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Are Home Schooled Children Using Essay-writing Services?

Are Home Schooled Children Using Essay-writing Services?

Official figures on how many students are using essay-writing services are obscure if not outright wrong. Pick the best essay service you can find online, and you can be sure they have a confidentiality agreement nestled in their terms and conditions. They are not legally obliged to disclose how many students use their services, and most students that use them are not going to admit it to researchers.

There are estimates that up to 70% of students use essay-writing services at least once during their time in full-time education, but what about home schooled students? If figures on how many students in colleges with Universities are using essay-writing services is obscure, then figures on how many home schooled students are using them is downright absent. Are essay-writing services the reason home schooled students seem to do better than students that are sent to educational institutions?

Are Kids Being Home Schooled Doing Better Than Others?

It is difficult to tell because of shaky data gathering and misleading numbers. There are far fewer students being home schooled than there are students attending schools, colleges and Universities. This means that even a small increase in academic achievement with home schooled students looks like far more than it actually is when compared with larger numbers of non-home schooled students. Still, in places such as the USA, Britain, Canada, and especially Australia, it appears as if home schooled students are doing better. Is this because they are using essay-writing services?

Using Essay-writing Services Is Commonplace

It is not up to us to decide if essay-writing services are morally right or wrong. There are some very good arguments as to why they should be allowed in some circumstances, and we cannot forget that so long as there are loopholes in the education system there will be people there to exploit them. Essay-writing services would not exist at all if the education system had better ways of teaching and testing students.

Are Home Schooled Students Using Writing Services More?

It is certainly easier for a home schooled student to turn in coursework that they did not write. Students attending an academic institution will often become well known to their tutors/teachers. That teacher knows the capabilities of the student and may be suspicious if some students suddenly turn in a top-class piece of coursework. Those teachers do not have such a relationship with home schooled students, which makes using an essay-writing service easier.

Are There Other Reasons Why Home Schooled Students Seem To Do Better?

There are plenty of reasons, such as how a home schooled student has less distractions, has more intensive learning sessions, and has seemingly more time learning because lessons may go on all day if needed. Simply having a tutor that works one-on-one may be enough to elevate the student’s scores above the national average.

Just because home schooled students have more opportunity to use essay-writing services does not mean that they are, but such use cannot be ruled out. It is up to the authority figure in the home to decide if essay-writing services are wrong, or if they may be used for things such as coursework.

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