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Best Apps to Send Money Online

Best Apps to Send Money Online

Our list of the best apps to send money is not in any order. Each app has its own merits and its own downsides. We have explained why we have picked each and why each is one of the best apps to send money. The apps we have picked are suitable for sending money nationally and internationally. These are the best apps to send money online this year.

Transferwise – Android And Apple iOS App

We have positively reviewed Transferwise on a number of occasions because it is one of a very tiny minority of transfer companies that doesn’t exploit the darker side of online money transfers. There are many ways that transfer companies are legally able to take give you a poor quality deal while passing it off as a great deal. Transferwise doesn’t do this, and that selling point translates over into the app because the app runs on the same system that the website (online) system does.

If you are a desktop user and you are looking for the apps (for whatever reason), then the apps are on this page. If you are visiting the Transferwise website on your mobile device (tablet or Smartphone), then the app should be visible on your home page.

Other than using this service as one of my apps to send money online, I use their Rate Alerts function outside of work because it is free and I don’t need to sign up. When I was first looking for a rate alerts function, I was attracted by the fact I didn’t have to sign up. I use the tool to track the daily price changes of different currencies. It allows me to sell my currency at the right time. You don’t have to pay for or sign up for the Rate Alerts function, and it is handy if you like to time your currency sales to the most optimal times. I strongly recommend this app if you are paid in different currencies and you like to hold your currency until the most optimal selling times.

Transferwise app screenshot showing recipients

Why is Transferwise One Of The Best Apps to Send Money Online?

Just like the regular Transferwise service, you get to see exactly what you are paying and exactly what you are getting. I have written numerous times about the ways that transfers company screw people out of money with deceptive selling practices, and such practices are still rife today. Just as many people are being screwed out of transfers money as they are being screwed out of retirement money (aka the retirement fund fees that people pay that they don’t know they are paying). Transferwise is one of the most transparent transfer companies on the planet. The only company that is its equal is CurrenyFair, but Transferwise is mentioned here because it has an app.

Screenshot of transferwise apps completed transfers

The simplicity of the Transferwise system is almost doubled via the mobile app because the app is a stripped down version of the website. Click the app, and there is the transfer tool. Enter your numbers, and you may send money from your already-linked bank account. This means that after your initial setup, the time it takes you to conduct a transfer is less than a minute. Plus, there is no need to start “doing the math” to see how much you have to send and how much will be received because Transferwise shows you exactly what you are sending and what will be received. That is why Transferwise gets a thumbs up from us.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his thumb up

Did you know that “Schwarzenegger” is in your word processor dictionary. So many people write about this guy and get his name wrong that it has been universally entered into the dictionary of all English word processor programs.

Western Union – The Online Transfer Service That Your Clients And Customers Will Trust

Most people are aware of the pros and cons of the Western Union money transfer company. Their fees are a little high, but they have thousands upon thousands of locations around the world in 200 countries. Their biggest selling point is that you can go to just about any city in most countries and find a Western Union location where you may pick up or transfer money using cash money or using your card. Still, if their locations and availability are Western Union’s biggest selling points, then why have the Western Union app on this article? Why feature Western Union as one of the best apps to send money online when their biggest selling point is their offline service?

The main reasons are “Speed” and “Trust.” Once you are all set up with the Western Union app, you may send money in just under a minute, just like with Transferwise. The other factor, possibly the most important factor is “Trust.” If you are sending money to a family member or friend, then you can suggest any old transfer company or app and your friend or family member will trust you and sign up. Other people are not so trusting.

If you are sending money or receiving money to/from somebody you don’t know so well, such as a buyer, seller, or business associate, then he/she/they may wish to use a popular and trusted transfer company. Such a person may not be too keen to send money via Afribank.

Afribank scam letter

Since I mentioned AfriBank, I thought I would show a scam letter for an online transfer. Looks legit (right?). Trouble is, Afribank isn’t even a made-up name. The bank did exist at one time but closed down in 2011.

The other person/party may trust you, but may not trust the transfer company you suggest. Your sender/recipient may only be willing to set up an account and/or engage in a transfer with a known, trusted, and popular transfer company. He/she/they may be willing happy to pay a slightly higher fee with Western Union for the safety and trust that a named brand offers.

Why is Western Union One Of The Best Apps to Send Money Online?

I have already covered why Western Union is one of the best apps to send money online. It is quick, easy, and trusted. Plus, though I am sticking my neck out making this claim, you are less likely to lose your money if you send it online (via the Western Union website or app).

