay them back. The Surge company are giving out credit cards to any freckled Francis and dog turd Dorothy, and they have to protect themselves some way. Complaining about their high fees and high APR is like complaining about a dog that licks its nuts or a parrot keeps talking during silent movies.

Okay…Maybe One Complaint

When I paid online, they always held my payment for eight working days. I enquired about why it took so long and they said it was a security protocol and it had something to do with them having online payments reversed by unreliable payers. Fair enough I thought, and I was advised that I can have my payments cleared within a 24-48 hours if I paid over the phone, but paying over the phone costs $10.

People with poor credit ratings tend to be in unstable financial situations where they only have enough money to pay off their bill a few days before the bill is due. Such a person may not be able to pay online a whole 8 to 10 days prior to it being due. It is a little bit naughty of the Surge Mastercard Credit Card, but if that is the worst thing they do, then they belong on our best cards for bad credit list.

Another Best Cards For Bad Credit Card

VERVE MasterCard Credit Card

VERVE MasterCard Credit Card

The VERVE MasterCard Credit Card is almost identical to the Surge Mastercard Credit Card mentioned above. The only difference is the fact that this card will not ask you to sign up to their dumb newsletter. The VERVE MasterCard Credit Card is serviced by the Continental Finance Company, whereas the Surge Mastercard Credit Card mentioned in the section above is serviced by the Celtic Bank. Every single point made above about the Surge Mastercard Credit Card is the same with the VERVE MasterCard Credit Card.

Why Is The Surge And VERVE Card So Similar?

Besides the absence of a e-newsletter, everything about the VERVE and Surge are the same. They are not issued by the same company or bank, so what is going on? Both of them are equally unknown when compared to many other credit cards, so what is going on?

I discovered that MasterCard has a system where they encourage banks and money companies to set up credit cards. If you run a bank or a money company and you want your credit card to be made available to people around the USA, you may submit an application to MasterCard and they will help you through the process.

Choose the options you want for your credit card, including the type of customer you are seeking, and MasterCard allows you to customize how your credit card works. You can choose how much people have to pay for returned items, how much APR is charged and so forth. It seems that Surge and VERVE went through this process and choose the same settings. It is quite possible that there are other credit cards out there with the exact same qualifying standards, APRs, fees, etc., as VERVE and Surge. Both companies are involved with the Continental Finance company, which probably had something to do with this “coincidence.”

The Best Credit Card For People With A Poor Credit Rating

Milestone Gold MasterCard

 Milestone Gold MasterCard

The Milestone Gold MasterCard is mostly for people with a credit rating that is lower than 630. I am not sure of the lowest limit for your credit rating, but I have spoken (online) to people with FICO scores as low as 570 who were able to get a Milestone Gold MasterCard. The VERVE and Surge cards mentioned above are for people who are having serious FICO score problems, but the Milestone Gold MasterCard is for people with a shaky credit rating. That is why the Milestone Gold MasterCard offers a little more than Surge and VERVE.

Some people are going to strongly disagree with this credit card being on our list of best cards for bad credit. The Milestone Gold MasterCard is a little better known than the VERVE and Surge cards because it has a rather bad online reputation. I will go through every single negative point about this card, however, it is still far better than many of the other credit cards we have reviewed that target people with a FICO score lower than 630. I am not saying this card is perfect, but I am saying it is the lesser of very many evils.

A Quick And Easy Decision

The fact that the Milestone Gold MasterCard doesn’t demand a very high credit rating means they are able to make your qualifying decision a little quicker than most. People who are used to applying for credit cards only to be denied are often very appreciative of a credit card that quickly gives them a decision.

The website runs a soft search to decide if you are eligible, which is where the quick decision comes from. Beware that there are some people who have been approved, only to be denied slightly later. It tends to happen if your current banking history contradicts something you have claimed on your application form.

Choose Your Card Design

Since you are probably going to have to look at your card numerous times per month, it is nice that you are able to choose your card design. You may gain access to your account online via a web browser, but there is no app for the Milestone Gold MasterCard.

