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Architectural overview of the FSTC eCheck system

Architectural overview of the FSTC eCheck system by Milton Anderson (FSTC)

This draft document provides an overview of the FSTC eCheck application within an overall payment system context. It explains what an eCheck document is, and describes the applications used to create, send, receive, endorse and deposit echecks. It also describes the points of contact between eCheck and the existing bank clearing and settlement infrastructure used to handle eCheck deposits, effect interbank clearing and settlement, and credit and debit bank depositor accounts.

Download full paper (PDF file; Size: 389KB)

eCheck: the Best of Both Worlds

Reprinted from Electronic Commerce WORLD, July 1997.
Copyright 1997 by EDI WORLD, Inc. by Frank Jafe and Susan Landry (FSTC and BankBoston)

This article describes the features and benefits of electronic check from the perspective of a payer or payee. view the full document

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