As most people know, when you use a company such as Western Union or MoneyGram, the transfer companies hold no responsibility for your money. In other words, if your money goes missing from when you send it to when it is supposed to arrive, then there is nothing you can do about it. Both Western Union and MoneyGram state clearly in their terms and conditions that if your money goes missing during the transfer, then it is your loss and you have to accept it.

Yet, when you send money via the app or online via the Western Union website, then there is less chance of you losing your money. The reason I write this is because there is less human involvement when you send money via the Western Union app. Less human involvement means there is less chance for human error. Human error or misconduct (theft) are one of the main reasons why a very small minority of Western Union transfers do not arrive at their destination.

I am sure there are still people who have used online transfer companies and still lost their money, I am just making the point that if you send money via an app or online, then there is a lower chance of loss. I am not saying your money is guaranteed to be safe because it is only guaranteed to be safe if the transfer company agrees to take responsibility for your money.

MoneyGram – A Great Transfer App That Doesn’t Require Registration

If you were looking for reasons to include MoneyGram into your shortlist of apps for sending money online, then take what you read for Western Union (above) and apply it to MoneyGram. Western Union and MoneyGram are very similar. That is why MoneyGram has made its way onto our best apps to send money online list.

You may transfer money online using the app. You may send the money to another person’s MoneyGram account, aka the online wallet, or you may send money directly to the recipients bank account.

The MoneyGram service runs in 200 countries, and just as many businesses and utility companies accept MoneyGram as they do Western Union payments. You may check the status of your transfer as you go when you use the app. The app is available for the Apple iOS and Google Android.

Moneygram other types of payment

Why is MoneyGram One Of The Best Apps to Send Money Online?

You do not need to register in order to send money using the MoneyGram app. It is a great selling point, especially when you consider the convenience. It is handy for when you are in a rush and/or an unexpected expense occurs. Simply send the money as a guest via the MoneyGram app. There is no need to sign into your bank, create a new payee and then verify the transfer. Simply create the transfer as a guest and forget about it.

The app has had issues with bugs in the past, but this sort of thing happens. It is not as if the developers have ignored the bugs. Before you worry too much about what people have written on reviews, simply try the app and try sending a small amount to somebody you can trust. If the transfer runs through perfectly, then you can assume that the negative reviews the app has were written when a bug was present within the app. On that note, it always pays to test an app of this nature before you start sending large transfers.

Additionally, when you read negative reviews about apps, look for time/date clustering. If the negative reviews were written around the same time, then one may assume that a now-fixed bug was to blame. For example, when I first wrote an article giving tips on the game called South Park The Stick Of Truth, I was criticized for giving tips to a game that didn’t work. Yet, within a few weeks of me writing the tips article the bug had been fixed. As a result, the negative reviews for the app were clustered around the time the bug existed.

The PayPal App – Still One Of The Best Domestic Money Senders

I qualify this header with the statement, “Best Domestic Money Sender” because it is crap as an international money sending app. PayPal is on our list as one of the best apps to send money online because it is highly secure, very trustworthy, easy-to-use, very fast, very reliable, and is used worldwide. However, if you are looking to send payments overseas, then look elsewhere because the PayPal currency exchange rates are not good.

Paypal screenshot showing balance

If you live in Canada, then please sign up via our PayPal Canada link because we are part of the Canadian PayPal referral system. If you live in another country, then this link will (should) direct you to the PayPal website in your own country. Again, if you are signing up for PayPal, don’t use it as a way to transfer money internationally because its currency exchange rates are not great.

Why is PayPal One Of The Best Apps to Send Money Online?

PayPal is the best because it is everywhere, it is accepted by millions of businesses and individuals. It sends money instantly, you can withdraw money in seconds, you can send money without having to load your account, it is hyper secure, and you can send money to friends and family for free.

The sheer popularity and convenience of the app is enough reason for it to feature on our list of the best apps to send money online. The exchange rates are not great, but you are able to hold numerous types of currency side-by-side with no extra fees. You are not charged a maintenance fee or service fee, and they will not start deducting money from your account if you don’t use it for a few months; unlike companies such as Skrill who will start deducting money from your balance for inactivity fees. There are no dormancy or inactivity fees with PayPal.

selling point for paypal showing banks and cards

Honorable Mentions For Apps That Allow You To Send Money Online

The list above features the best apps to send money online. If you are unable to use the apps listed above, then here are a few others you may like to consider. We have explained why the apps are great, and the reason why we didn’t include them in the list above.