They Report To Three Credit Scoring Agencies

If you are looking to rebuild your credit rating, then you may do it in an efficient way by using your Milestone Gold MasterCard and managing your account correctly. They report to three credit scoring agencies, which also means your credit rating will fall if you mismanage your account. The company has been accused of reporting slowly, so this may not be the card for you if you are looking to quickly rebuild your credit score.

The Regular APR Rate is 23.9%

The rate of 23.9% is not bad at all, and it is one of the reasons why the Milestone Gold MasterCard is on our “Best Cards For Bad Credit” list. There are other credit cards that sell to people with FICO scores as high as 700, and those same companies have been known to charge more than 23.9%. Compared to the competition, the APR rate is downright generous.

If you are not allowed an unsecured credit card, then you may be offered one of their secured cards with an APR of 18.16%. They also offer hybrid secured cards when you may pay a $50 deposit and receive a $300 credit limit.

A Reasonable Annual Fee

The Annual Fee may be as high as $99. It seems to depend upon the plan the Milestone Gold MasterCard company puts you on. Our annual fee was $59, though it may be as low as £35 per year and as high as $99 per year. Considering the fact it is only paid once per year, it is very reasonable.

An Account Opening Fee

As mentioned many times in this article, credit card companies that sell to people with a bad or poor credit rating have to mediate their risk by charging fees and higher APR rates. The opening fee of up to $50 is not bad at all, especially compared to one company we reviewed that had a low-credit-rating card that demanded a $400 non-refundable opening fee.

They Do Not Ask You To Cough Up The Starter Fees

You do not have to hand over the money to set up your account because they take it out of your initial balance.

Our account setup fee (opening fee) was $50. They took the setup fee out of our credit card balance. Our credit limit was $300, and our starting available credit was $225 (I will explain why).

I don’t mean to confuse you with this, but what they did was give us $300 credit and then take $75 out. Our first year’s annual fee was a reduced rate of $25 for our first year only, and $50 was our account opening fee. That is why our credit limit was $300 and why we only had $225 available credit on the card when it opened.

Free Cash Advances For The First Year

The first year’s annual fee is always a reduced one, but the rules seem to differ from person to person. Our annual fee was set at $59, but the first year’s annual fee was only $25. Another first-year-only offer is free cash advances. Unlike many other cards for poor FICO score customers, the Milestone Gold MasterCard allows you to withdraw cash without any extra charge. They do not increase your APR rate for cash advances, and they do not charge you a fee for cash advances during your first year. After your first year, you have to pay at least $5 for each cash advance.

Zero Liability For Unauthorized Charges

Some credit card companies ask people to pay for extra protection if they want zero liability for unauthorized charges on their cards. Luckily, the Milestone Gold MasterCard doesn’t hold you liable for unauthorized charges on your account.

Previous Bankruptcy, Court Cases And Insolvency Okay

If you have gone bankrupt, if you have had court judgments against you for debts, and if you have gone insolvent, then you are not “automatically” rejected. The Milestone Gold MasterCard providers will still consider your application and there is still a good chance you will get your card.

They Do Not Pull The Annual Fee Offer Switcharoo

Some of the credit cards we tried were had nasty surprises for their customers. For example, many credit cards in this sector will give you a high annual fee to start with and then lower the annual fee after the first year. It seems like a sweet deal, but what they actually do is increase processing fees so you have some nasty surprises when you keep using your card. The Milestone card doesn’t pull tricks like this.

A Low Foreign Transaction Fee

The industry average for credit cards is a 1.97% foreign transaction fee. Most credit card companies that sell credit cards to people with a FICO score below 630 will charge a 3% to 5% foreign transaction fee. The Milestone foreign transaction fee is only 1%, which beats them all.

Justifying My Reasons For It‘s Place On This List

Once again, I am probably going to receive a lot of emails on this subject, but I must repeat that I am aware of the Milestone Gold’s flaws and its negative online reputation. However, as I keep saying, there are a lot of credit card companies out there that are targeting people with lower FICO scores, and many of them are truly awful.