Ria Money Transfer

There is an iOS version of the Ria Money Transfer app that is featured on the Ria Money Transfer website, and there is a Ria Money Transfer app for the Android that is administered by Ria Financial. The reason this is mentioned is because you may be able to sign into one with one set of details, but then unable to log into another. Ria would have made our top list if this were not the case. You will have to sign up with a different email address and different bank account in order to use the Ria Money Transfer app on your iOS if you are already signed up on your Android (and vica-versa). Stick with the iOS one if you have a choice. Do not confuse the Ria Money Transfer app with the Ria Financial app on Google Play.

Ria Money Transfer allows you to transfer in just 15 minutes, it is fast, and it is secure. The app sends money to accounts in 146 countries. The exchange rates are about average in that they are not good or bad. The Ria Money Transfer app doesn’t knock our socks off, but we also cannot find anything overly wrong with it.

Ria Money Transfer app screenshots


There is an Apple iOS app and a Google Android app. It allows you to move money between your accounts, and to transfer money to both other BBVA bank users, and to people who use other banks. You may quickly see your online activity via your transaction list, and you may send money internationally.

The BBVA app allows you to send money using PopMoney, which is a system that allows you to send money using somebody’s phone number or email address. PopMoney helps to take a lot of time and fuss out of transferring money. With the BBVA app, you may also set up recurring payments and recurring transfers.

You may pay your credit card accounts, pay almost any type of bill, and pay your mortgage with the app too. Alongside the transfer functions there are also banking functions. These will allow you to manage your accounts, view your balances, and so forth. The only reason why the BBVA app is not in our main list is because it is only useful to people who have a BBVA bank account. If you do not have an account, then you should sign up for one, otherwise this app is not for you.

BBVA Compass App screenshot showing transfers option

CEX.IO App For Bitcoin Transfers

How is an app for a cryptocurrency exchange going to help you send money? You can send money by converting it into cryptocurrency. The fact is that more and more people are using cryptocurrency. It is easy to store, it is very easy to transfer, and it is very cheap to transfer. International payments cost a fraction of what they cost when you transfer money in the traditional way because you avoid exchange-rate losses, hidden fees, and overly high transfer fees.

Transferring any type of cryptocoin is going to cost you a transfer fee, but the fee is very small when compared to even the lowest currency transfer fees. Plus, if you use the CEX app to send cryptocurrency to somebody in another country, then he or she doesn’t need a bank account. Plus, cryptocurrency is great for people who cannot trust their bank accounts. For example, maybe the recipient lives in a country where banks cannot be trusted, or maybe your recipient has a money-hungry spouse, or maybe your recipient has been identity scammed.

There are very few legitimate (trustworthy) exchange companies that have mobile apps. Obviously, you need to do your research into the company before you trust it, but that goes without saying for all of the entries on this article. The reason why this app doesn’t appear on the main list is because it helps you buy, change and transfer cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin), and not everybody deals with cryptocurrency.

io cex app screenshot

The CoinBase App For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

CoinBase is another cryptocurrency exchange that has its own app. Just like the website mentioned above, it will allow you to buy, exchange and transfer cryptocurrency. Your recipient may prefer that you transfer to an account with companies such as CoinBase and/or CEX instead of a wallet. For example, he or she may wish to change the cryptocurrency that you sent to another cryptocurrency that he or she may use elsewhere.

For example, you may have sent ReddCoin (RDD) via Google+ because ReddCoin was built for social media transfers, but your recipient may wish to convert the cryptocurrency to bitcoin so that he or she may convert it to dollars and send it to his or her PayPal account with Having an exchange app will help both you and your recipient to do this.

I don’t mind saying that Virwox is the best of the best. It is currently January 2018, and at the time of writing I am a heavy Virwox user because Virwox allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with PayPal. Plus, they allow you to do it without having to give ID or any personal information. They do it by having you buy SLL first, and then using SLL to buy whatever currency or cryptocurrency is on offer. Here is a link to our page that explains how to buy bitcoin with PayPal.

Just like with the app, I didn’t include the Coinbase app in the main list because anybody can use services such as Transferwise and Western Union, but not everybody deals in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. It seemed only fair that I mention CoinBase and in the honorable mentions section because transferring money overseas with cryptocurrency is very cheap and quick.

a screenshot showing the coinbase app on a phone

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