The Milestone Gold MasterCard gives you a reasonably okay service, which is fine, but they also give you a year of no fees for cash advances, they accept people who have been bankrupt in the past, and their APR of 23.9% is downright generous compared to some of the APR rates I have seen. Now that is out of the way, you may move on to the negative points about the Milestone Gold MasterCard.

Milestone Gold MasterCard Negative Points

The Penalty APR Is 29.9%

I know that credit card companies are supposed to make money, and credit card companies that sell to people with a poor credit rating have to charge more because they are taking a bigger risk. However, the penalty APR that is applied after you make a late payment is very callous. It almost caused me to replace this credit card with another, but this callous act is still not enough to make this card as bad as all the others we reviewed.

The Over Limit Charge Is As Standard–But A Bit Mean

This negative point is only my opinion because credit card companies usually charge people a fees for going over their agreed credit limit. However, I felt that the Milestone Gold MasterCard was a little mean for charging it, especially since the fee for late payments, over limits and returned payment fees are all $38. It is a high fee, and the over limit fee is a little mean spirited in my opinion. People who have poor credit ratings tend to have little accidents with their money from time to time, and I wager that quite a few of their customers fall victim to the high over limit charge. It feels as if the card companies is working against their customers in this case.

They Charge The Annual Fee Right Away

Some people take exception to the fact that they are given a card with a credit limit and the card comes with a balance on it for both setting up the card and with the annual fee piled on top. Some people can forgive and approve of the fact that the setup fee is taken from the card right away because it saves them having to pay the money out of their own pocket right away. However, some people do not like having to pay for using the card for a year before they have even used it.

Your Starting Balance Is Reported To Credit Agencies

As soon as you receive your card, it has a balance on it, and that balance will appear on your FICO score credit score right away. Some people are very unhappy about this because it sometimes generates an even lower credit rating.

The Customer Service Department Doesn’t Speak English

If you call the customer service department, they may sound like they are trying to speak English, but it sounds a little more like Romulan or Klingon. In short, the customer service call center is located in some far off land where they pay the workers two bags of chips per day and they don’t speak English well.

The Customer Service Quality Is Very Poor

It is almost as if they do not have computers in front of them. You have to point out very basic things that are on your account. Plus, you can see that a payment has left your checking account towards your account, but the customer service department cannot see that it is on its way or that it is processing.

Low Credit Limits And High Rates

I don’t think this is a downside. I have made it clear that credit card companies need to protect themselves when they offer services to people with poor credit ratings. Yet, the card has a bad online reputation partially because of its rates and low credit limits.

The Card Takes Three Weeks To Arrive

I have moaned and whined about the vulture and parasitic credit card companies that prey on innocent people in financial difficulty, but at least they get your venom-filled card to you quickly. The Milestone Gold MasterCard took three weeks to get to us and we are not the only people to notice how long it takes to arrive.

It Takes Too Long For Payments To Be Processed

Make a payment and it is a mystery as to when it will clear on your account. It may take three days, and it may take five to seven days to appear on your account. What is also annoying is that when the payment is nearing due, then they call you, even though the payment is still processing.

They Won’t Increase Your Credit Limit

If you ask me, this is not a negative point. Why do you want to increase your credit limit with a card such as this? Just use it as a stop gap until you have rebuilt your credit rating. If you are having trouble getting your FICO score up to a reasonable level, then maybe more credit card debt is not what you need. Nevertheless, there are quite a few comments on the Internet that criticize the Milestone Gold MasterCard for not allowing people to increase their credit limits.

Conclusion And Comparison

To reiterate what I said near the beginning of the article, where the sexy picture is located, I strongly suggest that you reconsider getting a credit card if your FICO score is low. There are other ways to rebuild your credit rating. Credit card debt is the hardest type of debt to get out of. Please consider my plea before you choose a credit card. Also, since you bothered to read this bit, here is a sexy picture as a reward.

Funny picture of people having sex in public

As you can see from the image below, the Capital One secured card is the best, but it is slightly more difficult to get. The Surge and VERVE cards are good for people with terrible credit ratings, and the Milestone credit card is great for people with a poor-but-not-awful FICO score.

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Best Cards For Bad Credit comparison table

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